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Soccer Odds Explained

Odds And Market

Soccer betting is set up like any other sport. Bookmakers will set the odds in their betting markets – showing the chance of that event happening. As an example we will use a soccer game and how the odds might look.

In a game between Arsenal and Watford, the bookmaker sets the chance of Arsenal to win at 75%, Watford to win at 5% and the draw at 20%.


The odds will be presented in three main waysDecimal, Fractional and American.

  • Decimal is used mainly in Europe and is easily worked out by dividing 100 by the chance. In the above example that would make the odds as follows:
  • Arsenal to win – 1.33
  • Watford – 20.00
  • The Draw – 5.00

Working out your potential return is just as easy. You multiply your stake by the odds. So if you bet $10 on Arsenal to win you could get back $13.33 (including your stake).

  • Fractional is used mainly in the UK. Here the odds are presented – as the name suggests – as a fraction. It denotes the probability of the event happening. So Watford would be 4/1. It shows that for every time you win with this bet you would lose four times.

At 4/1 you would receive $4 for every $1 you stake – plus your original stake. Therefore the example of the $10 stake before would get you $40 plus the $10 stake.

  • American odds may be more familiar to Canadian sports fans. With Moneyline bets such as the 1-x-2 market we are looking at, the odds are displayed with a plus or minus sign.

The American odds for the draw here would be +400. That means that for every $100 staked you would win $400 – plus your original stake. If your bet has a negative sign then that denotes that you would need to bet that amount of money to receive $100.


Soccer Betting Markets

There are hundreds of other markets priced up for each match. If a contest is televised or between two popular sides, the sportsbook is likely to offer alternative markets or ‘Enhanced Odds’ on particular selections – William Hill is particularly keen on this.

There are hundreds of leagues around the world all varying in quality and interest. Whichever league, event or tournament you follow, online sportsbooks now offer more opportunities to wager on the sport than ever before. It’s growing in popularity throughout Canada with a number of teams represented in the MLS (Major League Soccer) including Toronto FC and Montreal Impact.

Sportsbooks are continually updating their markets and adding new betting opportunities to their websites. Wagering on soccer through Mobile and App is also on the rise. Many sportsbooks will offer their customers enhanced odds and special money back promotions tailored towards those who bet regularly on soccer and it can be a profitable experience if you have the knowledge and know-how to find value.

Most Popular Market Types


  • 1-x-2 – The outright bet on the match result is probably the most popular when it comes to soccer betting. Just pick a home win, away win or draw
  • Correct Score – If you have a real feeling the game is going to end in a particular way then this is the wager for you
  • Both Teams to Score – If there are two attacking teams playing then this is a good bet where the result doesn’t matter
  • First Goal Scorer – Anything could happen after the first goal – but all you will care about is who finds the net first
  • Anytime Goal Scorer – Giving bettors a little bit more freedom than the first or last goal scorer, this market just needs your player to score at any time in the game
  • Half Time/Full Time – Predict how the game is going to go – and who will be leading at the 45 minute mark and the final whistle
  • Draw No Bet – An excellent way to give yourself a good chance of coming away from the bet with some money. Just pick who you think will win – and if the game ends in a draw you get your stake back
  • Accumulator/Parlay – A big favourite with soccer betting This is a multiple bet where you can group together a number of games and predict each one. All the legs of the bet must come through for you to win. The odds can be very attractive with this kind of wager
  • Handicap Betting – Handicaps will often be displayed as -1/+1 etc, Betting on the handicaps is a way of giving one side a head start. Simply take -1 or +1 from the score-line to work out whether your selected team is still winning.
  • Over/Under – The bar is usually set at Under/Over 2.5 Goals, Under 2.5 Goals will land and you can collect your winnings.

How to Bet on Soccer?

The key to successful and profitable soccer betting is research. If you are not keeping up with all the latest developments and team news then you are making your selections without all the facts.

Make sure you know the latest news by reading sites such as BettingTop10 that offer previews, predictions and picks that can help your soccer betting strategy enormously.

As with any sport, there is no cast iron guarantee when it comes to soccer betting. But you can give yourself a better chance of winning if you follow a betting strategy.

There are many strategies available – and each can be individually tweaked to suit your wagers. But one to keep in mind is betting on teams just outside the top group in any league.

The English Premier League, for example, is highly competitive outside the very top and the very bottom, and that means any team can beat any other team. That in turn opens up the bookies’ odds to be exploited to your benefit.

