After 45 years in the business, Stan James is closing its books

Stan James Review

Kindred Group Plc CEO Henrik Tjarnstrom has confirmed that UK bookmaker Stan James is shutting down with all their existing customers being moved across to Unibet Plc. While there will no doubt be a sense of nostalgic sadness at the loss of another veteran UK bookmaker, the move was not unexpected.

Unibet bought Stan James back in July 2015 for £19 million and initially continued to run it as a separate business. The decision was eventually made to rebrand the bookmaker and bring it under the Unibet umbrella. The decision only relates to the Stan James online presence as the physical stores have already undergone the “Megabet” rebranding. No impact on the 112 premises is expected.

The decision marks the end of 45 years of the bookmaker which began as a single shop in Compton, Berkshire in 1973. There never was a “Mr Stan James”, rather the name was a combination of the founders Steve Fisher, his wife Anne and their partner James Holder.

What next for Stan James customers?

Unibet have been at pains to reassure Stan James’ customers that going forward they can expect all the same benefits and more. They are confident they will be offering a greater variety of sports to bet on and an increase in the number of promotions available. All in all they’re confident that the future is bright for Stan James customers, albeit under a new name.

Betting Top 10 will be sad to see one its favourite bookmakers go. Stan James has been staple on the betting star board since it first came online way back in 2005. It provided customers with quality betting experience throughout its history, both on the street and online. Nothing can last forever, not ever the best online sportsbooks. With Unibet now firmly at the helm, we trust that the Stan James legacy of quality will live on.

Update: Stan James postponed the closing of the company to February 26th.

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