The NCAA Men’s division basketball championship – March Madness – is one of the most important events in North American sports. Whether you’re looking for odds, predictions or general information about the tournament, BettingTop10 has all the bases covered.

Here are the latest details about the best upcoming matches and predictions for all the top games.

March Madness NCAA

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How to Bet on the March Madness

march madness
There are a number of ways to get in on all the college basketball action. In competition betting consists of the following.

  • Betting Spread: This is the most popular bet type and before every game a list of NCAA Tournament lines will be posted by bookmakers with a spread attached to them. One team will be listed as the favourite and they’ll have to win by a certain number of points for you to win your bet. For the underdog to win they have to either win or lose the game by fewer points than the spread
  • Betting Money Lines: The moneyline doesn’t have a spread and you are simply betting on one team to win the game. You can place money on the favorite or the underdog and if you are one to back the underdog you can make more money on this bet than the spread.
  • Betting Totals: This is often called over/under bets and it is very popular. For this type of bet you have to wager on whether the combined final score of the game will go over or under the total posted by the bookmaker.

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Out of competition betting is also available and includes:

  • Futures Betting: If you don’t want to wait until March Madness starts, you can pick a winning right now. Betting odds for the NCAA championship are available all year round at sports betting sites like Bodog. A future bet is where you bet on the winner of a major event before it starts.
  • Prop Bets: This is where you wager on something besides the outcome of the game. There are team props and player prop bets. You might wager on how far you team a team will make it or how many points you think a player will score.
  • Parlay Bets: If you are making a number of straight bets you can increase your winnings by combining up to 12 bets into a parlay. You can win big if you get all your picks correct. There are teaser bets too which a special type of parlay that let you move the lines by a certain number of points.

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NCAA March Madness Betting

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is held every March and is known as March Madness. The tournament plays host to 68 college basketball teams that play with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The tournament, which first began in 1939, is a single elimination event that is held from March 19 through to April 8 and is a popular tourney for those who enjoy basketball betting, especially with sites like Bodog and Betway.

As you can see from the table below, the NCAA announces the team’s schedules to play on the Sunday before the start of the tournament. Each team is assigned based on their region and will play at neutral sites throughout U.S Colleges.

March Madness 2020 Season dates and schedule

March Madness 2020-Complete-schedule

Steps how to bet on the March Madness:

There is a number of different betting options for March Madness. This includes In-Competition Betting, betting the spread, money line betting, betting totals and out of competition betting. Here is a breakdown on each.

In-Competition Betting:

In-Competition sports betting is when you are betting on the handicap of a particular game or team. The point to this style of betting is to predict the outcome of the game, if you choose correctly you win, if not, your bet is lost.

Betting spread: This is the most popular of the available bets before any NCAA Tournament line listed by bookmakers that offer a spread. This will show one team as the favourite and will identify the number of points needed to win your bet. In order for the underdog to win, they will be required to win the game by less points listed under the spread.

Betting Spread:

This is the most popular of the available bets before any NCAA Tournament line listed by bookmakers that offer a spread. This will show one team as the favourite and will identify the number of points needed to win your bet. In order for the underdog to win, they will be required to win the game by less points listed under the spread.

Betting Moneylines:

Moneyline bets are the easiest style of bet you can place. Beside each team you will see a plus or negative number. This is the calculated payout odds for each team. If you choose the right team, your bet is good, if not, your bet is lost.

Betting Totals:

Betting totals, or over/under as commonly called, is another of the more easy less complicated ways to place bets during March Madness. This is where you are placing a bet on the total score of a game, and nothing more or less. If you choose correctly, your bet is determined to be a winner, if not, your bet is lost.

Out of Competition Betting:

This is where you are betting on teams that while still in the tournament, have zero chance of winning or advancing.


  • 32 division champions
  • 36 Awarded
  • First Four
  • First and Second Rounds
  • Regional semifinals and finals

We will add our March Madness predictions as the season progresses.

March Madness – F. A.Q

Q.How long does March Madness last?
A.This basketball betting tournament lasts a total of three weeks and is a betting frenzy where Canadian bettors can wager on 68 basketball teams.

Q.Is live betting available?
A.Yes you will be able to take advantage of some great markets using live betting. The odds will change as the game is played and you can wager on things like what the next point will be, whether a certain player will make his shot, and so on.

