Super Bowl 2019 Ended

New England Patriots Are the Winners

Los Angeles Rams 3 – 13 New England Patriots

Super Bowl 2020 Winner Outright

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A brief look back at Super Bowl LIII 2019

In 2019, the New England Patriots ground their way to history, defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, to post a record-equalling 6th NFL title. The two teams had previously played in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 — when the Rams were still based in St Louis — with a young rookie quarterback named Tom Brady leading the Patriots to an upset victory.

Almost a generation later, in a defensive game that never reached any great heights, the Patriots dominated play and could well have won by many more. However, in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time, New England did enough, and got the job done to give now-veteran quarterback, Tom Brady his 6th championship, the most of any player in NFL history. Coach Bill Belichick also made history, winning his 8th Super Bowl ring — two as a defensive coach for the New York Giants and six as the Patriots’ Head Coach.


AFC & NFC Championship Games – On the way to Super Bowl LIII 2019

Superbowl LIII was a mismatch in so many ways. At 32 and 24 respectively, Rams’ coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff were up against wily veterans in Belichick and Brady. The Rams duo spent the past two seasons heralding the coming of a new age of football — where offense was seeking a blow to the old adage that teams ultimately must win championships with defence. Eventually, the old adage prevailed.

The Patriots set up their ‘past vs the future’ clash with an AFC Championship title victory with a 37-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the only other team that outplayed the Rams in the 2018-19 season. For their part, the Rams took out a controversial 26-23 overtime win over arguably the best team in the NFL in 2018-19, the New Orleans Saints, assisted by a dubious call by the officials in the closing minutes of regulation time.

Looking forward to Super Bowl LIV 2020

Super Bowl LIV will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on Sunday, February 2, 2020. Currently home to the Miami Dolphins, the venue has previously hosted five Super Bowls. Fresh off their victory in Super Bowl LIII, the New England Patriots open as 9.00 favourites to repeat next year in Super Bowl LIV, along with the Kanas City Chiefs also at 9.00 according to odds released by 888Sports. Just behind those two is the beaten Superbowl LIII team, the Los Angeles Rams (10.00) and the team it beat in the NFC title game, the New Orleans Saints are next at 11.00. The Miami Dolphins are the absolute outsiders at 151 to win the Super Bowl on home turf.

The Superbowl LIII Betting Guide

Super Bowl LIII will decide the NFL champion for the 2018 season. The game is scheduled to be played on February 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is the Super Bowl LIII Favorite?

  • Current Super Bowl Odds peg the New England Patriots (1.72) as your future Super Bowl 2019 Champions. It would be hard to bet against a Tom Brady/Bill Belichick combination that has captured two Super Bowl victories in the past four seasons.

Who Will Play in Super Bowl 2019?

Los Angeles Rams v. New England Patriots

  • The New England Patriots had their doubters entering the playoffs, but have answered every question with their astonishing play throughout the month of January. New England has averaged 165.5 ypg on the ground in their last two contests. On the other side of the ball, their defense has held opponents to an average of just 30-ypg rushing. Combine their work in the trenches with a defense that ranked 7th in the NFL in scoring defense, along with the greatest quarterback of all time at the helm of their offense. New England undoubtedly has a formula to once again capture a Super Bowl trophy.
  • Los Angeles’ 5th ranked passing offense carried the team throughout most of the regular season. Yet it’s their run game and stingy defense down the stretch that has catapulted them into their rightful placing at the big game. LA’s defense has faced off against three Pro Bowl running backs this post season, Ezekiel Elliott, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara, and they held all three to a combined rushing total of just 93 yards.

Super Bowl 2019 Markets

  1. Outright Winner (Bet Here)

The winner of an entire competition rather than a single event. In this case you would place your bet for who you predict to win Super Bowl 2019.

2. Point Spread (Bet Here)

The point spread is a figure set by oddsmakers to provide an advantage/disadvantage based on a margin of victory/defeat for a given team.
The team designated as the “favorite” (likely to win), will be given a negative point spread. This means they would have to win the game by the given points to earn you a payout.
The “underdog” is given a positive point spread. Meaning the team can lose a game, but as long as it is within the given positive point spread,
they would still be considered winners against the spread.


Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) vs. New England Patriots (+3.5)

The Rams enter the game as 3.5-point favorites, meaning they would have to win the game by 4 points or more to win the bet. New England, on the other hand, enters the game as a 3.5-point underdog. The Patriots could either win the game or lose the game, but by no more than 3 points to win the bet.

Example: Rams defeat Patriots 20-17. The Rams win the game, but the Patriots win the bet due to not losing by more than 3 points. In terms “covering the spread.”

3. Total (Over/Under) (Bet Here)

The total is a marker set by oddsmakers to determine the combination of points scored by both teams. You can place your bet on whether you believe the total will be over or under the set total.


Rams vs. Patriots (Over/Under 40 points)
Rams win 20-17, giving a total of just 37 points scored between the two teams. Since 37 is less than 40, the game went UNDER.

Outright Betting Markets

Here is a compilation of the outright betting markets that are currently available and ready for you to place your bets on NOW!

  • Super Bowl LIII Winner: Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots
    • New England Patriots (16) favored over Los Angeles Rams (1.72)
  • Early Super Bowl LIII Coin Toss Winner

First Scoring Play – Full Time

  1. New England Patriots Touchdown (2.60)
  2. Los Angeles Rams Touchdown (2.75)
  3. New England Patriots Field Goal (4.50)
  4. Los Angeles Rams Field Goal (5.0)
  5. New England Patriots Safety (67.0)
  6. Los Angeles Rams Safety (67.0)
  • Over/Under – Full Time
  • Spread – Full Time
    • Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) vs. New England Patriots (-2.5)

Super Bowl Prop Bets

  • Super Bowl LIII MVP
  • A Safety to be scored
  • Over/Under 69.5 total rushing & receiving yards
    • Rex Burkhead O/U 36.5 yards: (1.87)
    • Ames White O/U 69.5 yards: (1.87)
  • Which quarter will Tony Romo make his 1st correct play prediction?
  • Will Adam Levine wear a leather jacket?
  • Will Gladys Knight forget words to the National Anthem?
  • Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem?

Super Bowl 2019 Props bets and Alternative Bets

Whilst many bettors will focus on the match markets, there are a number of prop bets and specialist markets which offer a more light-hearted look at the Super Bowl 2019.

Most of the fun markets revolve around the half time entertainment. One such example is the ‘Will Justin Timberlake be wearing a hat at the start of his show?’ market. Some bookmakers also offer bettors and fans the chance to predict what colour he will be wearing during his performance.

Another fun market is ‘How long will it take Pink to sing the National Anthem?’ with the options set at ‘Over 2 minutes’ or ‘Under 2 minutes’. Overs is the clear favourite at around 1.70. There are additional options such as ‘Will Pink forget or miss out a word from the National Anthem?’.

One of the more bizarre offerings is ‘Will “Nipplegate” be mentioned during the broadcast and it’s a short price that the commentators and pundits will reference the now-infamous event.

Back to the football, it is possible to wager on which coach (Bill Belichick or Doug Pederson) will be shown first one screen once the broadcast gets underway and Tom Brady is odds-on favourite to be the first player shown singing the National Anthem ahead of the game.

There are a number of fun bets to keep fans entertained throughout the broadcast and they are a great way of potentially making some money without predicting the outcome of the contest.


Super bowl LII Results (2018)

A number of top Canadian bookmakers have already priced up Superbowl LIII with the Patriots fancied to bounce back from their disappointment in Minnesota. They are currently priced at +450 with William Hill for success in 2019 with the Green Bay Packers and this year’s success story; the Philadelphia Eagles joint second favourites at +900. The Jacksonville Jaguars, who were narrowly squeezed out by the Patriots during the Conference Championship can be supported at +2500


Bodog Sports have the Patriots at a slightly bigger price of +600 with many NFL pundits not convinced that Tom Brady will be able to have the same influence on his side next season. The draft will play a big part in shaping the market and if Nick Foles is traded, he could once again have a huge influence on next season and Superbowl LIII.

Super Bowl Bets in Canada

Every bookmaker will have many Super Bowl betting markets available. Sports Interaction is one of the best sites for online sports bettors and they have many Super Bowl betting lines available plus the option of live betting once the match gets underway.

