The 2018 World Cup ball has been unveiled by Adidas. Tradition dictates that a new ball is used for every World Cup and the 2018 ball is a redesign of the classic ball that was used in the 1970 World Cup. The Telstar 18 brings back memories from 1970 and all the great players who touched it. Legends like Pele, Gerd Muller, Bobby Moore and more will be remembered by players at Russia 2018.

Lionel Messi was one of the players that helped to launch the new World Cup ball at the unveiling ceremony in Moscow. He said, “I like all of it, the new design, colours, everything.” The Telstar 18 could be a favourite with strikers and could make the Golden Boot race more interesting. We may even see another year of exciting goal action just like the Brazuca brought in Brazil 2014.

Telstar 18

The Telstar 18 features a brand-new panel design with metallic print and textured graphic effect. It has been engineered to provide performance and durability and sustainability has been a key focus. Designer included re-cycled backing material and packaging and the ball has an embedded NFC chip which makes it the most innovative World Cup ball ever. The chip lets consumers interact with the ball using a smartphone and each ball generates a unique identifier which unlocks exclusive content and information for the user.

Both Manchester United and Real Madrid were involved in testing the new Telstar 18. Top goalkeepers from around Europe also got to test out the ball and they weren’t impressed. David De Gea, Pepe Reina, and Marc-Andre the Stegan were all disappointed with the ball after Spain and Germany played a friendly match using it on the 23rd of March. David De Gea said, “It’s really strange…it could have been made better.” Pepe Reina said, “I bet you as much as you like that we’ll see at least 35 goals from long range because it’s impossible to work out, and it’s covered in a plastic film that makes it difficult to hold on to.”

There hasn’t been a World Cup with a player or coach hasn’t complained about the ball. In 2002 the Fevernova was said to be too light and Italy’s goalkeeper Buffon called it a “ridiculous kiddie’s bouncing ball.” In 2006, German goalkeeper, Kahn claimed the Teamgeist ball was built in favourite of strikers.

World Cup Balls Over The Year

The World Cup balls have transformed over the years and below we have a list of all the balls used from the first tournament in Uruguay in 1930 all the way to the present Telstar 18 being used at Russia 2018.

  • Tiento & T-Model (1930)
  • Federdale 102 (1934)
  • Allen (1938)
  • DUPLO T (1950)
  • Swiss World Champion (1954)
  • Top Star (1958)
  • Crack (1962)
  • Challenge 4-Star (1966)
  • Telstar (1970)
  • Telstar Durlast (1974)
  • Tango (1978)
  • Tango Espana (1982)
  • Azteca (1986)
  • Etrusco Unico (1990)
  • Questra (1994)
  • Tricolore (1998)
  • Fevernova (2002)
  • Teamgeist (2006)
  • Jabulani (2010)
  • Brazuca (2014)
  • Telstar 18 (2018)