For the World Cup 2018, one of the many bets that you came make is a team making it to the quarterfinals. While this bet is easier to pick than a team making the finals, it is still not easy, as out of the 32 teams that will make the quarter-finals you have to pick one that will be one of the last eight teams in the tournament for your bet to be a winning one. You do not need to pick the winner of the whole thing or the winner of a group simply pick a team that you think will advance to the quarterfinals.

Last eight standing

In the World Cup 2018 tournament, only eight will advance to the quarterfinals. There will be betting odds posted for every team in the tournament to make it that far and to get there they will have to win one match in the knockout stage after the groups are over. All of the top betting sites such as Sports Interaction, Bodog, and Intertops, to just name a few, will have odds posted for teams to make the quarterfinals.

2018 World Cup Quarter Final Odds

The teams that have the best odds to make the quarterfinals are Brazil, France, Spain, and Argentina. The better a team’s overall odds are to win the tournament the lower their odds will be to make the quarterfinals and the more a team is a longshot to make it the high their odds will be. Here are the betting odds for all the team i9n the World Cup 2018 and their odds to advance to the quarterfinals.

2018 World Cup Quarter Final Odds

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How It Works

The quarterfinals odds bet is very easy to understand, as you simply pick a team or teams that you think will make it to the quarterfinals in the FIFA World Cup. If the team you picked made it to the last eight in the tournament you will win the bet. The first thing to do is find a sportsbook that is legitimate and reputable and has the odds posted for this bet. Then do a little research and pick a team you think will last to the quarterfinals. It is that easy. The odds will change for the quarterfinals bet, and you can make this bet leading up to the tournament and during it as well. You have to be aware that the odds you get when you make the wager are the ones you are locked in on no matter how much they change.

Quick Betting Guide

When making the quarterfinals bet there are some things that you can check up on in order to give yourself a better winning betting chance. Look for team form, player injuries, and their match-up in the groups if making the bet before the FIFA World Cup begins. You can also look at the first two things when making the bet while the tournament is happening. As stated before the odds will change, you can get the best odds for teams before the tournament begins.

Other Possible Bets

The quarterfinals bet in the World Cup 2018 is just one of the many betting options you have. You can also bet on a team to make the semifinals, finals, win it all, or win their group as well to name a few. There is obviously straight match betting available as well as team and player proposition bets. A few examples of a proposition bet are which player will win the Golden Boot (top goal scorer), which player will win the Golden Ball (best player in the tournament), and which team will score the most goals in the tournament? There are tons of World Cup bets that are available at legitimate betting sites and the quarterfinals bet is just one of them.