American Football Betting Guide

American football betting is something that a lot of people in Ireland look forward to each year. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to help you make successful bets and get the most out of your money. We explain how to bet on NFL as well as providing top tips on the Super Bowl, leagues, and more. We also have the BettingTop10 strategy that will guide you as well as where to find the best bookmakers, bonus deals, free bets, and more. Whether you choose to use mobile apps, or your desktop, you’ll find all the answers right here.

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American Football Betting Odds

Bets are usually displayed in decimal odds, a little different from the fractional odds that punters from Ireland are used to seeing in horse racing and football. To help you out, we’ve listed the differences below.

  • Fractional Odds: As the name suggests, these are where the odds are displayed as fractions, such as 3/1, 10/1, etc. If you place a bet and it wins at 10/1, you win €10 for every €1 you wager.
  • Decimal Odds: The display here is in decimal format, such as 3.00, but calculating your winnings is a little different. You have to multiply your wager by the decimal and this is what you will win plus your initial wager amount. If you bet €1 on 3.00 odds, it works out at 3×1 plus €1 which is €4.

American football is a full contact sport with eleven players on each team. The game is fast, action packed, played on a 360 foot field and the object of the game is to move the ball down the field to the end zone. The team that has the ball is given four chances to score. If they don’t, the ball is given to the other team. If the team scores a touchdown they get six points. They can also score extra points through conversions or field goals.

The odds and American Football betting options available to Irish sportsbetting fans are slightly different too but once you familiarise yourself with the terminology it’s easy. The betting options include The Money Line, this is similar to a win-draw-win bet that you might place on football or GAA, but without the draw part. You will have two teams listed with their odds and you back the team you predict will win. In American football there are no draws and if the scores are tied the game goes into overtime. If neither team scores and a draw is announced, your bet is returned.

Spread betting is another option that is very popular. This is similar to Handicap wagers and tends to level the playing field between the two teams. You have to add the spread points to the final result of the game if the points were a plus. If they are a negative value you have to subtract your handicap. Like the moneylines, overtime counts as well unless a tie is offered by the bookmakers. If there is a tie you get your money back.

There is a huge range of markets available for American Football betting and dozens of matches each week. In play options are great and you can choose from total points, Outright Winner, Conference Winner, division winner, Finish 2nd, Match spread, and more. There are regular season specials and futures, as well as pre-season predictions and futures.

American Football Betting Tips To Help You Get Started

After you’ve decided where to bet, the next thing you want to do is win some money. To help, here’s our BettingTop10 American Football betting tips to get your started.

  1. Have a Budget: You should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Try to set up a clear budget and stick with it and be sure to resist the temptation to chase your losses.
  2. Compare the Lines and Odds: Getting the most value for your money is essential. Our reviews will help you to find the sportsbook sites that offer great bonus deals. Better odds lead to bigger payouts and better lines gives you a greater chance of winning your bets.
  3. Follow the Sport: Watch plenty of games, read match previews and end of game reports, keep track of player injuries and roster changes, and read expert reviews and options. The more you know the easier it is to place your wagers.
  4. Understand the betting Options: The two most popular options are the points spread and totals but there are moneylines, futures, teasers, props, reverse bets, and more. Understanding how these work can really help.
  5. Predictions are great: While you may not be able to accurately predict the overall winner of the big championships, improving your predictive skills can be very beneficial. This includes understanding player and team stats as well as trends and patterns.

How To Bet On American Football

If you want to bet online on American Football there are several steps to take. We have these highlighted below.

Step 1: Find a good sportsbook and register for an account. Check the sign up offer, and look for free bets, and bet of the day promotions to get more for your money.

Step 2: Make a deposit using one of the payment methods that are available to Ireland.

Step 3: Locate American football in the menu and look at the list of games available. Choose the one you want and select the type of bet you want to place.

Step 4: Watch the game using the live in-play option or on your TV and then collect your winnings.

American Football Annual Events & Tournaments

  • NFL Regular Season – played annually between September and December with games on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursday nights. 32 Teams take part with 16 in each conference.
  • NFL Play-offs – Held in January every year. Teams chosen on their success in the regular season. Six teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs and compete in a knock-out tournament.
  • Championship Games – Held at the end of January. The top two teams in the AFC compete for the Lamar Hunt Trophy. The top two teams in the NFC compete for the George Halas Trophy.
  • The Super bowl – Annual event held at the beginning of February. The AFC and NFC champions go head to head for the Vince Lombardi Trophi.
  • NCAA Regular Season – College football team compete in several leagues from August to December.
  • Bowl Championship Series (BCS) – A number of events to find the best college teams. Events include the Rose Bowl held on New Year’s Day, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, and the National Championship Game.
  • American Football World Championships

BettingTop10 Winning Strategy

If you want to increase your chances on winning when it comes to American Football betting, there are some strategies that you can put in place. Our experts have come up with these top tips to help you.

  1. Handicaps: If you want to use handicaps there are a number of factors to consider. This is all about points and it is also important to take the weather into consideration and this can greatly impact on a team. You need to evaluate the teams on their strengths and see who will have the advantage in any game. Measure this against the handicaps and odds being offered.
  2. Yardage Differential: A simple strategy is to look at the average offensive yards gained and the average defensive yards allowed during each play. The team that gains more yards than allowed tends to win. This is a helpful strategy for predictions.
  3. Home field Advantage: To work out these statistics you need to subtract the total points scored by visiting teams from the home teams and then divide the total by the number of games played. If you find that the home team tends to have the advantage it helps when choosing who to bet on.
  4. Money Management: One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to increase the size of their bets when they start to win. The season is long and if you want to make a profit, you need to manage your bankroll effectively.
  5. Weekly Edges: Don’t bet on every game played in the tournaments every week. You need to look for the edges and use them. Find the edge in the moneylines and place your wagers based on this. You may find that some weeks you place 2 wagers, others 6.
  6. Look at Stats: Read the weekly statistics and follow all the latest news on players, injuries, weather, etc. The more knowledge you have the easier it is to win.
  7. Track Players and Results: It is important to know about weakness or players that are strong. Know which teams are impressing and watch the odds as they change throughout the season. This will make it easier to choose moneylines and spreads that work for you. Keep a note of your wins and losses. This information becomes invaluable towards the end of the season.

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