Pelicans in for Hard Games with Rockets and Cavaliers, Spurs Face Difficult Match with Oklahoma

Pelicans in for Hard Games

Pelicans in for Hard Games

Pelicans in for Hard Games Against Rockets, Cavaliers

The New Orleans Pelicans travel to Texas on March 24 for one of their hardest matches yet. They face the Houston Rockets, who have just added a couple more wins to their 22-1 winning streak since January 28. The Rockets are currently second in odds to win the NBA championship, with 888sport pricing them at +250, and they have had an extraordinary season so far, so the Pelicans are in for a hard game.

Even though the Rockets won last time they met the New Orleans team, on March 17, it was by a slight margin (107-101), which means that the Pelicans might just pull this one off – and they are certainly hungry for revenge. After all, they just scored a major win against the Celtics (108-89) on March 18, so they are riding on momentum. On March 30, they meet the Cleveland Cavaliers in Ohio, hoping for an easier game. When they met before, on October 28, the Pelicans won by 22 points (123-101) and the Cavs seem to be in freefall lately.

LeBron and Wade Will Go Head to Head for the First Time This Season

The Cleveland team will go head to head with Miami Heat on March 27, in a sentimental game in Miami. This will be the first time that the two teams meet since the surprisingly broad lineup shuffle the Cavs underwent in February, which saw Dwayne Wade get traded to Miami for a 2024 second-round pick. The Cavs are still priced at +800 by 888sport to win the championship, but they will have a hard time against the Heat.

In a slightly easier game, the Oklahoma City Thunder, currently priced at 2000 to win the Western Conference seed, will face off on March 29 with the San Antonio Spurs, priced at 2500 for the same spot, according to 888sport. Spurs are overwhelmed by injuries and although they are no strangers to comebacks, this one will probably go to Thunder, who have been consistently above water lately.

On March 24, it will be a tight game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers. Both have had their ups and downs, but the Timberwolves seem to have stumbled more lately, so perhaps the 76ers will bring this one home.