Having Secured Playoff Seeds, Warriors and Rockets Face Teams Desperate for a Win

Toronto Raptors Are Facing Tough Games with Cavaliers

Toronto Raptors Are Facing Tough Games with Cavaliers, Celtics

The Toronto Raptors are facing back to back games against fierce opponents in the coming week. On Tuesday, they are travelling to Ohio to battle the Cleveland Cavaliers, who seem to have found their groove at last. Led by LeBron at 35 points and 17 assists, the Cavaliers already won on March 21 against the Toronto team, although by a narrow margin at 132-129. The Cavaliers, currently priced by William Hill at +125 to win the Eastern Conference top seed vs. the Raptors at +137.5, should take this one home.

Things get more complicated when the Raptors meet the Celtics on Wednesday, who are currently priced at +450 to top the East, according to William Hill. The Celtics won last Saturday in Boston, but this time they are travelling to Toronto where the Raptors have home advantage. Tough to tell who wants this more, but the Raptors will be hungry to steal a win back from Boston. After all, the Raptors are the only ones in the league with both defense and offense in the top five.

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Rockets and Warriors Tested Against Teams Hungry to Make the Playoffs

The Houston Rockets are priced second by William Hill at +175 to win the NBA Championship and have pretty much secured 1st seed in the West, with 28 wins in their last 30 games. On Thursday they welcome the Portland Trail Blazers, who have locked their way to the playoffs, but are still no match for the Texas team. However, the Rockets’ surprising recent loss to the San Antonio Spurs was not good for morale, so Portland might still have a chance.

The Warriors just rebounced from a terrible 3-game losing streak last week by scoring wins against the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Suns. With Stephen Curry out due to injuries, the team are keeping a low profile, focusing on staying in shape ahead of the playoffs. Having secured their spot, the Warriors are not as hungry for a win as the Oklahoma City Thunder is, as they are trying to make it to the playoff rounds. When they meet on Tuesday, Oklahoma might just take this one home.