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MMA (Mixed Martials Arts) has quickly become hugely popular throughout Canada with sports fans following every competitor and contest. MMA Betting has increased as a result with a huge number of markets offered by online sportsbooks for each bout. It’s continued to grow with Canadian fans attending and following the action on television and online with many wagering on a weekly basis. Here at BettingTop10 we take a closer look at every aspect of the sport.

MMA Fights Predictions

UFC 235 Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith

Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith: Predictions, Betting Tips, Odds & Statistics

Sunday, March 2nd, 2019 @10:00 pm. Love him or loathe him, Jon Jones is box office. This weekend the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion puts his belt on the line against the dangerous Anthony Smith at UFC

UFC 235 Tyron Woodley vs Kamaru Usman

Tyron Woodley vs Kamaru Usman: Predictions, Betting Tips, Odds & Statistics

Sunday, March 2nd, 2019 @10:00 pm, T-Mobile Arena. Tyron Woodley resumes his seemingly endless quest for respect and recognition this weekend with a tough fight against “Nigerian Nightmare” Kamaru Usman.

UFC on ESPN Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez

Francis Ngannou vs Cain Velasquez: Predictions, Betting Tips, Odds & Statistics

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 @9:00pm, Talking Stick Resort Arena. UFC on ESPN – Heavyweight – Main Event. Cain Velasquez is back in the Octagon after almost three years out, as the former UFC heavyweight champion takes on destructive striker Francis Ngannou on Sunday.


Canadian MMA betting MMA Odds

Most online sportsbooks in Canada offer regular prices and lines on MMA. Most weekends will see at least one event across the various levels and divisions and they are always quick to price up each competitor. Bodog Sports, Bet365 and SportsInteraction particularly excel when it comes to value lines in MMA betting. MMA can often be found in the same category as UFC on sportsbook’s websites when searching for the lines.

The main MMA betting market is an outright selection (or a straight up winner as its also known) and this is simply a case of selecting which fighter will emerge victorious. Occasionally, fighters are closely matched and the betting lines are close with not much to choose between them. For example: Brock Jardine takes on Rory McDonald in the Welterweight category Brock Jardine’s odd are currently -125 Rory McDonald is priced at +100 Brock Jardine is the marginal favourite for this bout with Rory McDonald expected to make it a close contest. If backing Rory McDonald, you would need to place $100 on the fighter to win $100 + your stake. $100 on Brock Jardine would return $80 + the $100 stake.

Occasionally, fights are expected to be one sided. Some competitors can start as short as -900. These lines are decided by the traders based on the fighter’s ability and the predicted public perception of the bout. Each online sportsbook in Canada will offer slightly alternatively priced lines so it’s always worth checking before settling for inferior odds. Especially if wagering high stakes.


There are many tips available online relating to MMA Betting and many of the pundits and experts are knowledgeable but it’s always advised to form your own opinion if possible. If you are still building your knowledge base and are relatively new to the sport then it’s best to slowly feel your way into it. Start by following the expert’s tips, analyse why they have made that particular selection and then watch the action unfold.

NEVER rush into placing a wager, always be certain of the fighters ability before trusting them with your hard-earned cash! If there are any doubts whatsoever, it might be best to steer clear.

Always focus on a fighter’s style before placing a wager. Some are inexperienced and often struggle against the knowledgeable, savvy, experienced opponents. Because of the variety in MMA, some fighters can be experts in grappling whilst others excel in striking. Conduct research into their fight history paying particular focus on how they fared against similar opponents in the past.

Finally, their fight style is also important. Are they happy to ‘slug it out’ and tend to go the distance? If so, wagering on them to win via a decision might be an option to consider. If they start all guns blazing an early knock-out is a possibility.

MMA Betting Markets and Rules

There are so many MMA betting markets available to punters in Canada and utilising them can be a great way to make a profit from each fight. We’ve talked about the straight up winner market already and there are plenty of alternatives which offer better value or cover numerous possible outcomes.

