Ahead of any major tournament, there are always a plethora of new World Cup Stadiums to enjoy and Russia 2018 is no exception. Twelve stadiums will host the various matches across the month-long tournament with over almost 3218 km between them.


There are 64 games taking place and each stadium will host at least three of the crucial matches throughout the group stage of the tournament. The Luzhniki Stadium will play host to the opening ceremony and first game on June 14th. Russia vs Saudia Arabia is the opening game of the event with online bookmakers such as Bodog and Betway heavily favouring the hosts to get off to the ideal start.

Here at BettingTop10, we take a detailed look at each of the 64 stadiums which will be seen by millions of soccer fans across the globe this summer.

The Luzhniki Stadium

The Luzhniki Stadium is comfortably the biggest of the World Cup stadiums and holds 81,000 spectators. It is a hugely impressive visceral stadium which first opened in 1956 and continues to host top-class sporting events. It has been re-developed specifically for this tournament with the addition of 3,000 extra seats including 2,000 specifically for the press.

There will also be LED which have been installed in the roof of the stadium to form a giant screen which will play videos and display scores at various points. The athletics track has also been removed,

It is situated on the River Moskva and is roughly 6KM south-west from the City Centre, making it easily accessible for fans.

There are a number of crucial matches taking place here:

Russia vs Saudi Arabia – 14/06/2018

Germany vs Mexico – 17/06/2018

Portugal vs Morocco – 20/06/2018

Denmark vs France – 26/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 match – 01/07/2018

1 x Semi-Final match – 11/07/2018

Final – 15/07/2018

Saint Petersburg Stadium

Around 425 miles from the Luzhniki Stadium, the Saint Petersburg Stadium is one of the newer World Cup stadiums which will be hosting a number of crucial games throughout the tournament.

The stadium can hold around 68,000 spectators and has been previously known as the Zenit Arena. It suffered a number of setbacks during construction but was completed in time for the 2017 Confederations Cup and is a hugely impressive setting.

It’s a super modern stadium which will also host a number of group games during Euro 2020. It is located close to the Gulf of Finland and is the most Northerly venue to host games at the competition.

It is hosting a number of significant games throughout the tournament including a crucial semi-final game:

Morocco vs Iran – 15/06/2018

Russia vs Egypt – 19/06/2018

Brazil vs Costa Rica – 22/06/2018

Nigeria vs Argentina – 26/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 games – 03/07/2018

1 x Semi-Final – 10/07/2018

Third Place Game – 14/07/2018

Fisht Stadium – Sochi

The Fisht Stadium is a relatively modern construction which was built ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics and was originally named ‘Mount Fisht’.

The stadium is an impressive structure which holds around 47,000 spectators and will be an integral part of the 2018 World Cup. Additional seating has been added to meet demand and these have filled the previously open-ended section of the ground.

It is situated on the Black Sea and it is undoubtedly the most Southerly venue to be hosting games at the tournament.

The Russian team will be hosting some of their training camps at the stadium ahead of the tournament getting underway and they have been priced up at 1.32 with Sports Interaction to get off to the best possible start and beat Saudi Arabia in their opening match.

There are a number of games taking place at the Fisht Stadium during the month-long tournament:

Portugal vs Spain – 15/06/2018

Belgium vs Panama – 18/06/2018

Germany vs Sweden – 23/06/2018

Australia vs Peru – 26/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 game – 30/06/2018

1 x Quarter Final game – 07/07/2018

Ekaterinburg Arena

The Ekaterinburg Arena is one of the oldest stadiums in Russia but has undergone a number of renovations ahead of the 2018 World Cup. It’s home to top flight side FC Ural and has undergone a number of upgrades over the years. It still maintains its historical façade despite the recent facelift.

It currently holds 35,000 spectators which is the minimum requirement for World Cup stadiums by FIFA. It is the most easterly stadium to host games during the 2018 World Cup although it will only stage four matches across the month.


Egypt vs Uruguay – 15/06/2018

France vs Peru – 21/06/2018

Japan vs Senegal – 24/06/2018

Mexico vs Sweden – 27/06/2018

Kazan Arena

Designed by the same team of architects who built Wembley Stadium in the UK, the Kazan Arena officially opened in 2013 and can hold up to 45,000 spectators. It is home to Russian Premier League side Rubin Kazan and therefore needed very few upgrades to meet FIFA guidelines. It has hosted numerous sporting events during its short history.

It is one of the most impressive stadiums in Russia and spectators can look forward to a number of games taking place at the venue which lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers.

