Stanley Cup Playoff Picture: Canadian teams still in the race

Stanley Cup Playoff

Stanley Cup Playoff
Quite incredibly this season, only three Canadian teams could be going to the playoffs. But those three are battling valiantly to bring postseason hockey to the Great White North.

Top of the Playoff Picture

On April 11, the top NHL teams will contend in the playoffs and right now, the Tampa Bay Lightning look poised to go all the way. Now at +550 to win the Stanley Cup, the Bolts have breached the 100-point mark and rule the Eastern Conference – which they’re +260 to win in the playoffs with the best NHL bookmakers.

As for the rest of the Eastern Conference, the divisional places look tied up. The Pittsburgh Penguins are also safe in their Metropolitan place and are +950 to achieve the fabled three-peat of Stanley Cups.

In the Western Conference, the Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville Predators have their divisions all but tied up, and are +475 and +200, respectively, to win in the Western Conference finals.

The Winnipeg Jets look to have secured their Central Division spot, and the San Jose Sharks should remain consistent enough to keep their place. But, the Minnesota Wild and Los Angeles Kings are very much in the scrap with the wild card contenders.

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Playoff Pushers

The Florida Panthers continue to claw at the doors of the wild card places despite a recent loss to the Senators. With the Panthers in pursuit, the Columbus Blue Jackets have stepped up their play to try and keep their place, but the New Jersey Devils are slipping.

The Western Conference playoff picture is very uncertain right now. The Anaheim Ducks are outside of the wild card places but just one point behind the Kings. The Calgary Flames need to start winning but are in contention.

As for the Central Division, any of the Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, or St. Louis Blues could steal Minnesota’s divisional place.

Playing for Lottery Odds

The New York Islanders have turned in a 2-4-4 last ten record, all but ruling them out of playoff contention. The Chicago Blackhawks have been out of the picture for a while, but they’re now 12 points down with 12 games to go.