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MMA stands for mixed martial arts and betting on the battles and matches is something that lots of Irish punters look forward to. On this page, you will find the BettingTop10 MMA betting guide which will explain everything you need to know to get started and place successful bets at top online sportsbooks.

There are lots of operators that provide customers with the option to bet on MMA events and there are different odds to consider. In our guide, you will find information on all of this including expert tips and advice, how to bet on your mobile, where to find the best free bet bonuses and more. Keep reading for more information.

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MMA Betting Odds for Ireland Explained

When it comes to betting on MMA events, the first thing you need to know about is the odds and how to read them. There are three main ways that these are displayed. These are American, Decimal, and Fractional format. They tell you how much you can win by placing a certain bet and help you determine the value of the wager you are going to place.

American: In this format, odds are shown as a whole number and can have a positive or negative value. You will see a + or – in front of the number. A positive number show how much you will make on a €100 bet. The negative number tells you how much you have to bet to win a €100 profit. The negative number is usually the favourite and if both fighters have a negative number the one with the higher value is the favourite. The display is shown as: Fighter A: +205 Fighter B:-102.

Decimal: In this format, your bet and profit are included. For example, if Fighter A is placed at 1.49, and you place a bet of €100 you will win €149. This includes your profit and stake. To find out how much you can win all you have to do is multiply the decimal by the amount you want to wager.

Fractional: The display looks like 4/1, 3/2, etc. The first number is how much you will be paid out based on the 2nd number which is the amount you need to bet. For instance, if Fighter A has odds of 3/2 you need to wager €2 in order to win €3. Your winnings would be €3 plus the €2 you wagered.

Types of MMA Bets

The most common bet placed is one who you think will win the fight. There are lots more markets available too and we have a brief explanation of these below.

Match Bets: This is the easiest bet for MMA fights. You pick who you think will win.

Victory Bets: UFC fights can end in a knockout, submission, or judge’s decision. Online sportsbooks will give you the chance to bet on how you think the fight will end. With this bet you don’t have to bet on who you think will win but on how the fight will end.

Round Bets: This is where you get to bet on which round you think the fight will end at. The odds on this can be excellent with the potential for large payouts. This type of bet is classed as a prop bet and there are three types. There’s the basic round bet, the round bet + fight winner, and the round bet + fight winner + method of victory.

Accumulators: This is a series of bets where you pick winners for multiple fights. In order to win you have to pick the correct winner for each fight. This is riskier but the potential to win more is often higher.

Over/Under Bets: With these bets, the bookmaker will post a round total and it is up to you to bet whether the fight will go longer or shorter than the round total.

Prop Bets: Prop bets focus on the details of the fight and there are quite a few choices. We’ve already mentioned the round and victory bets, but others include Fight to go the Distance, Points Handicap, and Fighter of the Night (FOTN) bets. The FOTN bets have three different choices too including Knockout of the night (KOTN), Submission of the night (SOTN), and Fight of the night (FOTN).


MMA Betting Tips and Strategies

Betting on MMA can be a lot of fun and a great way to make some money. Below you will find our BettingTop10 tips for Irish punters. Put them to use and you could be winning more from every fight.

1. Look at the Prop Bets: Prop bet are a great option when betting on MMA fights especially if you’re a fan of the sport and you know the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses. You can be on who you think will win by submission, or if your favourite fighter is known for getting knockouts you can bet on this too.

2. Heavy Favourites isn’t always a good bet: All fighters have a chance to win. A lucky punch or kick could see the underdog win and you could win a lot more than if you backed the favourite. The odds on the favourite will also mean you have to bet a lot more to see a profit.

3. Betting on the Underdog can lead to long term profits: Sometimes it pays to go against what everyone else thinks and it’s good to remember that the underdog has to win some fights to get to where they are. Betting on them as well is a good strategy.

4. Pick your fights carefully: If you are betting real money then it stands to reason that you want to win. Don’t bet on every single fight on the UFC card. Take your time and pick the fights that will lead to better profits.

5. Find competitive odds: It goes without saying that not all bookmakers will have the same odds so it pays to shop around and find the most profitable ones. Our sportsbook reviews will help you find the right place to bet on MMA fights.

MMA Rules

If you are going place real money wagers on MMA fights then it’s important to understand the rules. This is a full contact sport. UFC matches can vary in length depending on whether it’s a Championship title, or a main event of the night. All rounds can last no longer than five minutes. Championship fights last for a maximum of five rounds. Non-main event fights last for a maximum of three rounds. There is a one minute rest period between rounds. All competitors must fight in approved shorts and without shoes. Tops are only approved for female fighters.

Matches can end via a submission, a knockout, technical knockout, judges’ decision, disqualification, forfeit, or no contest. The fight is judged using the ten-point must system in all UFC fights. There are three judges who score each round and the winner gets ten points.

The loser gets nine or lower. There are lots of fouls too including biting, eye-gouging, groin attacks, hair pulling, throat strikes, clawing, holding the shorts or gloves of an opponent, spitting, using abusive language, head-butting, and more. When fouls are committed the referee may deduct one of more points, or disqualification.

UFC-205 Alvarez VS McGregor

Live Betting and Streaming

To get the most excitement out of your MMA betting, in-play betting is what you want to look at. You can do this using your mobile or desktop and it is essential placing bets as the fight takes place. Lots of sportsbooks allow you to place bets during the fight and this gives you the chance to bet with ever changing odds and on markets that can help you make a profit. You can bet on who you think will win, how they will win, and which round the fight will end in.

The odds change as the fight plays out so you can bet as much as you like and go with who you think is coming out on top. Some bookmakers also stream the fights and you can watch all the action unfold too.

How to Choose your Favourite Fighter ?

Before you choose the MMA bets you want to place, the first thing you’ll have to do is choose the fighter you want to place your money on. The best way to do this is to know the fighters taking part in each event.

You should know what they like to do, their martial arts specialty, where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and how they pair up against each other. Check out their recent form, have they fought their opponent before and if so what was the outcome. How have their fought during their last few matches?

Read all the latest fighting news prior to making any bets and check the official statistics too. Fighters like all athletes have good and bad days so understanding their form will really help when it comes to choosing who you want to bet on.

MMA Events and Leagues

Below is a list of the main MMA leagues.

• UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship): UFC brings together some of the world’s best mixed martial artists with a main event once a month. There are more than 40 events each year.
• K1: Also known as the K1 World Grand Prix is an elimination kickboxing tournament that is held annually by the K1 organization.
• Bellator MMA: Founded in 2008 this is a tournament style event where a fighter has to win 3 fights in 3 months to get a shot at the title.
• IFL (International Fight League): American Mixed Martial Arts league founded in 2006 but closed in 2008.
• Invicta FC: Invicta is women’s MMA and features all female professional fights. It streams live on UFC with champions in all major weight classes.
• One FC: Asia’s largest MMA promotion with a partnership with Fox and ESPN Star Sports. It combines Pride and Unified MMA Rules.
• WSOF (World Series of Fighting): Shown on NBC sports and focusing on the Asian MMA scene.

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