Sports Interaction currently have a point spread market available on the side from each division and they offer all new customers in Canada a free $200 bet when they sign up for an account. This could be used to bet on Super Bowl 2019.

Bodog Sports have a market priced up which is available in the ‘football’ section of their website and offers odds on each side winning Super Bowl LIII. Once you’ve signed up for a new account with any of the top bookmakers in Canada, it couldn’t be easier to place your first wager.

There will be a dedicated Super Bowl betting section which will have moneyline, point spread and other betting options. If you’re struggling to find any Super Bowl bets, click on ‘Futures’ and the likes of Bet365 and Bodog Sports have their Super Bowl 2019 markets in that particular section of the site.

 Super Bowl Betting Tips

It’s always a good idea to explore the alternative Super Bowl betting options before placing a wager on the event. Take a look at the various Props bets available for Super Bowl 52 as these can include anything from the coin toss to first turnover of the game as these can often provide more value and bigger returns than straightforward moneyline picks.

Super Bowl Schedule

  • The 2018 NFL regular season started on Thursday, September 6, 2018, just three days removed from Labor Day. The opening game in the NFL consisted of the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, versus the Atlanta Falcons. Philadelphia defeated Atlanta to the tune of 18-12
  • The NFL regular season consists of 17 weeks, with each of the 32 NFL teams receiving a single bye week, where they don’t play a game. Week 17, the final week of the 2018 NFL regular season, took place on December 30thand ended with an 8:20 pm kickoff between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. The former, came away victorious in a 33-17 route, and punched their ticket as the last and final playoff team.
  • The NFL’s 17-week regular season schedule, along with a four-week combination of playoff games and the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl game, pushes the Super Bowl into the New Year. The Super Bowl takes place on the first Sunday of February, just as it has since Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002.
  • Super Bowl Opening Night takes place on Monday, January 28th. This is the first time that players and coaches from each team will interact with the media, and the only night each team will be in the same location before the game.
  • Super Bowl LIII will be played on Sunday, February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kickoff in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will occur at approximately 6:30 pm (ET).
  • Super Bowl LIII will be broadcasted on CBS, and can be streamed on the CBS all-access app or on DAZN (Canada) with a free 30-day trial.
  • This will be Tony Romo’s first Super Bowl as an analyst or a player. His partner Jim Nantz will be making his fifth Super Bowl appearance as a play-by-play announcer.
  • Super Bowl LIII will be played between the Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) and the New England Patriots (-2.5). New England can tie the Pittsburgh Steelers with the most Super Bowls in NFL history with a win over the Rams. Tom Brady would then own more Super Bowl victories than 30 other NFL franchises.

Interesting Facts About the Super Bowl

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have hoisted the Lombardi trophy more than any other NFL team. The Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers have each won five Super Bowls, while Pittsburgh has won six.
  • New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms was paid $75,000 to shout, “I’m going to Disney World” on the field following the Giants Super Bowl XXI victory over the Denver Broncos.
  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is tied with Hall of Fame pass rusher Charles Haley for most Super Bowl wins. While each player owns five Super Bowl rings, Brady has captured all his playing for just one team. Haley won championships as both a member of the 49ers and the Cowboys.
  • The New England Patriots have appeared in the big game more than any other NFL team. The Pats have made it to Super Bowl Sunday an astonishing ten times.
  • The most expensive ticket to attend Super Bowl I cost a measly $12.00 back in 1967. Based off of inflation, that would cost you an affordable $89 today. The first Super Bowl tickets didn’t even sell out!
  • A 30-second commercial spot during the Super Bowl would have cost you around $40,000 during the inaugural Super Bowl. Fast forward today, that same 30-second commercial slot will run $5.5+ million dollars.
  • The Buffalo Bills played in a record setting four consecutive Super Bowl from 1990-1993. Buffalo came away empty handed, losing every single game.
  • No NFL team has ever had the privilege of playing a Super Bowl with home field advantage. Never has an organization made it to the Super Bowl the same year that the big game was taking place in their home Stadium.
  • A power outage in New Orleans’ Superdome halted play for approximately 34 minutes in Super Bowl XLVII.
  • Super Bowl LI is the only Super Bowl to ever go into overtime. The New England Patriots ended up benefiting the most from the additional period. The Pats defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.
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