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Looking For UFC Betting? MMA is extremely popular among Canadians, The number of markets is increasing and it is easy to get started and place a wager

UFC Fights Predictions

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UFC Odds & Markets to Wager on

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There are so many MMA betting markets available to punters in Canada and utilizing them can be a great way to make a profit from each fight. We’ve talked about the straight-up winner market already and there are plenty of alternatives which offer better value or cover numerous possible outcomes.

Total Rounds – A fairly straightforward market to begin with. Each sportsbook will usually price up Over/Under 2.5 rounds although some firms will offer alternatives at shorter prices. Simply predict the number of rounds featured in this particular contest. Punters must decide if the fighter is known for finishing opponents off quickly or whether their previous head to head suggests it’ll be a lengthy bout. Props Bet:

Method of Result – Similar to the straight-up winner market but narrowing down the outcome for bigger returns. If one fighter starts at odds of -900, this can be handy for extracting more value out of the fight. Using our earlier example – you have the option to choose Brock Jardine to win via Knock-Out, Technical Knock-out, Disqualification, Decision or Submission. The same range is available for the opposing fighter. Occasionally a fight can be declared a ‘no contest’ if both MMA fighters flout the rules during the contest.

Round Betting – Big returns are available for this market. Many bettors cover a number of these outcomes as they aim to keep their options open. Punters are simply required to pick a winner and in which round they will complete the job. For example – Brock Jardine in Round 2 or Rory McDonald in Round 3.

Fight to go the distance – This is predicting whether the fight will be concluded in the regulation number of rounds. If both UFC fighters are still standing and competing after the stated number of rounds, this wager will payout. These are a selection of the standard markets available on MMA contests however for high profile fights, sites may add more markets or try and entice punters with special bets.  

UFC Betting Options

  • Round Betting – There are only 5 rounds in each fight and online sportsbooks in Canada have markets available on individual rounds. For increased value, it’s possible to wager on the winner & in which round he successfully clinches the victory.

For example – Competitor A to win in Round 1 +400 Competitor B to win Round 1 +500 As you can see, Competitor A is still the favourite to win overall, but returns will be much bigger if bettors are able to narrow down the correct round. Both players and all five rounds will be priced up by the majority of online sportsbooks.

Sports Interaction and Royal Panda are the best two sportsbooks for UFC betting. The final options in this market are each player ‘To win on points’ and each player ‘To win by knockout’.

These provide bigger returns if correctly selected.

For example  Competitor A to win on points +300 Competitor B to win on points +550

  • Method of Victory (Grouped)– Whilst larger returns are available on the above market, this is a handy way of keeping your options open. If you are confident of a fighter’s chances, but find the value on the outright market too skinny, this could be the market for you.

For Example Competitor A to win by KO, Technical KO or Disqualification Competitor A to win by Decision or Technical Decision These markets are popular among Canadian bettors as it offers better value and keeps interested throughout.

Will the fight go the distance? One of the simpler markets offered by sportsbooks.

Will the fight last 5 rounds? There are two options here – Yes & No. ‘No’ is usually the shorter of the two lines available as fewer fights go all the way without a knock-out or disqualification. Some fighters are typically ‘big hitters’ and very few of their match-ups will go down to a decision.

  • Total Rounds An increasingly popular market which is very similar to those offered in NHL, NBA and Soccer.

The line will be decided according to each fighter’s history & any head to heads statistics that may exist. It is usually set at either Over 1.5 Rounds or Over 2.5 Rounds.

For example –  Over 1.5 Rounds -162.50 Under 1.5 Rounds +137.50 Many of the aforementioned prop Bets are widely available with a number of online sportsbooks and extremely popular.

Other ways to bet on UFC

  • Parlay bet – Outside of betting on individual match-ups, accumulators are extremely popular amongst Canadian UFC fans. This requires a number of fighters, often competing on the same card, to all win. You will only secure a return on the wager if all of the selections are successful. With a number of fights on each card, it’s a terrific way for sports fans to keep interested throughout and during the build-up to the main event. This is also known as a parlay bet.
  • Enhanced odds – Some online sportsbooks will offer enhanced odds on selected match-ups throughout the year. Bodog Sports and 888Sports both offer slightly improved lines on carefully selected outcomes from high profile fights.
  • In-Play wagering is available on some bouts, particularly those of a high-profile nature. The lines will alter throughout the contest according to each fighter’s dominance and state. In particularly topsy-turvy contests this allows bettors to change their mind throughout. This is a popular way of wagering with bettors in Canada, particularly those who are sat watching the bouts on television.

