The Stanley Cup is awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs and is one of the most established and iconic sporting trophies in Canada. The first Stanley Cup championship was held all the way back in 1893 and sports fans have been glued to the action ever since.

Stanley Cup Outright Winner Odds for 2020/21 (NHL)

Team 888sports sports interaction betway
Tampa Bay Lightning 10.00 8.50 9.00
Vegas Golden Knights 9.00 11.00 8.50
Boston Bruins 15.00 11.00 12.00
Colorado Avalanche 8.50 13.00 8.00
Nashville Predators 28.00 18.00 26.00
Toronto Maple Leafs 17.00 9.00 15.00
St Louis Blues 18.00 16.00 19.00


Which teams are in contention for the Stanley Cup 2020

Stanley Cup

All 31 teams have a chance at lifting the Stanley Cup in 2020, but the Tampa Bay Lightning are easily the biggest favourites to get the job done. Despite having an unbalanced schedule still, all 31 teams play each other at least twice throughout the regular season, with each team hosting one game. Teams within the same division and conference obviously meet up much more often.

There are eight teams in each division but only seven in the Central Division of the Western Conference. The Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference will be worth keeping an eye on with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs all contenders to win Stanley Cup 2018 We will likely see a mouth-watering opening-round series in the playoffs between the Bruins and Maple Leafs with the Tampa Bay Lightning poised to win the division and play a Wild Card team instead of a divisional rival.

The Calgary Flames have been the surprise of the season thus far and could be a real favourite to come out of the Western Conference and compete for the Stanley Cup. They are battling with preseason favourites the San Jose Sharks for top spot in the difficult Pacific Division, which also features last year’s finalists the Vegas Golden Knights.

How to bet on the Stanley Cup 2020 in Canada?

Most relevant Canadian online sportsbooks will have odds for the Stanley Cup 2020 and update them as the campaign progresses. Sports Interaction and Bodog Sports are two favourites for Canadian NHL bettors as they take action on every game and have all the futures one could ask for well in advance. These futures are constantly being updated and can be wagered on throughout the 202 NHL regular season.

Bettors have the option to bet on any NHL regular season and playoff game with puck lines usually released the evening before the game or the morning of a game. With teams sometimes playing on consecutive nights, sportsbooks tend to wait until 24 hours or less before a game to post their lines. This is because injuries could occur or because a team won’t announce their starting goalie until hours before puck drop. For example, on a Sunday morning Bodog Sports will usually only have Sunday’s games available for bettors to wager on despite there being a plethora of games being played Monday evening.

The 2020 NHL playoffs are available in a similar fashion, but bettors would be able to wager on the winner of the entire seven-game series in advance. However, they may not be able to wager on who would win game 2 of the series though before game 1 is played. Odds will be posted and available to wager on all relevant Canadian bookmakers.

Stanley Cup Odds Explained


The sports betting market for the Stanley Cup is often priced up at the end of June, just weeks after the final has taken place.

After securing the services of John Tavares on July 1st, the Maple Leafs entered the campaign as the favourites to lift the Stanley Cup in June with odds of 8.0 on most Canadian sportsbooks. Atlantic Division rivals, the Tampa Bay Lightning weren’t far behind with odds of 10.0.

Those odds have changed though as we are nearing the playoffs, with Bodog listing the Tampa Bay Lightning as the new favourites to win Stanley Cup 2020 with 3.40 odds. The Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks both come in behind Tampa Bay with 9.50 odds of winning the league’s most prestigious prize. The Calgary Flames have surpassed the Toronto Maple Leafs as the most likely Canadian team to win Stanley Cup with odds of 11.0. Toronto isn’t too far behind though as Bodog has them listed at 12.0.

Stanley Cup Betting Tips

The Tampa Bay Lighting look the most poised to win Stanley Cup 2020 with a complete team. From Andrei Vasilevskiy in net to Steven Stamkos up top, the Lightning seems to have it all. However, Alexander Ovechkin’ Washington Capitals finally got the monkey off their back last season and won Stanley Cup 2020 . They could be ready to repeat the feat this spring. The Western Conference will be no pushover either though.

