NBA Playoffs: Celtics face Cavs and Rockets battle Warriors in Conference Finals 2018

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On May 13, at 3:30 pm ET, the Boston Celtics will host the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Then, on May 14, the reigning champions Golden State Warriors invite the Houston Rockets to play Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.


2018 NBA Conference Finals Odds and Predictions

There are clear favourites in the minds of the best NBA bookmakers in Canada. The Boston Celtics come in at +210 to win the series despite having home-court advantage. In the west, the Golden State Warriors are at -192.31 to defeat Houston and are at +300 to do so in six games.

Unfortunately for the Celtics and Rockets, they’re not being given much hope by any of the experts. Both seen as up-and-coming challengers, the consensus is that maybe 2019 will be the year of Boston and Houston.

LeBron James is still the king of the east, seeking his eighth-consecutive NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors return with very much the same juggernaut champion team as last year.


Continued dominance?

While underdogs always have a chance, the Cavaliers and Warriors simply appear to be too dominant right now. That said, the young Boston Celtics appear to have the best chance of usurping LeBron James eventually.

In 2017’s Conference Finals, Cleveland eased past Boston in five games. In the regular season this year, the Cavs continued their dominance, with their most convincing win coming after retooling in February.

The Golden State Warriors lost only one game in the 2017 playoffs, and that was in the Finals. They’re yet to sweep a team this year but have matched Houston’s 4-1 series wins in each stage. Houston has built a team with the Warriors in mind but it will take something special to dethrone this mighty unit.


Bottom line

Both the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics look to be the top teams in line to conquer these incredibly dominant teams but 2018 may be a year too soon to start cheering them on in the Finals. It looks to be the fourth-consecutive Cavs versus Warriors Finals.