Bitcoin Betting Sites Guide

BitcoinBitcoin is a virtual currency that has grown in popularity over the past number of years and is now available for real money betting in Ireland. Bitcoin is not cash and you need to set up an account. To do this, visit a site like to apply for a wallet.

You will be asked to provide some personal details and choose the type of wallet you require. All the information you need on choosing a wallet is available on the website. Once you’ve set up your wallet the next thing is to get some bitcoins through an online exchange site. Once you have them it’s just a matter of finding betting sites that all BTC betting.

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What’s Great About Bitcoin

There are some great advantages to choosing Bitcoin and these include:

  • Bitcoin doesn’t use any third parties to transfer funds from one account to the other so there are no third-party fees.
  • It is easy to use this e-wallet and it offers excellent security features to help keep your information safe and secure.
  • This payment method allows you to remain completely anonymous when using gambling sites. The only information you will have to provide bookmakers with is your email address.
  • There are no fees involved with bitcoin transfers.
  • Setting up an account is quick and hassle free.

What’s Not So Great

As with all payment methods, there are some disadvantages.

  • Not all sportsbooks accept this payment method.
  • Once you choose to bet in Bitcoin you normally can’t change this so be sure it is the method you want to us.
  • The value of this cryptocurrency can fluctuate and increase or decrease over a short period.

How To Make A Deposit with Online Bookmakers

Bitcoin accepted

Making a deposit with Bitcoin is easy and the first step is to find the right online sportsbook. From there you have to log into your betting account and visit the cashier section and choose Bitcoins as your currency.
You won’t need to enter any credit/debit card details. Instead deposits are made using bitcoin addresses (a series of letters and numbers from 27 – 38 characters). You need your betting site’s address to. Then open your bitcoin wallet and click on “Send Money”. Fill in the amount, along with your address and the betting sites address and click confirm. Deposits are instant and when you return to your sportsbook, your funds will be waiting.

Withdrawing Your winnings

Withdrawing your winnings is easy and the steps are laid out below.

Step 1: Log into your sports betting account and go to the cashier section.
Step 2: Choose withdrawal and fill in your bitcoin address and the amount you want to withdraw and then hit submit.
Step 3: Wait for your money to be transferred.

Withdrawal times are super-fast and once you made your transfer, you will see it in as little as 10 – 15 minutes. It may not be fully confirmed for 1 to 3 hours. It is still one of the fastest withdrawal methods you can use.

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