Football betting is very popular in Ireland whether it’s on the top soccer or Gaelic matches. Thousands of punters sign up with online sportsbooks every day and here at Top 10 Betting Sites our mission is to bring you the best sites so that you can bet on all the big live football matches. We also bring you the hottest tips, trends, odds and offers. You can bet on your computer or mobile phone using sportbetting apps. We bring you the very latest news, reviews, stats and tips, informed predictions and clever betting strategies so you can make the most informed bet.

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Football Betting Odds


Irish fans bet on matches in England and Europe, especially the premier league and FA Cup, but they also like to wager on League of Ireland games as well as domestic league games and tournaments. There are odds available for GAA matches too. Below is an explanation of the football betting odds and how to read them. Odds refers to the ratio between the amount to be paid off for a winning bet by the sportsbook and the size of the bet.

When placing a bet, the odds offered by the sportsbook allow you to calculate how much money you will win if your bet is successful. Odds may be displayed by the bookmaker in fractions, e.g. 2/1, or in decimals, as 3.00. Fractional odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win on your bet compared to your stake, or bet. For example, if you back All-Ireland Gaelic football champions Dublin to beat Donegal at fractional odds of 2/1, you will win €2 for every €1 you bet. These 2/1 odds would be represented in decimals as 3.00, as in if you bet €1 and win, you will receive €2, plus your original stake (2 + 1 = 3.00). Multiply your stake by the decimal number displayed and that is how much you will get if you win.

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Football Betting Options

There are lots of different types of bets that you can place on football including:

  • Both Teams to Score – this is where you place a wager on both teams scoring during a match.
  • Correct Score – with this football betting option you predict the correct score when the games ends.
  • Double Chance – Allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a match with one bet. Home team and draw: Your bet is a winner if the home team wins or draws the match. Away team and draw: Your bet is a winner if the away team wins or draws the match.
  • Draw No Bet – You can bet on a team for a Draw No Bet (2 DNB). If your chosen team wins the game, you win. If the game result is a draw, you get your money back.
  • Match result with both teams to score.
  • Total Goals – Over/Under 2.5.
  • Handicap Betting (-1) For example, if you bet on Team X with a handicap of -1 goal, they must win by more than one goal to cover their handicap and win you your bet. If they only win by one goal, the result with the handicap applied is a draw for betting purposes, so your bet is refunded.
  • Football Goals – there are several different bets you can place in Ireland on match goals. These include Time of Next Match Goal, Total Goals, Total Goals (Odd or Even), Total Goals – Over/Under 1.5P, Total Goals – Over/Under 3.5P, Total Goals – Over/Under 4.5, Total Goals – Over/Under 5.5P.
  • Halftime – This is where you place bets on what you think the score will be at halftime or during the second half of the game.
  • Both/One/Neither Team to Score – Place wagers on whether one, both, or neither team will score during the game.

Football Betting Tips

There are lots of betting tips available for sports betting fans in Ireland and below you will find the BettingTop10 tips.

  • Keep your bets simple – Bet on what you know. It gives you a better chance of more accurate predictions. Also, do compare odds on the sites represented on BettingTop10, so you know that you’re getting the best deals.
  • Know the value of your bet – The odds offered at online sportsbooks are synonymous with how likely the favourite is to win so this bet is normally good value.
  • Study the form – Know the teams that are playing and how they have been performing all season. Be aware of players that are out due to injury, those who have match bans, etc. You need to know what is happening in the football leagues.
  • Look at professional tipsters – Tipsters that consistently get their winners right are worth checking out before you bet. Be sure to check out our betting tips page from all the help and advice you need.
  • Keep your discipline – It is important to set a cash limit on what you can bet. Be prepared to lose and don’t chase your losses. Know the game and you have more chance of winning when betting on football.

How to Bet on Football

Betting on Football online is relatively easy. The first thing is to sign up with a good sportsbook. Check out the BettingTop10 reviews as we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Log into your account.
  • Choose the match you wish to bet on.
  • Choose your bet amount.
  • Select the type of bet you want to place whether you want to predict the score at halftime, or the number of goals scored, etc.
  • Watch the game live, get the final score, and collect your winnings if your bet proves successful.

Football Betting

Annual Football Events That You Can Bet On

There are lots of football events to choose from including domestic competitions and tournaments. This includes GAA and soccer. Below is a list of all the annual events, tournaments and competitions that punters from Ireland can bet on. Gaelic football:

  • All-Ireland Senior Championship (Between counties).
  • All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship.
  • All-Ireland Junior Club Football Championship.
  • National Football League:
  • Division One.
  • Division Two.
  • Division Three.
  • Division Four.
  • O’Byrne Cup – Winter competition for Leinster county and university teams.
  • Dr McKenna Cup – Winter competition for Ulster county and university teams.
  • McGrath Cup – Winter competition for Munster county and university teams.
  • FBD Insurance League – Winter competition for Connacht county and university teams, the winners play New York.

Soccer in Ireland – Domestic

  • League of Ireland.
  • Premier Division.
  • First Division.
  • FAI Cup.
  • League of Ireland Cup.

International Soccer

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Winning Strategy When Betting On Football

Below are 8 BettingTop10 betting strategy for football.

  • Many punters stick with the tried and trusted, such as “match odds” accumulators or “both teams to score” bets. One option to choose is the handicap betting accumulator, which allows you to put money on several teams to win from a -1 (or -2, etc.) starting point with potentially lucrative returns.
  • Local knowledge of clubs and counties can be invaluable especially in GAA. The idea is to get your bet in early, as the obvious ricks are usually spotted and the price goes quickly.
  • The National League games offer the best betting value. The top teams usually win out, but be sure to study the form.
  • The league tends to be less popular with casual punters, but that’s what makes it so popular with those, who know the scene. The professional bettor often targets the smaller games as variations in odds between bookmakers are often much greater here.
  • The best teams are always the busiest and at some point, especially in National League matches, the top teams can be tired and can be caught out by smaller, fresher teams. This works well with handicap bets.
  • When it comes to handicap betting in soccer, it might pay to lessen the numbers of teams on your betting slip. A slip with just two or three teams can offer some tasty returns and may often be a wiser choice than longer accumulators.
  • It’s amazing how many casual punters overlook recent form. You must look at how well both teams in the match have been playing, and the form of key players, before you part with your cash.
  • Matched betting is also quite viable, when you consider that you get the opportunity to earn more from the bonuses and free bets. Matched betting (also known as lay betting, where you back a team to win and then lessen your potential losses by laying off that bet on the other team) is used by some punters to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers.