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NFL (Super Bowl) 2020 Outright Winner Odds

The Super Bowl outright market is one of the most popular with Canadian punters, with the odds fluctuating every week as the season progresses. Check out the latest Super Bowl odds:

Sports Interaction
New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles
Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks
Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
San Francisco 49ers



Wagering on the NFL

American Football is continually growing in popularity and there are thousands of fans throughout Canada who are glued to every second of the NFL season. They also enjoy a wager on the outcome of many matches taking place each and every weekend. As a result of the soaring popularity, a number of online betting operators are continually expanding their markets and there are hundreds of options which have accommodated the demands of NFL fans.

Football wagering can be daunting for those who are looking to place their first bet but here at BettingTop10, we offer a comprehensive look at the important factors to consider, where to find the best odds and how to explore the hundreds of markets available for each contest. We also take a look at the format of the season and how the campaign heads towards a high-profile conclusion.

NFL Odds Explained

National Football LeagueOdds can be displayed in a number of different formats but the decimal system is predominantly used in Canada and all of our recommended online operators at BettingTop10 will use this format. The odds are quoted as the exact amount that you be paid out if selecting a winning bet. For example odds of 2.00 will return 2x your original stake.

For example – $50 on the New England Patriots [x 2.00] will return you $100.

                          $100 on the New England Patriots [x3.00] will return $300

Not all odds are as straightforward as the example given with figures such as 2.50 or 1.61 regularly quoted but betting calculators are available online which will assist with any working out.

It isn’t unusual to see an array of different odds and we recommend shopping around before settling on a selection. For example, one online operator may have the Green Bay Packers at 1.80 but you may be able to find 1.90 elsewhere. This is a vitally important part of successful betting and is particularly important for bettors using high-stakes.

It is also not uncommon for online bookmakers to adjust their odds accordingly on American football markets. For example, if any key injury news is announced, the price of the opposition is likely to shorten. Waiting until the day of the game isn’t always a good idea as value can often be lost. Some operators will adjust their lines if there is a high demand for any particular NFL teams.

Most online sportsbooks will now calculate your returns for you and many will also offer a ‘Cash Out’ function where users are able to withdraw a portion of their winning if their selection is in the lead.


Tips for Betting on NFL

Similar to wagering on any sport, American Football can be hugely unpredictable and NFL teams can underperform or simply be on the wrong end of a bad decision or unfortunate bounce. Many NFL bettors will have their own systems and it’s always advised to persist with these approaches across the entire season. Everyone can make predictions on an NFL game but ensuring that your American football knowledge is up-to-date is absolutely imperative to successful betting.

NFL betting is hugely popular and some punters will simply follow the money but it’s always best to form your own opinions. Ensure that you are up-to-date with any key injury news. American Football is often reliant upon star performers and just one absentee can skew a team’s game-plan significantly. Any late fitness problems may not be factored into the NFL betting markets and this can be used to your advantage. With the rise of social media, it is easier than ever before to find the latest news on each team and player and this can be advantageous for NFL bettors.

We also recommend visualizing how the game will take shape. Watch as many matches throughout the season as possible and carefully study how each team reacts to playing at home and what tactics they deploy. Some American football sides react differently to being the overwhelming favourite whilst others will relish the underdog tag.

Each head coach will have their strong-points but also possess a number of flaws and knowing if they have a good record against the opposition is vitally important. Some coaches are pragmatic whilst others prefer to play expansive tactics and encourage their NFL team to play with freedom. These can be vitally important factors to take into consideration.

Finally, as we have previously mentioned. The spread can be vastly different with each online bookmakers so we recommend shopping around and you can find the list of top NFL bookmakers here at BettingTop10. Make sure you don’t settle for inferior odds.

NFL Betting Markets

Moneyline Betting

NFL betting can be complex and there are many different markets available. The Moneyline is the simplest form of placing a wager and requires punters to predict the outcome of any match. There will usually be a significant advantage for the home side whilst the travelling NFL team are likely to offer more value.

Points Spread

American football fans love betting on the points spread and this is a market which is available with all online operators in Canada. It involves picking either side to cover a pre-selected handicap. For example, the favourite must win by a certain amount of points [-8.5 = the winning side requiring 9 clear points to cover the spread]. The perceived outsiders will be given a handicap and it requires them to stay in touch with the favourites. [+10.5 = the outsiders must stay within 10 points of the opposition in order to cover this spread].


One of the simpler markets available with bettors is totals and this is deciding whether it is going to be a low-scoring or high-scoring match. It’s always best to check the historical match-ups between these two NFL teams in order to establish whether it is likely to be a cagey, tense encounter or an open and expansive contest. The online bookmaker will set a total pre-match and this will alter once the game goes in-play.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is an umbrella term for any other bet which relates to a specific outcome of any NFL match. There are plenty of these available pre-match with many of them relating to specific players or team efforts. For example, NFL betting markets for the number of touchdowns or which of the two teams make a longer field goals. During the Superbowl, there are additional prop bets available including the colour of outfit worn by the HT performers or how long the National Anthem will last.


A parlay wager is any bet which consists of two or more selections. Many American football fans enjoy placing a parlay bet across the weekend with many NFL teams featuring on their betslip. If all of these are correct, it can result in significant returns.

NFL Betting Guide Canada

Strategy for NFL Betting

There are no tried and tested methods for making money on the NFL and nobody can boast a 100% record when it comes to making predictions. NFL betting can be made simpler by following all of the information and studying the way that teams play.

  • If you aren’t 100% confident about your bet then don’t place the wager.
  • If your wager loses, always revisit the match and aim to work out why your bet wasn’t successful. It’s the extra work and additional minutes which can pay-off long-term.
  • Always consider the different markets available. The money-line is extremely popular and it is the easiest to understand. Explore the prop betting markets and use them to your advantage. If you’re not confident of a team’s ability but fancy one particular player to score a number of touchdowns, this is the best way of wagering.

Online bookmakers have expanded their offerings significantly and there are so many different markets to choose from. NFL betting is hugely popular and exploring the different offerings can keep you one step ahead of the crowd.

In-Play Betting

Wagering in-play is extremely popular and is a terrific way to add some excitement whilst watching the action unfold. Nearly every online sportsbook will offer in-play markets both online and on the App. The markets will refresh quickly and provide bettors with the opportunity to change their mind several times and make money based on their interpretation of the game so far.

NFL Calendar and Annual Events

The NFL pre-season begins in August with the hall-of-fame game taking place. The game is staged in Ohio and marks the end of the six month off-season which follows the Superbowl. Teams that are strongly associated with the latest hall-of-fame entrants usually feature with the match-up and are typically selected months in advance.

  1. Regular season begins at the start of September. Franchises are allowed to trade players until the end of October with NFL teams not permitted to conduct any business after this date.
  2. Play-offs begin at the start of January. These will begin with wildcard play-offs which will feature the two sides with the best divisional records who didn’t make the play-off positions.
  3. The divisional play-offs continue throughout January although the top two sides in each conference will automatically receive a bye to avoid the first round.
  4. The top team from each Conference will meet at The Superbowl, which takes place on the first weekend of February at a pre-selected ground. The winner will secure the Vince Lombardi Trophy and add their name to the roster thus concluding the American Football Season.
Matchday 1: August 4th
Matchday 2: August 15th
Matchday 3: August 22nd
Matchday 4: August 29th
Regular season – Starts On September 5th 2019
Matchday 1: September 5th
Matchday 2:September 12th
Matchday 3:September 19th
Matchday 4: September 26th
Matchday 5: October 3rd
Matchday 6: October 10th
Matchday 7: October 17th
Matchday 8: October 24th
Matchday 9: October 31st
Matchday 10: November 7th
Matchday 11: November 14th
Matchday 12: November 21st
Matchday 13: November 28th
Matchday 14: December 5th
Matchday 15: December 12th
Matchday 16: December 22nd
Matchday 17: December 29th
Playoffs – Starts On January 4th 2020
Superbowl – February 2nd 2020
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