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The know-how of betting odds

If you are new to the whole idea of sports betting, then you will need a bit of guidance. The first thing you should probably know is what are the best sports betting sites, now, of course, there is quite a lot of variety. But as a new better, you would be looking at sites like BettingTop10, where you’ll find offers at sites like Coral, Bet365 and SkyBet as sites to enjoy first. Finding solid betting site offers is key to ensuring good bankroll management and should be on your list of things to do long before you play a game.

Of course, not everyone will understand what betting odds are, and it can be quite intimidating for someone who is new to the betting industry. But, simply put, odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win if you place a bet. 9/1 for every £1 you bet, you will win £9. This can also be calculated as 1 / (9 + 1) = 0.10, that means there is a 10% chance that the event will happen.

It is very important that you understand how to work out betting odds as it will help you understand how likely an event is to happen, and how much you could potentially win with your bet. And it is the same for any sport, whether you are tennis betting or guessing the number of yellow cards in a match, the concept of odds applies to any sport you can bet on.

The enticement of bookmaker offers

Sports Betting in UK

It is important to understand what offers bookies are giving their players, as bookmakers are always trying to entice new customers in with great deals and enticements for first-time betters. In fact, SkyBet deserves a special mention, as they were the first to offer a free bet with no deposit in the UK. Simply put, you sign up to their site and they offer you a free bet with no need for a deposit. £10 in the case of SkyBet, and there are no strings attached.

This is a great incentive for new customers, who may have wanted to try out sports betting, but may have been wary of using their own money at first. So this is the best of both worlds for the customer and the bookie, the customer gets a free bet no strings attached and the bookie gets a new sign up to their page. Of course, most other bookmakers have now adopted these styles of offers, many of which can be found on BettingTop10, as they look to battle to get as many sign-ups as possible.

You will find many great offers out there, with some bookmakers even offering weekly loyalty bonuses to their customers. Which usually comes in the form of a free small bet, depending on the bookmaker. It is good to look around, though, as even in the UK alone, there are many great offers when it comes to sports betting.

Rich history of sports betting in the UK continues to boom

Sports betting is a very old concept, certainly older than other forms of gambling you might come across in this day and age. Its origins are in the Greek and the Roman nobles, who would bet on the outcome of big sporting events. The Greeks, famously, would bet on the outcome of athletic events, while the Romans would be more keen to invest in blood sports.

While the concept has remained close to the hearts of many people over the course of time, it hasn’t been without periods where people have tried to regulate or ban it completely. However, despite this, betting on sporting events has continued to thrive, and is slowly started to spread around the world. Over recent years, it has become increasingly popular in the UK, where horse racing betting became a staple pastime amongst the enthusiasts of the sport.

It was thanks to pioneers in the UK, who helped to spread the concept of sports betting around the world, especially in the US. Similarly to Europe, it quickly became a favourite pastime among all sections of society. Though, like in our own history, legal issues have constantly challenged gambling across America.

Now, in this modern day and age, we are blessed with many sports that can potentially be bet on. Of course, what sport is most popular goes along the cultures of each country -but clear favourites are always abundant. To discuss the UK market, sports such as football, rugby and horse racing are among the most popular sports betting pastimes. Football betting, especially, is huge in the UK since accessibility, with mobile phone apps, made making a sport more important easier.

The rise of online sports betting

What has truly been the most revolutionary part of sports betting, though, has been the internet. Before the internet, gambling on sports was reduced to run-down bookies and wagers with your mates. It was nothing in comparison to today.

Online betting, especially in the UK, has helped to make the whole concept of betting very appealing. Before people who may have been wary of placing a bet may now be tempted because of the ease of which you can do it. You can literally place a bet on any sport in the world and win money on it.

This is not including sports that people may not have thought you could have bet on in the past, even golf betting, a sport renowned for being rather slow paced and dull to some has become increasingly popular over the years.

Is mobile betting the way forward?

Now as technology has developed and the times move forward, one particular new form of gambling has become more and more popular in the UK, and it has come in the form of mobile betting. The development of the smartphone has allowed for bookmakers to grab hold of an entirely new audience and try to entice them with the best betting apps.

There are lots of benefits to betting with your mobile, not to mention that many bookmakers, including sites many sites featured on BettingTop10, have been heavily investing in this area as the market has grown in the UK. Perhaps the best thing about mobile betting is the fact that it gives you total flexibility in regards to your location, so no matter where you are, you will never miss out on the latest odds.

This is particularly important especially when it comes to live betting. This is the concept that instead of betting on the outcome of a game and waiting it out, you can bet on how the game goes as it progresses. This can be a rather different way of betting. As odds will constantly be changing in the particular match being played, whilst also some bookmakers will offer a cash out function. This basically allows you to back out of a bet if you think you are about to lose or, perhaps, you are happy with your winnings and want to back out whilst you are already on a high.

So, if you are a fan of cricket betting, for example, you might be betting on England to beat the West Indies. But, if England suddenly lose a few wickets quickly, that gives you the opportunity to back out of that bet while the match is still in play.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of mobile betting, as it gives you so much flexibility. A lot of companies also offer bonuses for mobile signups, like free bets. So if you had a smartphone then it would certainly make sense to take advantage of this, where possible.

UK betting sites are always trying new ways to entice people into their websites, with free bets and promo codes – many of which can be found on BettingTop10. New betting sites in the UK may well offer equal or better bonuses than the bigger boys – so remember to shop around.

The tipsters or the tricksters?

Now, of course, you might understand the concept of sports betting but sometimes knowing what to bet on can be the trickiest part. Certainly, there is a luck factor to it all because no one can say for definite what the outcome of a sporting event will be, but it is also possible to predict the outcome of an event. For example, it might be easy to predict that Manchester United will beat Leeds in the cup because there is a big disparity in quality. But sometimes it is not always as cut and dry as that.

So, this is where sports betting tips come in handy. Tipsters offer the correct results for what they believe the team or person will do in their respective events. However you need to take note that whilst some tipsters offer their services for free, some will try to extort money out of people.

It is generally advisable to look for the free tips, as you cannot guarantee someone charging for advice is worth its price tag.


Sports betting has seen remarkable growth over the many decades. This rise has been even more meteoric when considering online and mobile betting in more recent years. These modern alternatives offer flexibility and simplicity and are key to the continuation of the industry in the future.

As sites like BettingTop10 make the whole concept of betting easier and more accessible than ever, by offering deals and enticements to new customers, you can only see the betting scene continue to grow and flourish. So, perhaps, this is the greatest time to be involved at all.


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