In the Stanley Cup final itself, it’ll be interesting to see who comes out of the West with both the San Jose Sharks and Nashville Predators coming into the season as favourites. Regardless to who makes it to the Stanley Cup final, expect to see an intense series

Most NHL fans betting on the Stanley Cup tend to look for a team who have momentum coming into the play-offs. Any side who has taken their foot off the gas towards the end of the regular season having already secured their place in the end-of-season showdown risks getting caught out. Some sides embark upon a terrific run of form from February onwards, staking a late claim for a play-off spot and these can often be popular in the market. Squads with experience are also key. Any team with too many younger, inexperienced players may lack the know-how to close out a game and this could be the difference between making it into the Stanley Cup final or just falling short.

In recent years, bettors have tended to wager on the side who have a decent record in the knock-out format of the game and the team which have the highest number of players who have previously appeared in the Stanley Cup final.

Stanley Cup futures

Stanley Cup future markets are available all year round. These include the winner of the Stanley Cup, which features every single team until it is mathematically impossible to secure a play-off position. There are also futures markets available for each of the Western and Eastern Conferences. This simply required bettors to predict which side will finish top of the standings once the regular season has been completed.

Once the play-offs get underway, it is possible to predict which two teams will compete in the Stanley Cup final and this market is always extremely popular with NHL fans.

Stanley Cup Money Line

This is the simplest market for NHL bettors. Money line wagering is simply a question of predicting which of the two participants will be victorious in the Stanley Cup final. Many games during the regular season are priced up as one-sided events but this end-of-season event is usually a hugely competitive event and it is possible to find value in this market.

Stanley Cup Puck Lines

For those bettors who are seeking more value, the Stanley Cup puck lines are an excellent way of getting involved. These offer an alternative to the money line and offer a +/- advantage or disadvantage to either side. For those who believe one side will dominate and win easily, they can be backed -1.5 and they must win by two clear points in order for this bet to land. +1.5 offers the underdog a chance to prevail and even if they lose by a single point, you will still get paid out. These are ideal for competitive, tricky looking games which can often occur in the Stanley Cup.

What does the NHL Schedule look like?

The new National Hockey League campaign kicks off on October 3rd with a total of 1,721 games played during the regular season between 31 teams fighting for 16 playoff spots. The postseason begins in late April and concludes in June as eight teams in each conference battle to win Stanley Cup 2019-2020 . Each playoff round consists of teams playing a best-of-seven series which requires the club that progresses to the next round to win a total of four games.

Interesting facts about the Stanley Cup

The Governor of Canada, Lord Stanley first commissioned the trophy as his family were huge fans of the sport. He donated the trophy back in 1892 and Montreal Hockey Club were the first ever winners of the Stanley Cup just a year later. Teams from outside Canada were first invited to compete in 1914 with the Rosebuds becoming the first team to join the competition just two years later. There are three different trophies – The original Stanley Cup, the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup is on display in Toronto likewise the Presentation Cup. This comes out once a year and is handed to the winners. There is a replica which replaces the aforementioned Presentation Cup when it is being transported to a venue ahead of the event.

There are seven teams who have never won the Stanley including the newest franchise Vegas Golden Knights. The other teams who have had success elude them are the Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres, Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks. The latter came close in 2016 but were beaten in the final by the Pittsburgh Penguins whilst the Predators narrowly missed in 2017 and have put themselves in a promising position once again this season. The trophy has been won 99 times since 1914 with 23 different champions clinching the silverware.

The Montreal Canadiens remain the most successful team in the competition with 23 wins although their last came in 1993. The Boston Bruins picked up their sixth Stanley Cup back in 2013 with the New York Rangers making it four triumphs just 12 months later. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been dominant in recent years with their 2017 success being their fifth victory and they’ve only been defeated once in the final.

Eight teams from each conference will qualify for the play-offs and it’s been the Eastern Conference which has dominated in recent seasons. Four of the last five winners of the Stanley Cup have played in the Eastern Conference with only the Chicago Blackhawks breaking that dominance in recent years. The Blackhawks remains the Western Conference’s most successful side in the Stanley Cup having won it six times.