The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and this is no lack of betting options for the tournament. There are many different bets you can make from quarterfinal betting to betting on the groups. One of the more popular bets is the semifinals odds bet. In this bet, you bet on a team, and if they advance to the semifinals, you will win the bet.

Making the Semis

Once the groups are over there is the Round of 16, which is also called the knockout stage. It is called this, as the 16 teams in the stage are in a single elimination bracket and teams have to win two matches in order to reach the semifinals. The winner odds for the semifinals bet will change leading up to the tournament and during it as well depending on how the teams are doing.

2018 World Cup Semi Final Odds

If you look at any reputable sportsbook such as Bodog, Intertops, and Sports Interaction you will see that Brazil has the best semifinals betting odds followed by France, Spain, and Argentina. Here is the table below are the semifinals odds at a few of the more reputable sportsbooks online today.


How It Works

The semifinals bet in soccer is very simple to understand. All you have to do is check out a legitimate sportsbook and check out their winner odds for advancing to the semifinals. You pick a team you think will make the semis and if they do you will be paid out. The odds for the bet will change, but the ones that you receive when you make a bet are the ones you are locked in on. You can make the semifinals bet all the way up to the tournament and during it as well all the way up to the quarterfinals. The odds will change, and it will depend on how the team is doing in the tournament. For example, if France is upset when playing in the groups and comes in second in the group and faces a top team in the Round of 16, you can be sure their odds will go down.

Quick Betting Guide

When betting on the semifinals for the FIFA World Cup, there are some things that you can research to give yourself better betting odds. If you make a bet before the tournament look at the team’s form, how they match up with teams in their groups, and if they have any key injuries. If you make a bet during the tournament see how they are performing in it and possible Round of 16 and quarterfinals match ups. The betting odds will reflect these things as well. For example, if team has a key player injured or they are in a tough group the odds will show this and not be as favourable to reach the semifinals. One of the first things to do is place your bet at a reputable sportsbook such as Sports Interaction and Bodog just to name two.

Other Possible Bets

There are many different types of soccer bets you can make for the World Cup. Besides the semifinals bets, other ones that are similar are the finals bet, the overall winner, quarterfinal betting, and group winner. You can also, obviously, bet on individual matches in the FIFA World Cup as well as player bets such as who will be the top goal scorer or which player will win the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player. From groups betting to the overall winner to player and team proposition bets, there is no lack of betting options for the World Cup.