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As of the 2018 World Cup, Canada may have only qualified for the group stages once, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines when the action gets underway in Russia.

Even though soccer plays second fiddle to ice hockey in Canada, the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada sparked a new interest in the sport at all levels. In fact, with 764 million people around the world tuning in to watch the event unfold in Canada, the game was elevated to a new status and that’s made our top bookies take notice

When you scroll through our list of partner site, you’ll now find an increasing number of World Cup 2018 bets on offer. From outright win markets to group betting and even player-specific odds, Canada’s best online sportsbooks are now getting in on this renewed interest in soccer.


With this being the case, we thought it was high time we used our expertise and jumped on the World Cup bandwagon as well. Inside our dedicated hub, you’ll now find information, updates and odds for the 2018 competition in Russia.

By pooling everything into a single site, we’ve taken the stress out of following the tournament from its qualification rounds right up to the final. Put simply, when you join us, we’ll give you everything you need to become part of the action. Whether its odds, offers or anything else in between, our World Cup betting hub is designed to pull you off the substitutes” bench and into the heart of the action.  

world cup fifa 2018World Cup Betting Our Way

If you stick with us, you won’t go far wrong when it comes to World Cup betting. Why? Because we’ve got quick links to the best Canadian bookies in the business and, as you’d expect, each one offers a generous selection of betting lines and bonuses. In fact, with the 2018 World Cup being such a big deal, the odds makers are already on the case when it comes to, well, odds. Although the lobbies will continue to fill up as we move closer to the tournament, our top three partners currently have the following ways for you to win:

William Hill: Qualifiers and outright betting are currently the order of the day at William Hill CA. With Canada out of the mix, Germany are currently the hot favourites to win the tournament at +500 while Scotland were out at +100,000 during the qualifying rounds.

bodog: At this stage, bodog is keeping its World Cup betting lines close to its chest, but once the tournament kicks off in Russia, in-play, specials and more will be added to the soccer suite.

888sport: If you fancy betting $10 and getting $30 in free bets ahead of the 2018 World Cup, 888sport has got you covered. In the lead up to the main event, you can get betting lines for qualifying matches in Europe and South America. Then, once the competition gets underway for real, you’ll find outright, squad selection specials and much more inside 888sport CA.

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All the Latest World Cup Odds

Odds in the soccer world never stand still, especially when the World Cup is in full swing. Because of this, it’s in your best interests to stay on top of the market as it changes if you want the best deals. Naturally, you could scroll through our list of leading Canadian bookmakers and manually check each one or you could let us do the hard work for you. As the World Cup approaches, we’ll be updating our odds page with the latest lines from the top sites. Using our team of experts, we’ll pick out the juiciest odds so you know you’re always getting the best chance of a healthy return on your investment.

To complement our daily odds overview, we bring you a regular stream of match previews, performance reviews and tactical insights. When used in conjunction with the latest odds and the freshest bonuses, our World Cup betting tips should give you a better shot at taking home a profit. Of course, nothing is ever certain in the soccer world, but if you listen to our experts, you’ll have a much better insight into the action as and when it happens.

World Cup Betting Tips

If you really want to be smart about your bets in 2018, we suggest you take the following tips on board:

  • We’re Here to Help: Soccer might not be the biggest sport in Canada, but we know what we’re talking about when it comes to sports betting. As part of our pledge to guide you through a sporting event that might not have piqued your interests before, we’ve used the full force of our experience and expertise to bring you the best World Cup information possible. If you’re even remotely interested in betting on the 2018 World Cup, our hub should be your first and only port of call.
  • Pace Yourself: The road to the World Cup final is a long and winding one. The qualifiers are already well underway and when the action gets started in Russia the games will come thick and fast. Trying to bet on everything is not only tough, but a negative EV decision. In our opinion, the best way to play the World Cup betting game is to pace yourself. Make a few bets early and then ramp things up as the competition progresses.
  • The Bonuses are Better: There will be a ton of extra dollars up for grabs when the World Cup starts. With Canada’s top betting sites all vying for top position, bonuses are the best way to capture the community’s attention. We’ll scour the market on a daily basis for the best deals, which means all you have to do is point, click and follow the site’s instructions to unlock everything from free bets, bore draw refunds and enhanced odds offers.

The 2018 World Cup Schedule

The 2018 World Cup might be taking place on the other side of the world in Russia, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action. To ensure you never miss a beat when the 32 qualifying teams battle across 12 venues in 11 cities, take a note of the schedule below:

  • Group Stages = June 14 to June 28 x4 matches per day
  • Round of 16 = July 30 to July 3 x2 matches per day
  • Quarterfinals = July 6 X2 matches and July 7 x2 matches
  • Semifinals = July 10 and July 11
  • Third Place Playoff = July 14
  • Final = July 15

World Cup Facts

Before you rush off and check out our World Cup betting hub and take advantage of the best deals out there, we want to whet your appetite a bit with some facts. Even though Canada doesn’t have much of a pedigree in the competition, the World Cup does have a rich history.

  • Canada’s only World Cup finals appearance to-date was in 1986.
  • India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup because of a FIFA requirement that they wear shoes to play.
  • Ahead of the 2018 World Cup, the fastest goal scored in the finals was struck by Turkey’s Hakan Şükür and found the back of the net in just 10.8 seconds.
  • African teams boycotted the 1966 World Cup which gave North Korea a free pass into the action.
  • Canada is hoping to host its first ever World Cup in 2026 as part of a join bid with Mexico.

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