If a soccer club is looking to finish as high as possible in a league but cannot really compete with the big clubs it will concentrate most of its time on beating the smaller, or similar sized, clubs.

As betting sites tend to assign their odds depending on recent results it is a good idea to bet on these teams after a defeat to a bigger side as the value will be found in the price.

As with the best soccer betting strategies this is one that can be followed and adapted as a season develops. You will be able to see patterns emerging and allow that to inform your soccer betting.

Top Soccer Betting Sites

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Soccer Betting Strategy

Don’t be afraid to change your mind. There is money to be made with In-Play wagering. Many successful punters will place a bet pre-match and cover this wager once the match goes in-play.

If you’ve placed a wager on Over 2.5 Goals in the match, you settle down and the game is being played in a cagey, cautious manner with little quality on offer, it would be advisable to place an In-Play wager on Under 2.5 or Under 1.5 goals to cover all eventualities.

If the match has three second half goals, your original wager is a winner. If it ends 0-0, you collect on the In-Play bet. This requires a decent sized bank to begin with.

Some players regularly score in front of the home crowd. Take a look at individual player statistics and you may be able to spot a correlation between a player’s goal-scoring record & home/away bias. This is particularly prevalent in the MLS where long journeys can often leave players performing below their best. Try and keep records of this if possible as it can be a profitable strategy.

If you can obtain knowledge of manager/player relationships that can be profitable. Sometimes a coach will fall out with his squad or influential members of his side and it can greatly affect performance. If you hear of tension within the team, it’s probably best to avoid wagering on them. Sometimes clubs can go on a dire run until the manager is replaced and backing against them during this period can often lead to large profits if wagered sensibly.

Popular Leagues World Wide

  • FIFA World Cup – The pinnacle of international soccer. Held every four years and competed for by the very best soccer players in the world. All betting sites like to offer a wide variety of markets for this tournament. The next one is in Qatar in 2022
  • English Premier League – Probably the wealthiest soccer league in the world, the EPL attracts most of the finest soccer players in Europe – as well as from around the world. Famous clubs include Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. Kicks off in August and runs through to May
  • Major League Soccer – The national league of the US – with a touch of Canadian soccer thrown in for good measure. This league is starting to attract some big names in the world of soccer. Betting odds are available from the start of March when the season kicks off, to the MLS Cup final in November
  • Canadian Premier League – Exciting times in Canada as the country gets its own national league. The inaugural season kicked off in April 2019 and has teams from coast to coast. The season ends with the CPL Championship game in October
  • La Liga – Home of Barcelona and Real Madrid – two of the most famous soccer clubs in the world. Lionel Messi is the current star but there have been countless top players playing in the national league of Spain throughout the decades. Follows FIFA’s soccer calendar of August through to May

How to Choose the Best Betting Site to Bet on Soccer

For newcomers it may seem like all sports betting sites are the same – with the same odds and offering the same markets. But that could not be further from the truth. While every betting site will offer odds on every fixture imaginable, some sites are better than others for soccer betting. That could be due to the range of markets offered – not just the standard 1×2, anytime scorer or score/win double. The best sites vary their markets and look for something new to offer to punters.

If you can find a bookmaker that offers specific soccer betting promotions then you are already getting a head start with your selections. Whether it is free bets – or even boosted odds – this will help with making a decent profit.

A good range of markets – covering leagues from all over the world – is also a necessity for anyone interested in soccer betting. There are a few bookmakers to choose from but we have found that Sportsinteraction, Betway Sport and Bodog are three of the best for betting odds in Canada.

Soccer Betting FAQs

Can I bet on soccer in Canada?

Yes. There are many bookmakers covering soccer from all over the world. Three of the best are Sportsinteraction, Bodog and Betway Sport.

Should I sign up with an online betting site?

Unless you want to travel to a land-based sportsbook every time you want to bet on soccer you will need to sign up for an account with an online bookmaker.

Are there any soccer betting promotions?

Special promotions are common especially around the time of major tournaments such as the World Cup – but the best bookmakers always have a number of promotions and offers running at any time to keep existing customers happy.

Is betting on soccer legal in Canada?

Yes. There are a number of bookmakers that can be used for betting on soccer games in Canada.

Should I concentrate on futures bets?

No. It is a good idea to mix up your bets to give yourself a better chance of wining. As long as you keep an eye on the changing odds, live betting is a great option.