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Cameron Kozinetz
By:Cameron Kozinets

Neo.Bet is a sports betting website that offers gamblers a massive selection of betting opportunities. Covering sports ranging from the NFL to Ukrainian table tennis matches, there are unlimited options for the sports-obsessed gambler to take advantage of.

With live betting, numerous promotions, simple to set up accounts, and niche sport options, Neo.Bet Sportsbook will fulfill any gambling needs. The website is simple to use, the lines are friendly, and the prop bets are exciting. Neo.Bet is a Canadian sports gambler’s dream.

Getting Started

Getting started with Neo.Bet is a simple process. To sign up, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit Neo.Bet, and click the Sign Up tab
  2. Input Information: To register, Neo.Bet will require your email, mobile number, country of residence, and password. Make sure your password is secure!
  3. Collect Bonus by Putting in Personal Info: To collect the bonus that comes with a Neo.Bet account, you will need to put in your personal data. This includes full name, date of birth, address, and city of residence.
  4. Deposit money, collect bonus:Bet offers up to $200 bonuses on your first three deposits. For the first deposit, Neo.Bet will 100% match your deposit up to $100, and for the next two, they will 50% match up to $100.
  5. Enjoy your sports betting!

User Interface

The interface of Neo.Bet is one of its most appealing aspects. It is simple and intuitive, with the lines being laid out on charts that anyone even moderately familiar with gambling can understand. With easily comprehensible graphics, and colour coded betting lines, Neo.Bet has a great user interface.


Payment Methods

  • interac Interac
  • mastercard MasterCard
  • visa Visa

Banking Options

Banking with Neo.Bet is a safe gamble for bettors. Neo.Bet has SSL encryption and safety standards at top of the line, with a verified security system that should make gamblers feel at ease.

Neo.Bet makes banking simple, safe, and easy. With a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit options, bettors can choose the system that works best for them. Below, we will explain some of the deposit and withdrawal options, as well as a how-to guide.


Depositing money with Neo.Bet is simple and secure. Simply click My Account, and then click the deposit tab. Neo.Bet offers 5 different methods for depositing for Canadian bettors. They are listed below.

  • Interac e-Transfer: Minimum deposit: $10
    Maximum deposit: $2,500
    Fee: none
    Credit: Immediately
  • Interac Online: Minimum deposit: $10
    Maximum deposit: $2,500
    Fee: none
    Credit: Immediately
  • Mastercard/Visa: Minimum deposit: $10
    Maximum deposit: $5,000
    Fee: none
    Credit: Immediately
  • MuchBetter: Minimum deposit: $10
    Maximum deposit: $1,000   fee: none
    Credit: Immediately
  • Paysafe Card: Minimum deposit: $10
    Maximum deposit: $500
    Fee: none
    Credit: Immediately

Once you’ve chosen your method, input how much you want to deposit and enter your information. Once this is done, the money will immediately be added to your account, and you’re good to go!


Once you’ve succeeded at making a fortune on sports betting, you’re going to want to withdraw some of that money. To do this, click on your My Account tab, and select Withdrawal. Neo.Bet has two withdrawal methods for Canadian bettors. They are listed below:


  • Express Connect Direct Deposit: Minimum withdrawal: $20
    Maximum withdrawal: $9,999
    Fee: none
    Credit: 1-3 days
  • Interac e-Transfer: Minimum withdrawal: $20
    Maximum withdrawal: $9,999
    Fee: none
    Credit: 1-3 days

Once you’ve chosen your withdrawal method, select the amount you would like to withdraw, and enter your banking/e-Transfer information. Once you’ve done this, wait a couple of days, and the money will have been successfully withdrawn to your bank account.

Sports Betting and Live Betting

Sports betting is the heart and soul of what Neo.Bet is all about. Neo.Bet covers just about every sport one could imagine and more. On Neo.Bet, you can bet on snooker, Esports, darts, handball, rugby, and numerous other niche sports. Of course, you can also bet on the classics, like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and most soccer leagues.

Here are some examples of the bets you can find on some of your favorite leagues:

  • Basketball: With basketball bets, bettors can choose to bet on the Moneyline, the total, the spread, and the live spread, and live total.
  • Hockey: For hockey, bettors can bet on the winner, the winner not including draw (in leagues that allow draws), the total, the next goal, the spread, and which team will score the next goal.
  • Football: For football, bettors can choose to bet the Moneyline, and two different spreads and totals. These different spreads/totals have different lines and odds.
  • MMA: With MMA betting, bettors have the option to bet on the winner without a draw, the winner, and the scoring method of the bout.
  • Tennis: Tennis bettors have the opportunity to bet on the Moneyline, the over/under of total games, the games spread, and the game/point win (on live bets).
  • Soccer: For soccer, Neo.Bet offers bettors a large variety. Bettors can bet on the winner/whether it will be a draw, live-betting handicaps, the total, what team will score the next goal, an alternate spread for the total, and whether both teams will score a goal.

