Who Will Be The World Cup Winner for 2018

From a betting point of view, betting on the World Cup winner is the most popular. In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the defending champions in Germany have the best final odds followed by Brazil. This is no big surprise since they are also the top two ranked FIFA teams in the months leading up to the tournament. The odds for the World Cup winner will change up to and during the tournament depending on how that team is doing.

When it comes to betting odds 2018 World Cup wagering on the winner is one of the most popular bets to make for the tournament. It is pretty easy to make, as you find a reputable sportsbook such as Bodog or Intertops and look at their final odds and pick the team you think will win the tournament. You can make the winner odds bet up to when the World Cup starts as well as while it is going on. 

2018 World Cup Winner Odds

Germany has the best odds to win the 2018 World Cup and below is a full list of the teams in the tournament and their odds to win it all.


How It Works

As stated before the finals odds bet is an easy one to make simply pick a team you think will win the tournament and if they win you get paid out. You have to wait until the group stages are over and then the knockout rounds until the finals. You can make many other bets while the tournament is going on and in your winner bet you have to wait until the tournament is over. No matter how much the winner odds change up to and during the tournament you are locked in on the odds that you receive when you place your bet.

The Contenders

The teams with the top five betting odds 2018 World Cup are Germany, Brazil, France, Argentina, and Spain. They are not only the favourites, but each is also the favourite to advance out of the groups. Germany is the defending champion and stacked once again, Brazil is as well, and they have won the most World Cup trophies, and France is coming off a 2016 European Championships win, which they won on their soil. Longshots don’t win the World Cup, and the betting odds reflect that. However, some teams that can surprise when it comes to the final odds bet are Spain, Belgium, and even Poland with their high scoring and dynamic attack. Still, even with the best odds to win the tournament, it is hard to bet against Germany with the squad they have and the defending champion, but several teams are in the mix.

How to Bet the Winner

As stated before, in order to bet on the World Cup winner you need to find a legitimate sportsbook such as Bodog and Sports Interaction and look at the odds for the winner. Pick the team that you think will win and make that bet. If the team that you picked in the finals odds bets wins the tournament, you will be paid out. The odds will change for teams during the tournament depending on how they are performing and how they do even before so for the same reason as well as others such as key injuries. For example, if a team has good betting odds 2018 World Cup and they lose their first group match their odds will likely go down, or if a key player is injured in a friendly or in their league before the World Cup, then their team’s odds may go down as well. You can make the finals bet even through the groups and even the knockout stages. The odds will change for teams and the ones that you received when you made a bet are the ones you are locked in on.

Other Bets

While the finals odds bet is one of the most popular outright World Cup bets there are many others. From betting on individual matches to what team will advance to the quarterfinals and semifinals, there is no lack of betting options. There are bets you can make on teams as well as individual players such as which player will be the top goal scorer or which player will win the Golden Ball for the best player. You can bet on the group winner and the overall winner to which team from their respective qualifying region, i.e. Asia, Europe, will have the best showing. Proposition bets are also aplenty during the World Cup in both team and player wagers. Find the best odds possible for you bet you want to make to get the best payout.

Interesting World Cup Facts

  • Brazil has the most World Cup titles with five followed by defending champion Germany with four.
  • Only eight countries have won the World Cup with those including Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England, Uruguay, Spain and France
  • Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Uruguay have won the World Cup at least twice.
  • Holland has been to the finals three times but has lost every time.
  • The last three World Cup finals have gone to extra time.
  • Germany’s Miroslav Klose (2002–2014) is the player who has earned the all-time top scorer in the finals with a total of sixteen goals.
  • Just Fontaine of France has the record for the most goals ever scored in a World Cup game with thirteen in 1958.
  • Mário Zagallo of Brazil and Franz Beckenbauer of West Germany are the only people to have won the World Cup as both manager and player.

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