FanDuel Review

FanDuel Review

FanDuel Introduction

FanDuel was one of the first of it’s kind. A quick to the point, easy to navigate, no commitment, no b.s., daily fantasy sports platform. Very simply put, just choose a contest, pick your favorite players or sleepers, and win real money. It’s that easy!

 Most Popular Sports within FanDuel

  1. Football – FanDuel offers you a $60,000 budget to manipulate through matchups and low priced bargains to build a winning FanDuel lineup. Creating a lineup consisting of Todd Gurley and Antonio Brown on the same team is not out of the question with FanDuel.
  2. Soccer – As one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer betting is a must on any sports fantasy site. Not only can you win money betting with your favorite players, but you can do it at your convenience! Soccer fans can enjoy flexible sports betting with FanDuel.
  3. Basketball – Why just watch the NBA when you can be a part of the action? Stack up those FanDuel points with Steph Curry running your point, and Joel Embiid manning the paint.
  4. Baseball – What’s better than watching America’s pastime? Winning some money while you’re doing it. Stack your lineup with 5 of the MLB’s best.

Getting Started

Joining FanDuel is a simple process. When visiting you will be brought to a page asking you to join now. From here you will create your account. You have the choice to either continue signing up through Facebook, or create a screen name and password to continue. This will be your log in information.

  • The site will ask for a valid email address.
  • Before submitting your new screen name and password you will confirm that you are 18+ years of age by clicking the play now button.
  • FanDuel will then give you a free entry into a contest, no deposit needed.
  • Once your account is created, and you have submitted your lineup in your free contest, FanDuel will ask you to make your first deposit, a minimum of $5.00 is needed to proceed, as well as adding payment details. This payment method is the way you will receive your payouts.
  • Once you’ve made your deposit you’re ready to start winning money. Browse through the lobby, which features tons of contests from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, EPL + UCL, and the PGA.
  • When you select a contest, proceed to select your winning lineup. Each contest has a maximum salary that you get to spend filling out your roster.
  • You are presented with a certain budget depending on your choice of sport. Individual athletes also have a salary of their own. Pick and choose the best bargains and matchup-based players to fill out your lineup, while staying at, or below your budget. When you are content with your roster, there is nothing left to do but sit back, watch some sports, and earn some money.

fanduel lobby

If your favorite aspect of fantasy sports is the companionship between friends, but you hate getting stuck with a subpar team for full seasons, then FanDuel has something just for you. FanDuel’s “Friends Mode” incorporates the good-ole season-long aspect of your old school fantasy sports leagues, while also implementing the new school approach of newly selected weekly rosters. These rosters will keep you in the hunt all season, while facing off against friends and family.

You can play for free, or add a cash prizes to up the ante. There will be winners every week, and you can even add a grand prize for the Friends Mode season long champ. It’s all customizable, all season long. 

Top Promotions & Bonuses

It’s hard to go anywhere nowadays without hearing promotions for FanDuel. Whether you’re listening to radio, watching TV, or scrolling through social media, you’re sure to find a promo code. FanDuel is currently offering an astounding deal where they give you a free $20.00 straight to your funds, after you make your first deposit. This is on top of the free entry to a contest just for signing up.

FanDuel offers some great bonuses to their customers. When you refer a friend to FanDuel they become your “recruit” and when said recruit plays $10 in paid contests with a verified account, the recruit now becomes your “qualified referral”. When the recruit becomes qualified, you’ll earn a $20 credit, while your qualified referral gets $25 to play on FanDuel with. 

On top of their great referral program, they have a free affiliate program that pays out anywhere from $25-$35 per new user that you refer to FanDuel. You will also be paid a whopping 35% of the revenue generated by your referrals over the first 730 days of play. 

Likes & Dislikes

Likes and dislikesFanDuel is an impressive, easy to maneuver daily fantasy site. The multitude of programs they have implemented for their customers to earn money is a huge plus. The free contest entry granted at signup without a deposit is also a nice touch that other daily fantasy sites don’t currently offer.

The one downfall of FanDuel is they offer slightly less choices of sports, but that is nitpicking, as they offer all the major sports, and make up for it with a higher priced starting budget in their NFL contests than their competitors.  

Deposits & Withdrawal Options

FanDuel, like most daily fantasy sites requires a minimum deposit of $5.00.

FanDuel accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards, along with PayPal.

When any of your FanDuel weeks wins you money, it will appear in your balance. Once the money is in your balance, you have two choices. You can keep the money in your balance and use those money towards entry on another contest, or withdraw the money and send it to your bank account. When withdrawing your earnings from the FanDuel sportsbook you will need 3 things:

  • Birthday
  • A Valid Mailing Address
  • Social Security Number / Social Insurance Number

A withdrawal takes approximately 48 hours to process via PayPal, or 7-10 days via check.

 FanDuel App

The FanDuel app is a state of the art application available for iOS and Android devices. The FanDuel app has won a multitude of awards, most recently a Weeby Award for mobile sites & apps, along with the Web & Mobile FSTA Best Daily Fantasy Product award.


 Scoring Points System

The following tables break down the plethora of ways you can score points in your FanDuel matchup, depending on sport. FanDuel also offers a MVP mode in select games. This allows you to select one player as your team MVP. These players will cost 1.5x the salary, but will earn 1.5x the FanDuel points.




Rushing yards

+0.1 pts.

Rushing TD

+6 pts.

Passing yds

+0.04 pts.

Passing TD

+4 pts.

Receiving yds

+0.1 pts.

Receiving TD

+6 pts.

2 pt. conversion

+2 pts.

Punt/Kickoff/FG Return TD

+6 pts.

Fumble lost

-2 pts.



Field-Goal 0-39 yds

+3 pts.

Field-Goal 40-49 yds

+4 pts.

Field-Goal 50+ yds

+5 pts.






+15 pt.


+7 pts.

Shot on Goal

+5 pts.

Chance Created

+3 pts.


+1.3 pts.


+1.3 pts.


+1.3 pts.

Blocked Shots

+1.3 Pts.



Clean Sheets

+10 pts.

Goals Against

-2.5 pts.


+3 pts.

Win Bonus

+7 pts.



Clean Sheets

+5 pts.





3-pt FG

+3 pts.

2-pt FG

+2 pts.


+1 pt.


+1.2 pts.


+1.5 pts.


+3 pts.


+3 pts.


-1 pt.






+3 pts.


+6 pts.


+9 pts.


+12 pts.


+3.5 pts.


+3.2 pts.


+3 pts.


+6 Pts.


+3 pts.




+6 pts.

Quality Start

+4 pts.


-3 pts.


+3 pts.


+3 pts.


Why to Give FanDuel a Try

Delving into FanDuel can be outright enthralling, simply because no two weeks are the same, unless you want them to be! Choosing daily fantasy gives you the leisure to set an entirely new lineup, or choose to skip a week if you are too busy to put the time in. Why wait until the end of the season for your payout when you could be earning weekly? Even if you have a down week, FanDuel still gives you the opportunity to earn with their amazing affiliate and referral programs! They also give you a free entry into a contest just for signing up with them, no deposit required. None of the other daily fantasy sports sites will let you sign up without depositing money into the account first. This means that you can give FanDuel a try with literally no downside, no buy in to try it out, no extensive and complicated signup process, just join and you can try it yourself for free.   


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