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NBA Finals Odds and Special Offers

NBA Finals tips off on May 30th

It took 73 years, but the NBA Finals will, for the first time, feature an NBA team outside of the United States. The Toronto Raptors have a chance to capture their first ever NBA title in the franchise’s 24 years of existence.

While the Raptors were a pleasant surprise to represent the Eastern Conference in the Finals, the team waiting for them on the other end of the court were virtual shoo-ins to come out of the West. The back-to-back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors will look to make it a three- peat this time around, as they take on Toronto in what will be their fifth consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

The NBA Finals is the largest sporting event in the realm of professional basketball. Fans will surely be glued to their televisions to see which team will be crowned NBA Champions. The betting opportunities for hoops fans are endless, so be sure to keep up with our expert tips, opinions, and predictions. The best-of-seven game series tips off on May 30 th and will subside once one team has reached four wins.

NBA Finals Schedule

Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors

The 2019 NBA Finals will begin on May 30 th and run through June 7 th at the very least. The Toronto Raptors own home court advantage during the series, thanks to holding a one game lead in their overall win-loss record over the Golden State Warriors during the regular season with 58 wins to 57 wins.

The Raptors will host the first two games of the series in Toronto before the series bounces to Golden State for games 3 and 4. Jurassic Park will surely be bumping in Toronto if the series reaches a seventh game. The Raptors’ home court advantage secures them the benefit of playing the all so crucial game 7 in their home arena.

Game 1: Thursday, May 30 th , Golden State at Toronto l 9 pm ET
Game 2: Sunday, June 2 nd , Golden State at Toronto l 8 pm ET
Game 3: Wednesday, June 5 th , Toronto at Golden State l 9 pm ET
Game 4: Friday, June 7 th , Toronto at Golden State l 9 pm ET
*Game 5: Monday, June 10 th , Golden State at Toronto l 9 pm ET
*Game 6: Thursday, June 13 th , Toronto at Golden State l 9 pm ET
*Game 7: Sunday, June 16 th , Golden State at Toronto l 9 pm ET
*- If Necessary


How did they get here

Golden State Warriors – Golden State coasted their way through the regular season, yet still managed to capture the best record in the Western Conference. The defending champs kicked it into high gear once they reached the postseason. Even injuries to two all-star players and prominent pieces of their team, one of which, Kevin Durant, who may be the best player in basketball, didn’t stop the Warriors from torching their way through the best the West had to offer.

The Warriors currently hold a 12-4 record during the post season and are coming off a Western Conference Finals beat down of the Portland Trail Blazers. Golden State swept Portland with an average win margin of nearly ten points per game.

Series by Series Playoff Results

  • Golden State Warriors 4 – 2 Los Angeles Clippers
  • Golden State Warriors 4 – 2 Houston Rockets
  • Golden State Warriors 4 – 0 Portland Trail Blazers

Toronto Raptors – You can’t mention the Toronto Raptors title run without mentioning a certain trade that went down in mid-July. The Raptors acquired star forward Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs in a trade that shocked the league. Whether Kawhi decides to re-up with the Raptors after the season is still up for debate, but there is no debating the positive effects he’s had on this franchise. Leonard led Toronto to their second most regular season wins in franchise history, while putting his name in consideration for league MVP.

Leonard didn’t stop there, as his play ascended once they reached the playoffs. After handling the Orlando Magic with ease in their first playoff series, Leonard willed Toronto past Philadelphia in the following series. Leonard’s 243 points in the series is the most points in a single playoff series over the past 25 years. Leonard and the Raptors then clawed their way back from an 0-2 deficit vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, owners of the league’s best record, in the Eastern Conference Finals to win the series. Thus propelling Toronto to their first NBA Finals appearance in team history.

Series by Series Playoff Results

  • Toronto Raptors 4 – 1 Orlando Magic
  • Toronto Raptors 4 – 3 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Toronto Raptors 4 – 2 Milwaukee Bucks

Strong Contenders for the NBA Finals MVP Title

Kawhi Leonard (Toronto) – If the Raptors were to shock the world and win this series, there really isn’t any other logical person in Toronto that this award could go to, well maybe besides Drake. While Toronto is a well-balanced team, Leonard has carried the Raptors over the hump of NBA mediocrity. His expertise on both sides of the court will essentially determine the outcome of this series. He’s already the best player in Raptors history, and if he continues on his recent trend, versus guys like Curry and Durant, he may assert himself as the best player in the world.

Stephen Curry (Golden State) – It’s honestly shocking that Curry hasn’t hoisted a Finals MVP trophy through this point of his illustrious career, though that may change very soon. Since< Kevin Durant went down in game five of the Western Conference semifinals, Curry has regained his role in the offense as the go-to scorer and responded brilliantly. Curry has averaged a whopping 35.8 ppg since Durant’s injury, and with no clear time table for Durant’s return Curry’s tear on the stat sheet should continue in the Finals.

Dark Horse – Kevin Durant (Golden State) – It’s unlikely Durant will play in enough games to garner MVP consideration. KD doesn’t have a timetable to return to the court, and may never suit up during the series. Yet, If Durant were to shock the world, and return not only to the lineup, but to his pre-injury form, it would be hard to argue against Durant as the front-runner for the award. Durant would boost Golden State’s chances of winning the series exponentially, while simultaneously asserting himself as the best player on the likely winning team.