World Cup 2018 Schedule:


Jun 14

russiaRussiavsSaubi Arabiaサウジアラビア
(Group A)
 at 10.00 a.m – Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow 

Jun 15  

(Group A)
at 7.00 a.m – Ekaterinburg Stadium 

(Group B)
at 10.00 a.m – St Petersburg Stadium

(Group B)
at 1.00 p.m – Sochi

 Jun 16

franceFrance Australiaaustraliavs
(Group C)
at 5.00 a.m -Kazan Stadium 

(Group D)
at 8.00 a.m – Spartak Stadium Moscow

paruPeru Denmarkdenmarkvs
(Group C)

at 11.00 a.m – Saransk Stadium

croatiaCroatia Nigerianigeria
(Group D)
at 02.00 a.m -Kalininrad Stadium

June 17  

costa ricaCosta RicavsSerbiaserbia
(Group E)
 at 07.00 a.m – Samara Stadium

germanyGermany Mexicomexicovs
(Group F)

at 10.00 a.m –  Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

June 18

brazilBrazil Switzarlandswissvs
(Group E)
1.00 p.m  – Rostov on Don Stadium


swedenSweeden South Koreakoreavs
(Group F)
at 07.00 a.m – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

(Group G)
at 10.00 a.m –  Saransk Stadium

tunisiaTunisia  England englandvs
(Group G)
at 1.00 p.m – Volgograd Stadium

June 19 


colombiaColombia Japanjapanvs
(Group H)
at 10.00  a.m   – Saransk Stadium

polandPoland Senegalsenegal
(Group H)
at 10.00 a.m – Spartak Stadium Moscow

russia RussiavsEgypt egypt
(Group A)
at 1.00 p.m St Petersburg Stadium

June 20

(Group B)

at 07.00 a.m – Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

uruguay Uruguay Saudi Arabiasaudi arabiavs
(Group A)
at 10.00 a.m –  Rostov-on-Don Stadium

(Group B)
at 01.00 p.m –  Kazan Stadium

June 21 

(Group C)
 at 07:00 a.m- Ekaterinburg Stadium

(Group C)

at 10:00 a.m  – Samara Stadium 

argentinaArgentina vs Croatiacroatia
(Group D)
at 01.00 pm -Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 

June 22

brazilBarazilCosta Ricacosta ricavs
(Group E)

at 07:00 am -St Petersburg Stadium 

nigeriaNigeria Icelandicelandvs
(Group D)
at 10.00 a.m Volgograd Stadium

serbiaSerbia Switzarlandswissvs
(Group E)
at 01:00 p.m – Volgograd Stadium

June 23

(Group G)
at 07:00 am – Spartak Stadium, Moscow

koreaSouth KoreavsMexicomexico
(Group F)
 at 1.00 p.m – Rostov-on-Don Stadium

germanyGermany Sweedenswedenvs
(Group F)
at 10.00 a.m – Sochi Stadium 

June 24 

englandEngland Panamapanamavs
(Group G)
at 07:00 a.m – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

japanJapan Sengalsenegalvs
(Group H)
 at 10.00 a.m-  Ekaterinburg Stadium

polandPoland Colombiacolombia


(Group H)
at 01.00 p.m – Kazan Stadium

June 25 

uruguayUruguay vsRussiarussia
(Group A)
at 09:00 am – Samera Stadium

Saudi ArabiavsEgyptegyts
(Group A)
 at 09.00 a.m – Volgograd Stadium

(Group B)
at 01:00 p.m – Saransak Sporting name

June 26 

spainSpainMoroco moroccovs
(Group B)
at 01:00 p.m – Kaliningrad Stadium


(Group C)
at 09:00 a.m -Moscow Luzhniki Stadium

australiaAustralia Peruperuvs
(Group C)
at – 09:00 a.m – Sochi Stadium

(Group D)

at 01.00 p.m – Rostov-on-Don Stadium

(Group D)
at 01.00 p.m  – St Petersburg Stadium

June 27 

(Group F)
at 09:00 am – Ekaterinburg Stadium

koreaSouth KoreavsGermany germany
(Group F)
at 09:00 am – Kazan Stadium

serbia SerbiavsBrazilbrazil
(Group E)
at 01.00 p.m – Spartak Stadium, Moscow

June 28 

swissSwitzerlandvsCosta Rica costa rica
(Group E)
at 01.00 p.m -Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

senegalSenegal Colombiacolombiavs
(Group H)
at 09.00 a.m- Samara Stadium

(Group H)
at 09:00 a.m – Volgograd Stadium

(Group G)
at 01.00 p.m Kiliningrad Stadium

panama PanamavsTunisiatunisia
(Group G)
at 01.00 p.m – Saransk Stadium 




Our Guide To The Matches at Russia 2018

The World Cup 2018 gets underway on June 14, with the opening match taking place in Moscow. There is plenty of excitement and anticipation ahead of the event and the World Cup odds have already been compiled by bookmakers with Germany and Brazil leading the way. We’ll provide a look at how the World Cup 2018 schedule is set to play out with the event concluding on July 15, with the showpiece at the Luzhniki Stadium in the capital. Soccer fans from around the world will be glued to their televisions as each and every game is played out across the 11 different cities and it’s a wonderful time of year to follow sport.

The final on July 15 is set to be a mouthwatering clash, with the eventual champions decided and some of the best players in the world likely to participate in the occasion. A number of Canadian bookies have already released their World Cup odds for the tournament and there will be plenty more betting options to follow once the groups are drawn. It’ll be fascinating to see which teams succeed and which nations disappoint.


How many matches will take place in Russia 2018?

The World Cup 2018 group stages will see staggered matches taking place and this will help fans to take in all of the action, with just enough time in between games to grab another drink! To avoid any disparity and make the tournament fairer, all of the third group games will be held at the same time.

For example, in Group A, both matches will both kick off at 6pm local time. There is often still plenty to be decided at this stage of the event and late goals can change the whole complexion of the standings. These kind of matches are perfect for online betting enthusiasts as the World Cup odds can change within seconds providing big payouts to savvy punters. As always in these competitions, there will also be an additional match taking place 24 hours prior to the final, which features the two losers from the semi-finals as they compete in the third-place playoff match.

The matches are spread around various different venues so any fans following their team’s fortunes in Russia could potentially clock up the miles; however, it’s been announced that there will be free train travel between host cities for supporters.

How will the schedule look?

The World Cup 2018 schedule will begin to take shape once the draw has taken place at the beginning of December in Moscow. All of the teams will be decided by this point and the excitement is ramped up significantly. There will be a couple of two days breaks during the tournament, which will take place between the conclusion of the group stages and the commencement of the knock-out phase. There will also be a gap between the quarters, semis and the final.

This will allow teams a three or four-day break to train ahead of these crucial clashes. The knock-out stages begin on June 30, with the final eight sides decided on July 3. It’s set to a mouth-watering month of soccer featuring the greatest teams and players in the world and we cannot wait for it to get started.


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