Total Rounds – A fairly straightforward market to begin with. Each sportsbook will usually price up Over/Under 2.5 rounds although some firms will offer alternatives at shorter prices. Simply predict the number of rounds featured in this particular contest. Punters must decide if the fighter is known for finishing opponents off quickly or whether their previous head to head suggests it’ll be a lengthy bout. Props Bet:

Method of Result – Similar to the straight up winner market but narrowing down the outcome for bigger returns. If one fighter starts at odds of -900, this can be handy for extracting more value out of the fight. Using our earlier example – you have the option to choose Brock Jardine to win via Knock-Out, Technical Knock-out, Disqualification, Decision or Submission. The same range are available for the opposing fighter. Occasionally a fight can be declared a ‘no contest’ if both fighters flout the rules during the contest.

Round Betting – Big returns are available for this market. Many bettors cover a number of these outcomes as they aim to keep their options open. Punters are simply required to pick a winner and in which round they will complete the job. For example – Brock Jardine in Round 2 or Rory McDonald in Round 3.

Fight to go the distance – This is predicting whether the fight will be concluded in the regulation number of rounds. If both fighters are still standing and competing after the stated number of rounds, this wager will pay out. These are a selection of the standard markets available on MMA contests however for high profile fights, sites may add more markets or try and entice punters with special bets.  intertops-bonuses

Events, Competitions and Tournaments

UFC – Ultimate Fighter Championship, Is the most popular MMA event in the fighting world. 

The ONE Championship are a major organiser of MMA who ran their first event in 2011 and have completed over 40 events since that inaugural card. They continue to keep MMA fans satisfied all around the world. There is no particular ‘season’ for MMA contests but there are fights taking place throughout the year.

Most weekends will feature at least one MMA card in either the USA or Canada. These fights are drawn up into a schedule towards the beginning of the year with many contests pencilled in several months prior to the event. Occasionally relatively last minute cards can be devised and these are occasionally at the behest of the general public.

Most cards will have a name such as ‘Middlesboro Mayhem’ or ‘CageZilla 46’. There are many different strands which feature their own rules in a series of unique tournaments staged around the world. These include ZST where no judge is required and the fight will be classed as a draw if the fighters cannot be separated. There is also Shooto which included a round for amateur fighters.


Once again, Research is key when it comes to making money on MMA. Watch as many fights as possible whether it’s on television or viewing the online highlights. This will help you understand a little more about the fighter’s style, quirks and techniques. If a fighter has been competing admirably but not getting the lucky breaks then they could be worth sticking with. How does this fighter fare against grapplers?

Has this fighter been moved up a weight division recently and are struggling to hold their own? These are questions to consider. Some competitors enjoy competing in front of a partisan crowd whilst others only thrive when competing close to home. These are all things to consider before placing a wager. Always check out the wealth of markets available in MMA Betting.

Bookmakers in Canada offer plenty of variety and these should be taken advantage of. If one of the competitors continually goes the distance against dogged, determined characters then a long, possibly scrappy battle could ensue and this has to be factored into the betting.

Head-to-Heads is something to observe. Some players dislike one another considerably and the fight could be considered a grudge match. This might change the dynamic of the contest. Here at BettingTop10 we recommend working out the chances of an upset! If the price is +500 on a competitor who is out-of-form but they are capable of the occasional surprise or raising their game against better players then this could provide value.

You won’t win every time but occasionally surprises do occur in MMA (and in any other sport) so underdogs cannot be completely ruled out of the betting. There is no get-rich-quick-scheme from betting on MMA but there are many ways of tilting the field in your favour. If you can’t find any value in fight then it’s usually worth simply stepping away and saving your money.

Shocks will occur along the way and bouts will not go according to plan but if you believe in your particular strategy and you follow a fighter’s careers closely, it should prove profitable in the long term. MMA betting is huge throughout Canada and continues to grow in popularity. Many of the fighters are now household names and online sportsbooks are seeing a growth in the amount of sports fans placing a wager on each contest.

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