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Looking for golf betting? Many sports fans in Canada partake in golf betting on a weekly basis. Large range of markets and tournaments available around the globe, it’s a terrific opportunity to make a profit. We take a closer look at the ways of betting on golf in Canada.

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Golf Odds

Outright betting is available for every golf tournament with the event priced up by most online sportsbooks typically around five days prior to the off. Most events will have a field of at least 50 players with the larger tournaments often attracting in excess of 100 players so the lines available on the outright markets offer tremendous value to punters. In any of the four majors, the favourite will be priced up around +800 with some competitors available at +2000. In Canada, each online sportsbook will vary it’s terms and conditions but it is possible to place an each way bet which would typically pay-out if your chosen player finished in the top five or six.

Each way bettors would get a 1/5 of the odds if they were successful.  An outsider at +1000 would pay out at +200 if that particular player picked up a place. Many golf punters like to spread their stakes across a number of players creating a larger chance of some kind of return for their investment. Typically after the second day of the tournament, the field is divided with the bottom half of the leader board leaving the tournament and the top half progressing onto the final couple of rounds. This causes the market to completely re-form. It is possible to bet on players to make/not make the cut.

Not all sportsbooks price this market up but it can be a good way of extracting value. Another popular way to bet on golf tournaments is to select the ‘Top Australian Player’ or ‘Top US Player’. Likewise individual markets on ‘Top Canadian’ can be found. These lines will be typically be shorter as it is narrowing the field often to just four or five players. Don’t be surprised if +150 or +110 are the kind of odds available on these markets. This is simply asking which player from Canada will finish highest in the standings. Your selected player does NOT even need to make the top 10, just as long as they finish above all other Canadian players.

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The best way of betting on golf is to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Some players prefer certain tournaments and particular terrains. There are a number of tournaments in which particular nationalities excel. These trends can easily be found online. Other players have particularly miserable records in certain tournaments or geographical areas.

It’s a case of horses for courses with golf. There are some in Canada which won’t suit European or Asian players and there are some in South Africa which typically only favor the home players due to the type of grass the tournament is played on. If you follow golf regularly, you will pick up on these little quirks! Always check the weather forecast ahead of any event. Some players don’t mind being battered by the wind and rain whereas other competitors struggle in extreme conditions

This is always something to bear in mind. Jetlag is another issue which affects some players. Occasionally a player arrives at the venue a week early allowing time to relax, settle in and practice regularly. Other competitors may arrive a day before the tournament, having played in another competition on the other side of the world and arrive feeling exhausted and flustered. If you are privy to a players schedule and preparations, this is a really handy tool when making considerations in golf betting.

Golf Betting Markets and Rules

As we’ve already mentioned there are a huge amount of markets available to golf bettors in Canada.

In the outright market a player must win the tournament to secure a return for punters. Each way betting will provide pay-outs for those finishing in the top five or six.

Other popular markets in golf betting include:

Top 5/Top 10/Top 20 Finish – These are fairly self-explanatory. If your chosen player finishes amongst the top 10 players in the standings or likewise the top 20, your bet will pay-out. The larger the field, the better value lines can be found.

Straight Forecast – If predicted correctly, this will provide huge returns from potentially small stakes. Predict which two players will finish ahead of the rest of the field in the correct order.

Winning Nationality – Correctly identify the nationality of the player who finishes top of the pile. If there are four players from Canada in the field the odds will be much shorter. If there is only one Canadian in the running, the odds will be substantially larger!

First Round leader – Several rounds are played during the tournament and the standings will begin to take shape over the course of the first couple of days. Simply predict which player will be top of the leader board after each players have completed their first round. Some players regularly start quickly before fading over the subsequent days and this can be a good way of playing this market.

Play Off – If two or more players are tied at the end of a tournament and cannot be separated, a play-off is required. This is a simple Yes or No market and you can also wager on how many players will be involved in the Play-Off.

There are plenty more markets available with the majority of online sportsbooks in Canada. Click on Golf Betting to see the full range.

 Events and Tournaments

There are four tournaments regarded as ‘Majors’ which take place each year. This starts with the Masters in April followed by the US Open in June. The Open (or British Open) is competed in July and the final event is the PGA Championship in August. The Masters is only the major which is played a fixed location each and every year whilst the other tournaments rotate between venues. The Open is played at one of the ten courses around the UK.

These attract the largest amount of bets and usually results in a large number of markets being priced up ahead of the event. The remainder of the season consists of a variety of tournaments on a weekly basis. These attract different sized fields depending on the prize money available. The top players can afford the luxury of picking and choosing which tournaments they would prefer to enter. The European Tour is split into three sections – The Elite European Tour, The Senior European Tour and the Developmental Challenge Tour. Other tournament locations throughout the year include Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas and Ontario.

The latter hosts the annual Canadian Open which attracts a huge number of fans each year and a decent field of well-known faces. Previous winners include Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. Decent prize money means it is one of the more desirable tournaments in the latter half of the calendar.


Looking for alternative markets is the best way of making money. Whilst betting on the outright market is fun and often keeps an interest throughout the tournament, it isn’t the best long term method of golf betting. Search for players who have positive records at particular tournaments and if they are overpriced in the top 10 or top 20 markets, they should be backed. In big fields and majors never discount players outside the top 20 in the betting, these can provide plenty of value.

Here at BettingTop10 we also recommend exploring the top nationality markets. It’s an effective way of narrowing down the field and although the odds and lines won’t provide as much value, it’s one of the best ways of securing a return. If match betting markets are available this can be an effective way of wagering. This would simply require ‘Player A’ to beat ‘Player B’ over the course of the tournament. As we’ve mentioned previously, doing your research is imperative.

Always check previous tournament records and the latest sports news before betting accordingly. Never bet on a player out-of-form. Golfers can take a while to get their form back and major life events such as getting married or divorced or having a baby can often throw them off course. Climates, course quality and jet leg/tiredness can also play a part in the outcome.


Occasionally, an inexperienced player will come out of nowhere and cause a major shock but generally most tournaments will go to form. This means research and analysis is key. Golf betting is extremely popular throughout Canada with the Canadian Open among the notable events for punters. There is an ever-expanding selection of markets available and it’s never been easier to place a wager on the sport.

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