Introduction to Fantasy Sports

fantasy-sportsFantasy sports, and fantasy sports betting in particular, is all the rage nowadays. For years you would join a fantasy league and draft a virtual team. This team would be your team for the whole season. You can add, drop, and trade players, but the bulk of your roster would remain the same for the most part. This is, until fantasy sports websites introduced us to the realm of daily fantasy. Daily fantasy allows us to select a team in which all players have a salary, and in order to fit these players into your lineup you have to keep the combined salary at, or under, the allotted budget.

If you get stuck with an underwhelming roster there is no need to fear, because with daily fantasy sports you get to select an entirely new lineup the following week. You can join open contests, or do a private fantasy league, allowing you to face off against friends and family with a new roster every week, all in the hopes of a big payout.



  1. Football – Fantasy NFL football is likely the most popular fantasy sport in the world. A fantasy football roster can be made up of custom lineups, but at the very least usually consist of 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, 1-2 flex spots (choice of running back, wide receiver, or tight end), a defense, and a kicker.
  2. Soccer – Though U.S. football may be the world’s current favorite fantasy sport, soccer is still the most popular sport in the world. It is just as beloved in terms of fantasy sports as it is in real life. A fantasy soccer lineup is built with 2 forwards, 2 midfielders, 2 defenders, and 1 goalkeeper. Custom leagues may implement a flex spot if desired.
  3. Basketball – While a real life basketball lineup consist of a starting 5, your fantasy sports basketball roster gives the option of a few more spots on your team. This is on top of the usual two guards, two forwards, and one center, which an actual NBA lineup consists of. Fantasy basketball will allow you to select at least 1 more guard and 1 more forward in your starting lineup. Some fantasy sports sites also implement a “utility player”, which allows you to select any player, regardless of position.
  4. Baseball – While fantasy basketball offers you more positions than a real life lineup, fantasy baseball cuts the normal amount of starting players in a baseball lineup (9 players), down to either 5 or 6 players depending on the contest and site. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. Fantasy baseball rosters give you the most flexibility out of any fantasy sports. It’s not rare to see a full team of flex spots, or at the very least 1-2 utility player spots.

The Top Guns of Daily Fantasy Sports, and their Awesome Offers!

  • DraftKings – DraftKings gives you the option to choose from any of 10 different sports. This includes rare daily fantasy sports such as MMA and ESPORTS, that some of the other major daily fantasy sites lack. DraftKings also gives you up to the minute updates on players, allowing you to choose the most efficient way to select a winning lineup based on the latest information.
    • FREE Money! Receive a $20 free bonus for just signing up with DraftKings
    • $400 worth of gameplay! DraftKings will match your first deposit up to a whopping $200
    • Play for FREE! DraftKings consists of numerous different free-entry contests available every day, with many high priced payouts.
  • FanDuel – FanDuel is one of the founding fathers of the daily fantasy sports world, and they have only improved with time. FanDuel has recently added college football into their long list of sports to choose from. They also have a seamless and easy fantasy sports app that has won multiple awards for its efficient and simple to use build. FanDuel also offers an additonal $10,000 of extra budget when building a fantasy football lineup, much more than the next best daily fantasy site.
    • Free Money! FanDuel implements a $20 free bonus upon signing up
    • Double Your Money! FanDuel will match your first deposit up to $100
    • No Gimmicks! While other daily fantasy sites claim a free contest entry upon signing up, they fail to mention the minimum deposit of $5 before receiving your free entry. FanDuel places you into a contest and allows you to select and submit your lineup without any deposit required.

What Separates Daily Fantasy from other Fantasy Platforms?

Old school fantasy sports is great, but if a few things don’t go your way, whether a player is not living up to expectations, or your roster suffers a few injuries, these instances of bad luck can diminish your hopes of season long fantasy success.  With daily fantasy sports, every week is a new and promising week. Did a player have a down week for you? No problem, don’t choose him for your roster the next week. Is Tom Brady coming off a stellar outing, and has an attractive matchup this week? Great! Insert him into your lineup as long as you can fit his salary within your budget.

If you’re worried about missing out on the camaraderie of old school fantasy sports leagues, fear not! Most major daily fantasy sites offer private leagues, where you can face off against friends and family, but still avoid getting stuck with the same old inefficient roster week in and week out. Daily fantasy sports are truly the best of both worlds for the modern sports fan.

Fantasy Sports at your Fingertips

Lets face it, our whole lives are conducted from our smart phones these days. We want flexibility, and we want information as fast as it happens. DraftKings and FanDuel both know the benefit of having a fully functional, no-bug, easy to maneuver app. These daily fantasy juggernauts outdid themselves in this category.

DraftKings offers a seamless working app with up to the minute breaking news, along with aesthetically pleasing visuals. FanDuel’s app would be hard for anyone to one-up, daily fantasy site or not. FanDuel has won numerous awards in the tech world for its highly efficient, and valuable app that it has brought to the sports world.

Both daily fantasy sports’ apps carry over all the functions that their web based version offers. Sign-up, enter contest, edit lineups, make deposits, and withdraw winnings. All of this is easily accessible at your fingertips. If you are looking for speed, simplicity, and productivity on the go, sports apps are built for you.