In Ireland, boxing betting is extremely popular and this page of our website is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to successfully wager on the is sport online. There is information on the different championships, types of odds and bet options available, how to use mobile apps, and more. Our BettingTop10 boxing betting strategy will help you get the most out of your money. Our aim is to help you and this includes expert reviews on best bookmakers as well as pointing out bonus deals, free bet offers, and more. If boxing is something you enjoy we’re sure you’ll find everything you need right here on this page.

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Boxing Betting Odds and Options


Fractional odds are used in Ireland and if you’ve placed any bets before you will be familiar with the way they look. Odds can also be shown as decimals so it is important that you know how to distinguish between them.

  • Fractional Odds: Written as 10/1, 2/1, etc., these odds represent the amount you will win for every €1 you bet. The smaller the odds, the more likely the person is to win the fight. Calculating your winnings is easy. If you placed a bet at 10/1, you win €10 for every €1 you bet.
  • Decimal Odds: These are written as 2.00, 3.00, etc. but don’t work out the same. When working out how much you’ll win, you need to multiply your bet by the decimal amount. If you placed a bet at 2.00 you would multiple your bet amount by two and then add on your initial bet. For example, if you bet €5 then you would win 5×2 plus €5 which is €15.

As with any sport, it is important to know how it works before parting with your money. There are lots of different markets including professional bouts which have 10 rounds per fight which last three minutes each. Title fights have twelve round of three minutes each.

Boxing betting options include KO (knockout) where the fighter doesn’t beat the 10 second count, and a TKO (technical knockout), where the fighter can’t continue the fight. There is also the Decision bet where the boxer wins on points, a technical decision, and a disqualification. There is also the go the distance bet where you place your money on whether the fight will last the number of rounds involved. The easiest bet to place is outright winner.

Placing wagers on the different rounds is also very popular in Ireland and to do this you predict when your chosen fighter will win the match. Other boxing betting choices include method of victory bet where you predict how the match will be won. In-play betting is great and remember a lot can happen in three minutes and from round to round and this can be a great way to get the odds to work in your favour.

Paddy Power boxing has the largest list of options for the Irish market including alternative rounds, exact winning method, round specials, total knockdowns, what minute the fight will end, total rounds in fights, and much more.

Boxing Betting Tips To Increase Your Wins

Online sportsbooks are great and very easy to use, but if you want to have the upper hand when putting your money on a wager, our BettingTop10 tips can help.

  • Don’t rely on your hunches to pick the winner of a fight. You need to look at their current form, any injuries, their past fights and results, and more. Look at statistics and who the bookies favour before making any decisions. The age of the boxer and the length of their career should also be taken into consideration.
  • Look at the judges. A boxer’s style is one thing, but you need to know who the judges are too because even popular boxers can be disqualified for aggressive behaviour. Read about them, do your research and you will be able to determine how fights will play out. Check how lenient the judges are and choose your fighter based on this too.
  • If you choose to wager online, make sure the bookmakers you choose is fully licensed and regulated. You will be depositing your hard earned cash after all. Our expert reviews and recommendations can help with this.
  • Do your homework before parting with any money. Keep abreast of all the latest news regarding the different fighters as well as statistics, successes, losses, injuries, etc. Know as much about the boxing as you can and then work out your wagering strategy.


How to Bet on Boxing Events

Before you can wager real money online, there are several steps that must be taken. We have laid these out below.

Step 1: Choose an online sportsbook. Make sure they are licensed and regulated and have a good reputation. Look at the sign-up offer. This is usually a free bet bonus. Check regular promotions too such as bet of the day, special insurance, etc. Our review section can help with this. Complete the sign-up form and move to step 2.

Step 2: Log into your account and make your first deposit. There are plenty of payment methods available for Ireland so choose the one that works best for you.

Step 3: Go to the homepage and locate boxing in the main menu. When you click on this it will bring up a list of all the upcoming fights along with odds, and options for you to choose from.

Step 4: Look at the list of markets and odds available and choose the type of bet you wish to place. The betting slip is normally found on the right-hand side. Select your bet amount.

Step 5: Watch the fight and collect your winnings. A lot of sites have in-play options and live streams available for members so be sure to check this out too.

Annual Events and Competitions For Boxing Betting

There are lots of different boxing matches for players to bet on. These fall into different weight categories and different title belts. Below is the list of fights you will find to bet on in Ireland.

  • World Boxing Super Series – Super Middleweights
  • World Boxing Super Series – Cruiserweights
  • Welterweight – 66.7kg
  • Super Middleweight – 76.2kg
  • Heavyweight – 90.7+kg
  • Cruiserweight – 90.7kg
  • Light Heavyweight – 79.4kg
  • Super Lightweight – 63.5kg
  • Middleweight – 72.6kg
  • Light Middleweight – 69.9kg
  • Super Welterweight – 66.7 up to 69.9kg
  • Lightweight – 61.2kg
  • Super Featherweight – 59kg
  • Bantamweight – 53.5kg

BettingTop10 Winning Strategy

If you’re goal is to win money from your boxing betting, then our strategy can give you a head start. Our aim is to help you succeed and our experts have created this boxing strategy guide to help you do just that.

  • Look at the fighters – How long have they been fighting? What is their speed, accuracy, stamina, timing like? Have they been around for a long time. It’s not just their age, but how long they’ve been at is. New younger opponents can often have great odds and may be the underdog so be sure to look at everything before placing your bet. Sometimes the underdogs can lead to big wins.
  • Which fighter wants the win more? The more a boxer wants it the more effort they will put into it. Watch the pre-match publicity and interviews before deciding on where to place your money.
  • Assess the fighter’s track record – How many wins they’ve had, KO’s, losses, etc. Be sure to look at who has ranked top in big competitions too. A weak resume will let you know to back their opponent.
  • Training – Check which boxer has the better trainer and if they hit their target weight goals on time. Check if there are any significant distractions that you need to be aware of.
  • Fighting Style – Understanding both fighters and their differences in style can be very beneficial when it comes to placing your bets.
  • Stats – No strategy would be complete without mentioning statistics. You need to look at the last two or three fights and see how each fighter did. The more active a fighter is the more prepared his is both physically and mentally. It is also worth looking at the fighter out of the ring. Which fighter gains a lot of weight between fights? Work ethic is another important deciding factor.
  • Don’t just bet on the Irish boxer. We know that you are proud of the fighter from Ireland but that doesn’t mean that they will win and if you are looking to win money you may have to swallow your pride a little. The same holds true for betting on your idols. You may be a big fan of the boxer, but again that doesn’t mean they will win the fight. Looks at all the facts and figures, recent bouts, etc, and make your decision wisely, otherwise it could end up costing you in the long run.