In the World Cup there are 32 teams that are separated into eight groups of four teams each. The first and second place winner of the group will advance to the knockout stage where it is then single elimination with the end being the finals. The qualification to advance to the knockout stage will depend on how the team does in the three group matches. When you make a group qualifying odds bet you are betting that a team will finish first or second in the group and advance to the knockout stage.

Besides just having odds to qualify out of the group for all of the teams in the 2018 World Cup there are also other group bets such as which team will finish second in the group or which team will finish last. There are many soccer bets to make for the World Cup as a whole and for group betting. With eight groups there are many winning bets for all of the different kinds of bets that you can make.

Group A

Uruguay and Russia are the teams that have the best odds to advance out of Group A. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the underdogs and can a team from Asia and Africa upset the balance of power and advance? The oddsmakers do not think so.

Saudi Arabia

Group B

Group B has a couple of world powers in Portugal and Spain along with a couple of long shots in Iran and Morocco. It would be a big shock if one of these last two teams qualified for the Round of 16.


Group C

France and Denmark are the teams to beat in Group C, but Peru and Australia can’t be counted out. Still, France won the 2016 European Championship with much the same squad they will have this summer and Denmark is a dark-horse team that may go far since they are strong at all areas of the pitch.


Group D

Group D is considered to be the Group of Death with 2014 World Cup runner-up Argentina with the best odds. However, Croatia is a world-beater, Iceland is disciplined and had a great run in the 2016 Euros, and Nigeria is one of the tougher teams from Africa.


Group E

Brazil are the team to beat in Group E and with Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. This group may come down to a race for one spot in the knockout stage between the last three teams mentioned.

Costa Rica

Group F

Group F is one of the tougher groups with defending World Cup champion Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea. Germany is loaded with talent and the top-ranked team in the world according to FIFA and Mexico had advanced out of the group stage in six straight World Cups.

South Korea

Group G

Belgium and England are the two teams many are picking to battle it out for supremacy in Group G. They have to be the big-time favorites to advance out of the group, especially considering this is Panama’s first World Cup and Tunisia’s 2nd with the first back in 2002.


Group H

Columbia and Poland have nearly the same chances to advance to the knockout stage. Japan and Senegal cane dangerous with their style of play, but can they exert that style against Columbia and Poland, who have deeper teams with more world-class talent?


How It Works

It is easy to make the qualifying out of group bet, as the first thing you have to do it go to a reputable sportsbook such as Bodog, Sports Interaction, and Intertops and look at their World Cup soccer odds. They will have qualification odds on which team will advance out of every group and you pick the team or teams that you want to bet on in terms if you think they will advance out of their group. The odds for the qualifying bet may chance leading up to the tournament and in it. depending how the action is unfolding. However, the odds that you get when you make the bet are ones you are locked in on.

Groups Chances to Win

Every team has percentages on what they will be to win their group. No surprise that Germany and Brazil have the best chances to win their groups. South Korea has the lowest chances to win their group at 2% with Panama and Iran at 7%. The closest group is Group H with Columbia at 68% chance to win, Poland at 67%, Senegal at 41%, and Japan at 24%.


How to Bet On the Group

Since you are betting on a team in the group bet you have to look at things such as recent form, injuries, and matchups when making the wager. See how that team you want to bet on has done leading up to the World Cup and if they have any key injured players. Also, it is important to look at matchups within the group in playing style to get an edge on who you think may advance out of the group.

No Lack of Betting Options

In terms World Cup betting there is no lack of options when making bets, as there are both team and player bets you can make. You can make bets on teams to win the group, come in second or last as well as if they will make the quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals. There are also player bets that you can make such as top goal scorer and Golden Ball for the best player in the tournament.