World Cup top Scorer odds

The World Cup 2018 Winner is France
The Top Goalscorer is Harry Kane

The World Cup top scorer is one of the most poplar betting markets in the entire tournament. This is where the world’s leading strikers battle it out to qualify for the Golden Boot. The odds change game by game as the goals are scored and we have all the information you need, updated regularly on our page. For 2018, Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo are all hot betting choices but there are some players who might surprise us too.

Harry Kane
Antoine Griezmann

Kylian Mbappe


2018 World Cup Top Goal Scorer Odds

The competition for top goal scorer is fierce and everyone wants to get in on the action. The favorite at the moment is Lionel Messi and he is placed at 10.00. His game is excellent and he seems at ease scoring goals. He scored 7 goals in the qualifiers for Argentina. Next to him is Neymar who also is placed at 10.00. He scored 6 goals in the qualifiers and we expect to see him do a lot more in the World Cup. Ronaldo is also there and is placed at 10.00. Ronaldo will be looking to retire in style and he scored 15 goals in the qualifiers to confirm his class once more. Griezman is also there with odds of 10.00. He scored 4 goals during the qualifications. Gabriel Jesus continues to amaze everyone and a lot is expected for him too. You can find out more in our table below.

How it Works

The competition to be crowned top goal scorer is done by counting the goals scored throughout the tournament. Penalties are also included. If there is more than one player with the same amount of goal the tie breaker goes to the player who has contributed the most assists. The FIFA Technical Study Group determine whether and assist is to be counted or not. If there is still more than one player after this, the tie-breaker goes to the player who has played the least amount of time.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the games though because the odds for the top scorer change after every match.

Our Predictions

Our top 5 favorites to be crowned the Golden Boot champion are:

Cristiano Ronaldo: He has scored over 500 goals in just over 700 appearances in league and cup competitions. He has a better strike rate than Messi at international levels. He has scored 79 goals in 147 appearances for Portugal. He scored 11 goals in 11 international appearances in 2017 and is a big contender even though he hasn’t won the Golden Boot in any other World Cup.

Neymar: This Brazilian player is still in his twenties and Russia 2018 could be his time to shine. Brazil has a lot to prove this year after being beaten by Germany in the 2014 World Cup and with Neymar having already scored over 50 goals for them this could be there year. Neymar has scored over 100 goals for Barcelona as well. He scored 4 goals in the 2014 World Cup too and the Golden Ball winner that year only scored 6.

Antoine Griezmann: This French players has scored an average of one goal every two games for both club and country during the last two season. He won the Golden Boot at the 2016 European Championships with 6 goals. If France do well in Russia 2018 we expect to see him as one of the contenders.

Gabriel Jesus: This Brazilian players continues to amaze everyone and a lot is expected for him too. He will be competing against his team mate Neymar though so it might be tough.

There are some players that might surprise us too and these include:

Harry Kane: Having won the Premier League Golden Boot for the past two seasons, could he make it a hat-trick? Some bookmakers are expecting big things from him, but with England not expected to get far enough in the competition he may not be able to score enough goals.

Quick Guide to Betting

If you are looking to bet on the Top Scorer you will need to take into consideration the potential outcome and path for each country. A player may seem stronger in front of the goal than the other team but if his team isn’t doing very well it will make it difficult for him to finish as the top goal scorer. You will need to look at the shape of the players and watch the groups in the first round carefully. You need to look at the potential of all the teams and consider their history too. You may want to bet on Harry Kane because he plays for Man City, but if England don’t do well enough he won’t be a contender. Keep an eye on the games and watch as the odds change after each match.

Top Scorer’s Interesting Facts

1st Player to score in a World Cup: The first player to score in the World Cup was Lucien Laurent for France. He scored in the 19th minute of the first World Cup game on the 13th of July 1930.

Fastest Goal: The fastest goal scored in a World Cup match was by Hanna Sukur for Turkey. He scored after just 11 seconds in the game against South Korea in 2002.

Latest Goal: The latest goal scored was by Del Piero who scored for Italy in the 121st minute of the game when Italy beat Germany 2-0 in 2006. Fabio Gross scored in the 119th minute of the same game.

Most Goals: The record for the most goals scored at a World Cup is held by Frenchman Just Fontaine who scored 13 goals in 1958 in just six games.

All time world scorers: Miroslav Klose for Germany holds the record at 16 goals. Ronaldo for Brazil is second with 15 goals, and Gerd Muller for Germany is third with 14 goals.

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