It is one of the more frequently used stadiums this summer and the games which are taking place during the 2018 World Cup are:

France vs Australia – 16/06/2018

Iran vs Spain – 20/06/2018

Poland vs Colombia – 24/06/2018

Korea Republic vs Germany – 27/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 game – 30/06/2018

1 x Quarter-Final – 06/07/2018

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

The stadium is a circular design and will stage a number of key games throughout the tournament. It is a modern stadium which holds around 45,000 spectators and lights up at night.

It is located in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod and is easily to access for fans. Construction didn’t begin until 2015 and second tier FC Olimpiyets will move into the stadium once the tournament has concluded.

There is a wonderful view of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin from the stadium.

Matches taking place at this stadium:

Sweden vs Korea Republic – 18/06/2018

Argentina vs Croatia – 21/06/2018

England vs Panama – 24/06/2018

Switzerland vs Costa Rica – 27/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 game – 01/07/2018

1 x Quarter-Final game – 06/07/2018

Rostov Arena

The Rostov Arena is another new stadium which has been specifically designed and built with the 2018 World Cup in mind. It was completed at the beginning of 2018 and will hold over 45,000 spectators during it’s five matches at the tournament.

It is situated on the banks of the River Don and beautiful views will be visible from the stadium. FK Rostov will play their home games at this stadium following the conclusion of the tournament.

Games taking place at the Rostov Arena:

Brazil vs Switzerland – 17/06/2018

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia – 20/06/2018

Korea Republic vs Mexico – 23/06/2018

Iceland vs Croatia – 26/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 game – 02/07/2018

Samara Arena

The Samara Arena was one of the more controversial stadiums due to its original intended location. Planners wanted to locate the venue on the near-deserted island at the south of the city but after further negotiations, it was relocated inside the city limits.

It is a purpose-build ground which will hold 44,000 spectators and like all of the new stadiums, it will light up at night. It will become the home of second-tier Krylia Sovetov once the tournament has finished.

The matches taking place at the stadium are:

Costa Rica vs Serbia – 17/06/2018

Denmark vs Australia – 21/06/2018

Uruguay vs Russia – 25/06/2018

Senegal vs Colombia – 28/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 – 02/07/2018

1 x Quarter-Final – 07/07/2018

Mordovia Arena

Located in Saransk, the Mordovia Arena is another newly-built venue which will open its door ahead of the competition getting underway. This arena will hold 44,000 spectators and looks set to be one of the most colourful stadiums to host games during the tournament.

It will be an oval structure and work has been continuing for almost eight years in order to get it ship-shape ahead of the tournament.

The capacity will be reduced to 25,000 once the tournament has concluded and will become home to FC Mordovia.

Games taking place at the Mordovia Arena:

Peru vs Denmark – 16/06/2018

Colombia vs Japan – 19/06/2018

Iran vs Portugal – 25/06/2018

Panama vs Tunisia – 28/06/2018

Volograd Stadium

The Volograd Stadium is a mightily impressive inverted stadium which is set to hold various matches throughout the tournament. It is a newly-build structure which will hold up to 45,000 and is located on the banks of Volga River.

It is being built on the location of the now-demolished Central Stadium which has hosted European football matches for many years including a number of memorable battles in the UEFA Cup.

After the tournament, the stadium will become the home of Rotor Volgograd or FC Rotor as they are also known.

Games taking place at the Volograd Stadium:

Tunisia vs England – 18/06/2018

Nigeria vs Iceland – 22/06/2018

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – 25/06/2018

Japan vs Poland – 28/06/2018

Spartak Stadium

This stadium is commonly known as the Otkrytiye Arena but has changed its name for the FIFA World Cup. It is the home of Spartak Moscow and only opened its doors in 2014.

Located in the district of Toshino, it will host a number of potentially decisive games throughout the tournament. Lots of little diamonds adorn the side of the stadium which are designed in the shape of the Spartak Moscow logo.

Being one of the newer already-built stadiums to host games at the 2018 World Cup, very few changes and upgrades were required.

Games taking place at the Spartak Stadium are:

Argentina vs Iceland – 16/06/2018

Poland vs Senegal – 19/06/2018

Belgium vs Tunisia – 23/06/2018

Serbia vs Brazil – 26/06/2018

1 x Round of 16 game – 03/07/2018

Kaliningrad Stadium

The final World Cup stadium is the Kaliningrad Stadium which is loosely designed on the Allianz Arena in Munich. It is located in a Russia enclave which is situated on the Baltic Sea and is located on an area which has largely been redundant and deserted for many years.

It is a multi-purpose stadium which will host various entertainment and sporting events.

It current holds 35,000 spectators although that will be reduced following the conclusion of the event.

Games hosted by the Kaliningrad Stadium:

Croatia vs Nigeria – 16/06/2018

Serbia vs Switzerland – 22/06/2018

Spain vs Morocco – 25/06/2018

England vs Belgium – 28/06/2018