UFC Rules

UFC is split into nine different weight classes, These include:

  • Flyweight
  • Bantamweight
  • Welterweight
  • Middleweight
  • Heavyweight

Ahead of each session each fighter is classified depending on their current weight and will only face competitors in the same division. Fights take place inside an ‘Octagon’ as opposed to a ring. It is forbidden to leave this during the bout. UFC bouts are either classified as ‘Standard’ or ‘Championship’ with the former limited to just three rounds and the latter being competed over five. Each round lasts five minutes. There is a one-minute break in-between.

Similar to Boxing, competitors are allowed to liaise with their cornermen or trainers during the breaks. It is possible to win by:

  • knock-out
  • technical knock-out
  • submission
  • decision

Knock-out is fairly self-explanatory with Technical KO being decided by the referee if he deems one of the competitors unable to defend himself.

Submission occurs when one of the fighters declares and decides to concede the fight. Also known as ‘Tapping Out’.

A decision occurs when the fight goes the distance and requires a panel of 3 judges who score the competitors on each round’s performance. The result will either be a split or majority decision.

Disqualification can occur if one of the fighters is adjudged to have flouted the rules.

Draws can occur but are rare and the returns are much bigger on these with most online sportsbooks.

UFC Useful Tips

  • Make sure you have watched plenty of UFC before beginning to wager on individual bouts. Always check previous match-ups, some fighters have a history of lengthy battles where knock-outs are a rarity and there is little to choose between them. Also, watch out for the tactics of an individual fighter.

For example – How do they overcome trouble? How do they handle the pressure of being the favourite? Do they perform better at particular venues or in specific countries?

  • Similar to other sports such as horse racing or NBA, look out for fighters who have performed admirably but just fallen short. These are ones to watch out for during their future UFC match-ups. There are plenty of statistical websites offering information on popular UFC fighters and with the growing popularity of the sport throughout Canada, it won’t be hard to acquire information.

UFC Betting Strategy

Before placing any wagers on UFC bouts, make sure you have previously watched both competitors in action and are familiar with their fighting style. Some competitors do not fare well as underdogs whilst others thrive under the pressure. When two players are closely matched on ability, it’s often better to wager on the fight to go the distance or on Over 1.5/Over 2.5 rounds. Always check fighter’s head to head records. There are many rivalries in the sport and a number of competitors have a terrific record against one another.

If you have can acquire information about the fighter’s preparations that always helps. Competitors travelling long distances can often require several days to overcome jet lag or delayed flights can sometimes delay preparations.

Check social media for this kind of insight. UFC has continually grown in popularity throughout Canada and is becoming a popular betting event. There is an ever-increasing number of competitors and fights staged around the country and more people are watching each and every contest. Online Sportsbooks are adding more markets for the sport and increasing the In-Play opportunities available. Wagering on UFC is growing in popularity and it’s never been easier to follow all of the action.

MMA Odds Explained

Most online sportsbooks in Canada offer regular prices and lines on MMA. Most weekends will see at least one event across the various levels and divisions and they are always quick to price up each competitor. Bodog Sports, Bet365 and SportsInteraction particularly excel when it comes to value lines in MMA betting. MMA can often be found in the same category as UFC on sportsbook’s websites when searching for the lines.

The main MMA betting market is an outright selection (or a straight-up winner as its also known) and this is simply a case of selecting which fighter will emerge victoriously. Occasionally, fighters are closely matched and the betting lines are close with not much to choose between them.

For example – Brock Jardine takes on Rory McDonald in the Welterweight category Brock Jardine’s odd are currently -125 Rory McDonald is priced at +100 Brock Jardine is the marginal favourite for this bout with Rory McDonald expected to make it a close contest. If backing Rory McDonald, you would need to place $100 on the fighter to win $100 + your stake. $100 on Brock Jardine would return $80 + the $100 stake.

Occasionally, fights are expected to be one-sided. Some competitors can start as short as -900. These lines are decided by the traders based on the fighter’s ability and the predicted public perception of the bout. Each online sportsbook in Canada will offer slightly alternatively priced lines so it’s always worth checking before settling for inferior odds. Especially if wagering high stakes.

Top Canadian MMA Fighters

  • Georges St-Pierre age 37
  • Rory MacDonald age 29
  • Patrick Côté age 44
  • Mark Hominick age 36
  • Sam Stout age 35
  • TJ Grant age 34
  • David Loiseau age 39
  • Ryan Jimmo age 37