Have you always wanted to know more about MMA and why everyone’s talking about betting on UFC? Here we explain what all the fuss is about and how you can bet on MMA and UFC in the Irish bookmaker market.

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UFC Betting Odds

Betting on MMA and betting on UFC is easy. All of the most popular bookmakers in Ireland offer odds on UFC, from the big headline fights to the undercard match-ups.

Simply visit all the bookmakers to understand who is offering the most lucrative odds on the bet you want to place. The odds are updated very often, so choose a betting site that offers you the best overall odds. Make sure you have an account with that bookmaker, place your bet and enjoy the fight!

Here’s an example of how UFC betting odds look on 22Bet:

UFC betting odds example

UFC Betting Markets

There are lots of different markets for UFC betting, offering bettors different opportunities to make money on fights. However, the most popular UFC betting markets are the following:

  • Fight result / Moneyline – bettors simply place a bet on which fighter will win the contest. You can also sometimes bet on the ‘draw’, which is a rare event in UFC (with the odds to reflect that).
  • Method of victory – there are different ways a fighter can win a match, so bettors can select the method they think a fighter will win by. Options include knock-out (KO), technical knock-out (TKO), Submission or Decision.
  • Over/Under – bettors select an option for how long they think the fight will last. For example, under 1.5 means they think the fight wont last until the midway point of the second round.
  • Round Betting – This type of bet is pretty self-explanatory. Simply place a wager on what round you think the fight will end. You can also make a combo bet on the method and round of victory and this is a popular style of wager in MMA betting.
  • Points – Place a bet on an over/under points score for if the fights goes to a decision. In most cases, the three MMA judges will award their chosen winner ten points with the loser receiving nine or eight points depending on the judge’s opinion of the margin of victory. A over/under 3.5 points victory margin is a common points bet on a decision.

Choosing a UFC Betting Site

So you want to start betting on UFC but want to know what to look for? The most important thing when choosing a bookmaker may be different for every person, but certainly, there are those points on which everyone agrees: the site must be secure and reputable, the bookie must offer competitive odds, and the operator must cover all of the UFC and MMA betting markets that you are looking for. If you want to bet from the comfort of your phone, then check out the most user-friendly betting apps too. On, and keep your eye out for bet bonuses and all sorts of other special offers, such as enhanced odds that can improve your winnings.

So, explore some of the most popular sites and see what they are offering in terms of upcoming UFC and MMA events.


UFC Betting Tips

How about some tips for betting on UFC and MMA? Here are some insights that can help you have a successful time betting on MMA and UFC:

  • Open more than one bookmaker account: Don’t just stick to the same bookmaker all the time for your MMA betting. Although one bookmaker may offer the best odds for one particular fight, or in one particular betting market, that may not always be the case, so you need to keep your options open.
  • Choose your market carefully: Many people choose to simply bet on the fighter to win the UFC or MMA event. This may be the easiest market to follow, but it will also offer the poorest returns. Explore the different markets offered and even make a combo bet to maximise the amount you can win on your bet. But always do so responsibly and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Compare the odds: When you have decided what market you want to bet on, compare the odds as offered by a number of bookmakers because there are often big differences. Then, obviously, place the bet with the bookmaker that is offering the largest return on the market you want to bet on.
  • Learn the history of the fighter: Those fighters you are about to bet on, have their own story and history. Learn about their latest matches, try to analyze those past matches, find their weak spots and see if the competitor has any big advantages that could turn against you.

Famous Irish UFC Fighters

The popularity of following and betting on MMA and UFC in Ireland is no accident. There have been some big names to grace the sport coming out of the Emerald Isle.

  1. Conor McGregor – Probably the single reason why MMA and UFC is now so popular in Ireland, ‘the Notorious’ former featherweight and lightweight world champion is a sporting icon.
  2. Joe Duffy – Fighting out of the Tristar Gym, ‘Irish’ Joe Duffy remains one of the few fighters to have defeated Conor McGregor in a pro fight.
  3. Norman Parke – Nicknamed ‘Stormin’ for obvious reasons, Parke entered UFC after winning The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes back in 2012.
  4. Paul Redmond – Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond has a 0-2 record in UFC but goes 15-8 in MMA where he still competes in Bellator.

Upcoming UFC events

  • UFC Fight Night, Rozenstruik Vs Gane, – Sunday 28th February, 01:00
    + undercard
  • UFC 259, Blachowicz Vs Adesanya, Sunday 7th March, 03:00
  • UFC Fight Night, Edwards Vs Chimaev, Sunday 14th March, 04:00
    + undercard
  • UFC 260, Miocic Vs Ngannou, Sunday 28th March, 03:00
    + undercard
  • UFC Fight Night, Till Vs Vettori, Sunday 11th April, 04:00
    + undercard
  • UFC Fight Night, Whittaker Vs Costa, Sunday 18th April, 04:00
    + undercard


  • Is UFC available for betting on all betting sites?

    Yes, nearly all of the biggest and best-known bookmakers will offer all the most popular markets for betting on UFC and MMA. Check out the options available and it’s always worth opening accounts with more than one bookmaker so you can compare the odds on the market you want to bet on and then place your bet with the bookmaker offering the best return. Keep checking the betting sites to see what your options are and to keep track of the odds.

  • What is the most popular UFC betting market?

    The most popular market for UFC and MMA betting, in general, is the fight result market – simple, who will win? However, this market doesn’t always offer the best odds because you usually only have two options (unless the bookmaker is offering a return on the draw). To maximise your return it is better to explore some of the alternative – but still popular – markets such as method of victory, round of victory, or even combine the two (for example, TKO in the second round) for the biggest returns.

  • What is the best betting site for UFC bets?

    Ask ten different people and you will probably get ten different answers in terms of what is the best site for UFC betting. All of the best-known bookmakers in Ireland and beyond offer a comprehensive selection of MMA markets to bet on, so often it comes down to personal preference in terms of user experience, the types of rewards and specials offered by the bookmaker, the responsiveness of the mobile app and then the odds offered on the particular market you want to bet on for a particular fight. Open accounts with a selection of bookmakers and then compare the odds for the selection of your choice to maximise your returns.