The Quarter-Finals Stage is Over. See the Semi-Finals Odds.

One of the most interesting markets available for the World Cup is the Quarter-Final odds which rates each team’s chances of making it through to the last eight. It is a great way to bet and keeps an interest in the competition even after the group stage.

How Betting on the World Cup 2018 Quarter-Final Works

Once you’ve placed and finalised your wager on the 2018 World Cup Quarter-Finals market, it is simply a case of waiting. In order to collect your winnings on this market, your chosen side needed to make it through the group stage which concluded on June 28th and then win their subsequent game. Ideally, the team would finish top of their group as this is likely to allow them an “easier” game in the round of 16 but it doesn’t always work out this way!

Any side who makes it to the final eight of the competition has successfully reached the Quarter-Finals and will have landed your bet!

Things to Take into Consideration

Most football teams stay true-to-form, especially if there has been no change in the management since the previous tournament. You’re looking for sides who routinely reach this stage of the competition. Sides like England regularly reach the Quarter-Finals and tend to be eliminated at this stage.

Similar to each-way betting on horse racing, you aren’t necessarily looking for the outright winner but searching for a team who are deemed good enough to make it to the final eight.

Target a side who have been dealt an easier-looking group and should fly through that stage without breaking sweat. Plot the path of each team in the tournament and if they are likely to meet a winnable opponent in the last 16, this could be the key to reaching the Quarter-Finals.

Other Possible World Cup 2018 Bets

It isn’t just the Quarter-Finals which provide the opportunity for punters to predict which stage of the competition aside may reach. Betting on teams to get to the Semi-Finals and Final are both available and these provide some decent prices outside of the four biggest sides.

Outright betting is the simplest market and requires the selection of the winning nation. This is a great way of keeping involved throughout the entire tournament and is always a fun office sweepstake!

Top Goalscorer/Most Assists are just two of the performance-based markets which are available on most UK betting sites. Players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who come off the back of memorable domestic seasons are always likely to be at the top of this market.