Q.Where will I find the best betting odds?
A.You can read our expert reviews to help you find the best sportsbook for you. We also recommend Intertrops for great odds and free bet bonus offers.

Q.How can I increase my changes of winning?
A.Read expert tips. It is also a good idea to bet the number 1 seeds early. The number one seeds nearly always win in the opening rounds. No team seeded at 16 has ever upset a number 1 seed.

Q.What are the different stages of the tournament?
A.There are a number of different stages. These are the first four games, round of 64, round of 32, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, and Championship.

Q.What are bracket bets?
A.These bets take the most time to do as you have to pick winners for every game. They are great fun and have some of the biggest payouts as well. You can make one bracket or multiple brackets. You can also enter your brackets into pools.


The tournaments include champions from 32 Division I conferences who automatically qualify and 36 ‘at-large’ teams chosen by an NCAA selection committee.

The 68 teams are divided into four regions and organised into a single-elimination bracket which pre-determines who they will play next if they win a game.

Each team is seeded within its region from 1 to 16. After the First Four round, the tournament takes place over the course of three weekends at pre-selected neutral sites across the United States.

Teams, seeded by rank, proceed through a single-game elimination bracket beginning with a preliminary round consisting of eight low-seeded teams playing in four games for a position in the first round.

The remaining 64 teams play in 32 games over the course of a week, followed by the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and “Elite Eight” rounds the next week and weekend respectively.

The last weekend of the tournament – the ‘Final Four’ round – is usually played during early April and features one team from the East, South, Midwest and West regions who compete in a pre-selected location for the national championship.


First Four

First held during 2011, the ‘First Four’ are games featuring the four lowest-ranked ‘at-large’ teams and the four lowest-ranked conference-champion teams.

First Round – The Round of 64

During the first round the No. 1 seed plays the No. 16 seed in all regions, the No. 2 team plays No. 15, and so on. The effect of this structure ensures that the higher a team is ranked, the easier their path to the later stages of the tournament is perceived to be.

16 first-round games are played on the Thursday following the ‘First Four’ round, with the remaining 16 games played on Friday.

Second Round – The Round of 32

The second round is played on Saturday and Sunday immediately after the first round. Thursday’s winners play in eight games on Saturday, followed by Friday’s winners playing in the remaining eight games on Sunday. The 16 winning teams progress to the regional semi-finals, also known as the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ round.

Regional Semi-Finals -Sweet Sixteen

The remaining teams advance to the regional semi-finals which are played during the second weekend of the tournament. Four regional semi-final games are played on Thursday and four are played Friday. The eight winning teams advance to the ‘Elite Eight’ round.

The Regional Finals – Elite Eight

The ‘Elite Eight’ round takes place on Saturday and Sunday after the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ round has been completed. Saturday features two regional final games matching Thursday’s winners and Sunday’s two final games match Friday’s winners. The four regional winners head to the ‘Final Four’.

The National Championship – Final Four

The winners of each region advance to the Final Four, where the national semi-finals are played on Saturday and the national championship is played on Monday. Their respective opponents in the games are pre-determined by the seedings in the original bracket.


NCAA March Madness Is a single-elimination tournament held every spring in the United States. It currently features 68 college basketball teams from the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and determines the national champions. Played during March and early April, it has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the US.

Champions from 32 Division I conferences qualify automatically for the tournament, with 36 teams awarded ‘at-large’ by an NCAA selection committee. These are announced in a nationally televised event on the Sunday preceding the ‘First Four’ play-in games, currently held in Dayton, Ohio.

The 68 teams are divided into four regions and organised into a single-elimination bracket, which pre-determines, when a team wins a game, which team it will face next. Each team is seeded within its region from 1 to 16.

The tournament has been at least partially televised since 1969, with the games currently broadcast by CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV under the trade-name NCAA March Madness. Television coverage has fuelled the tournament’s popularity in the gambling industry, with many leading bookmakers offering hundreds of different markets on March Madness.

UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Indiana are amongst the most successful teams in the history of the event, winning the tournament numerous times between them.

Villanova Wildcats claimed the title in 2018, their second success in the last three years. They reached the Final Four with wins over Radford, Alabama, West Virginia and Texas Tech, with each victory coming by double digit margins.

They defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in the national semi-finals, before beating the Michigan Wolverines 79-62 in the final. The Wildcats were priced at around 14/1 in the ante-post market to win the 2018 tournament, highlighting that there is plenty of value to be had from betting on NCAA March Madness.