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Looking to bet on tennis? Tennis betting is extremely popular throughout Canada with fans enjoying the action from all four major grand slams and multiple tournaments throughout the season. We take a closer look at the best ways to find success betting on tennis.

Tennis Predictions

Australian Open 2019 Final

Australian Open 2019 – Women’s Finals – Predictions & Odds Update

With the Australian Open the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific, Japan’s Naomi Osaka is attempting to win her ‘home’ Grand Slam tournament – can Czech Petra Kvitova deny her the opportunity

Australian Open 2019 Final

Australian Open 2019 – Men’s Finals – Predictions & Odds Update

The first men’s grand slam final of the year is a tantalising prospect as two of the sport’s greatest rivals – Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal – collide on the iconic Rod Laver Arena

2019 Australian Open week 2

Australian Open – The Semi-Finals – Predictions & Odds Update

We’ve arrived at the business end of the Australian Open and there’s been a bevvy of big upsets meaning that there’s some unknown players appearing in the Semi-Finals at super-attractive betting odds

2019 Australian Open week 1

Australian Open Tennis – Week 1 – Predictions & Odds Update

13-19 January 2019. Australian Open Tennis – Week

2019 Australian Open

2019 Australian Open – Men’s Singles – Expert Predictions

14-27 January 2019. The 107th Australian Open begins on 14 January 2019, with the Men’s Singles champion set to be crowned on Sunday, 27th January


tennis betting Tennis Odds

The outright lines (or Match Winner market) on tennis can often provide little value to punters in Canada and other markets must be explored. Player’s abilities and current form is considered when traders price up tennis matches. Some bettors make a steady profit from betting large stakes on short priced players but this is a risky strategy and is understandably not for everyone. The players are classified in rankings which are adjusted after each tournament concludes and if a World Top 10 competitor plays a lower ranked player, they will be priced up accordingly. The pay-out would be lessened but the likelihood of the wager landing is increased.

For example:

Player A has a higher ranking and has previously performed well at this tournament.

He starts at -400

Player B has a lower ranking and has shown patchy recent form.

He starts at +300

This is typical of a first round match at any major tournament on the ATP (Mens) circuit.

However, In-Play betting will alter these lines dramatically if the match takes an unexpected turn. Lower ranked players can often make a fast start but suffer from a lack of stamina later in the match.

If Player B goes a break up in the first set. The match odds will become much closer.

The best way of finding some value is often waiting until the favourite (Player A) makes an error or falls unexpectedly behind. As a result the odds begin to look more appealing (-150 for example)

Tips for Betting on Tennis

There are many factors to consider when placing a wager on tennis. The sport is very dependent on the individual player’s mindset and fitness although punters are not often privy to this kind of information. The main tennis season begins in January and runs until November with tournaments taking place across the world.

Tiredness and fitness worries can be something to consider around September/October as some players can suffer from fatigue following a long season. The season is split across three different surfaces: Hard Court (Approximately January-March & August-November) Clay Court (Approximately March-June) Grass Court (Approximately June-August) This is EXTREMELY important and one of the major things to consider when placing a wager on the sport. Certain players thrive on particular surfaces.

South American & Spanish tennis stars are often trained on clay courts and have adapted and acclimatised to these kind of surroundings. Players from Canada have often practiced on hard courts or occasionally grass and are more adept during these parts of the season. At BettingTop10 we recommend always checking tennis stats before placing a wager with particular focus on surface performance.

Some players cannot cope with the clay or grass courts and have a negative record on these surfaces. Thorough research is required to be successful in tennis betting. One other tip would be to avoid wagering on players who have a poor attitude. There are a number of players on the ATP and WTA tour who only perform when it comes to the bigger stage or when they can be bothered. This temperament does not lead to long term success and they are the kind of players who will lead to losses if backing long-term.

Tennis Betting Markets & Rules

We’ve already covered the outright betting markets. To find success in an outright tennis match bet, the player needs to be declared victorious. On the regular ATP and WTA tour, matches are competed over the best of three sets whilst in Grand Slams the male tennis players compete in a best of five scenario. A player can win in straight sets – for example: 6-2, 6-4 OR A player can win in three sets – for example: 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 It is possible to place a wager on a match going to three sets or being completed in just two.

This is found in the ‘Set Betting’ section of the sportsbook. Each player must win six games to complete the set however some competitors cannot be separated and once the set reaches a 6-6 score-line, a tie-break is required. Punters in Canada can wager on the possibility of a tie-break occurring. These aren’t particularly common so huge returns can be secured if predicting it correctly.   Handicap Betting is another terrific way of extracting value from a match. It rates as one of the most popular forms of tennis betting. These are based on the amount of games a player should win and will often be displayed as -5.5, -6.5 or even +3.5. In order to secure a victory, Player A will need to win 12 games (6 per set) as a minimum.

For example – The handicap is set at -4.5 games for Player A and +4.5 games for Player B. If player A wins 6-4, 6-3, the -4.5 game handicap is a winner. Here’s how it is calculated – Amount of games won – Player A – 6+6 =12 Player B – 4+3 =7   Subtract -4.5 from 12 games of Player A = 7.5 This total is still bigger than 7 and the bet would land. 7 + 4.5 = 11.5 games meaning the handicap +4.5 on Player B would not win.

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