How to place a bet

Placing a bet is simple and self-explanatory. The home page of Neo.Bet has a tab that lists out all the sports. Choose the sport you wish to bet on, and the line of all the games currently being played and upcoming games should appear.

Here’s how to make a few different kinds of bets:

  • Single Bet: Select the type of bet you want to make (Moneyline, spread, total), and click on it on your screen. The bet slip will appear. Input how much you want to stake, and click enter.
  • Parlay Bet: Select the multiple bets you are attempting to parlay. The bet slip will appear with the option of single or parlay. Click parlay, input how much you want to stake, and click enter.
  • Live Bet: To live bet, choose a sport where there is a game that is already underway. The lines for this will appear red if the game is live. Select the type of bet you want to make, and click on it. The bet slip will appear, and you’ll need to enter your stake, and click enter.

Mobile Compatibility

Neo.Bet features an app that is available both on the App Store for Apple devices and a download that is available for Androids. Downloading is straightforward, simply search Neo.Bet on the application store of whichever device you are using, and it will appear.

The app is as intuitive and easy to use as the website. There is very little difference between the mobile and computer-based version of Neo.Bet. Both are easy to use, both offer the same lines, and both are centered around sports betting.

Safety, Security and License

When it comes to sports betting websites, safety and security are imperative. Many beginners are often nervous to trust their money to a website they might not be familiar with. Luckily, Neo.Bet prioritizes the safety and security of their customers, so bettors can enjoy peace of mind.

Here are some of the features that Neo.Bet offers to protect the security of their paying customers:

  • PCI DSS: This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is the global security standard for leading credit card companies. Neo.Bet annually submits tests to ensure that they are living up to this security standard.
  • TÜV Certified: Neo.Bet has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, which means that they have one of the most comprehensive security plans possible.
  • SSL Certification: To protect user data, Neo.Bet has become SSL certified. The SSL encryption process is a notable secure process that protects user data from being manipulated or read out during transmission.


Neo.Bet is powered and operated by Greenvest Betting Ltd., a Malta-based company that is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Greenvest Betting Ltd. holds the license number MGA/B2C/418/2017, which was issued 21/03/2018.


While Neo.Bet has a FAQ question of their own, where they answer many questions that users might be wanting to know, we have compiled below a list of some of our own FAQ about Neo.Bet:

  • Why are there two spreads on some games?

    Neo.Bet offers games that have two different spreads and two different odds. For example, Bettors can bet on a -9.5 spread with odds of -106, or a -8.5 spread of the same game with odds of -114. So this presents bettors with options on the same game to choose from.

  • Is there any winning limit at Neo.Bet?

    While many other betting operators set a maximum winning limit for a bet, at Neo.Bet, there is no maximum. Bettors can put down parlays with extreme odds and know that the betting provider will not limit their intake. This is a rarity, as the vast majority of betting operators do limit maximum wins.

  • Does Neo.Bet offer video stream for any of their sporting events?

    Neo.Bet offers video streams for eSports gaming. Once bettors have bet on an eSport event, they can switch on their live stream on the website or app. This is intended to help bettors live bet more efficiently, and use the cashout feature to secure their profits as they identify changes in real-time.

  • Why are some of the betting lines on Neo.Bet red, while others are blue?

    A red betting line means that the game is currently in progress, and the odds are for live bets. A blue betting line is for a game that hasn’t started yet, so the bet is not a live bet.


Neo.Bet is an operator whose slogan is “From pros for pros”. The goal of their website is to make a sports betting website that is reliable, consistent, and appeals to advanced bettors, while also being accessible to beginners. We believe they succeed at this goal.

Their website is extremely intuitive, the betting options are expansive and easy to understand, and the simplicity really helps elevate their website. It is easy to set up an account, simple and safe to withdraw or deposit, and the live betting options are top of the line.

Overall, this website is a great option for sports gamblers looking to live bet, bet on niche sports, or simply make bets on their favorite teams.

Cameron Kozinets is a 2020 graduate from the University of Southern California’s Journalism program. He is an avid sports fan and bettor, whose favorite teams include the Toronto Raptors, and the Chicago Bears. In his spare time, you can find Cameron playing sports with friends, enjoying a good book or movie, or watching whichever NFL game happens to be on TV. Cameron has been writing about and following sports since the age of 10, when he first fell in love with the NFL and NBA. He has been playing sports since he could walk, with his favourite sports to play being basketball and football. To get in touch with Cameron, shoot him a message on LinkedIn.

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