BettingTop10’s Betting Guide to Esports in Canada

One of the newest trends in online betting is the rise in popularity of Esports and fans can follow all of the action through a variety of games each week.


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What is Esports and why is it so popular in Canada?

esports betting

Esports betting in Canada has been slowly growing in popularity for a number of years with thousands of fans and punters joining in the fun on the increasing number of Esports betting sites.

Esports are basically an organised form of watching two players compete in a video game. These competitions can vary and can be organised months and possibly even years in advance which helps give notice to those partaking in Esports gambling. Contests can be made up of Esports teams or individuals.

Sites such as William Hill and Pinnacle will offer odds on the outcome and bets will be taken on each players to prevail in a particular Esports game. Sports experts might prefer a traditional contest but you can’t ignore the absorbing nature of Esports.

There are television channels and streaming services such as Twitch which regularly showcase several Esports games and even the Esports Olympics!

 In which Countries is Esports popular?

Other than Canada, Esports is hugely popular in the UK and Ireland whilst there is a huge following in the USA, China and Japan. Online betting on the competitions is equally as popular in the UK and also in Sweden where it continues to gather momentum.

A recent survey found that Canada is the 5th highest earner when it comes to Esports and is in the top ten countries which place Esports bets on a regular basis.

Which Esports games are played regularly?

New Esports games are being created and added continually and players in Canada can enjoy Esports betting in a number of categories including Fighting, Racing, First Person Shooters, Sports and Multiplayer Battle Arenas.

Call of Duty Esports is a game which is extremely popular in Canada alongside Halo and Street Fighter.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA) are the most popular for Esports bets and sports experts enjoy wagering on these. Dota and the spin-off Dota 2 are some of the most prominent titles within this genre.

What is the League of Legends

Dota may be a popular MOBA but it is eclipsed by League of Legends. It is a fast paced event which is popular with gamers and the Esports gambling fraternity.

It consists of two players going head to head across various battlefields set in different eras. It is a huge part of Esports history and continues to gather popularity.

There are numerous tournaments taking place within the community and a League of Legends betting guide is available for new players who wish to get up to speed quickly. It is often abbreviated to LOL Esports on many betting sites.

The League of Legends World Champions takes place in October each year.

Which websites offer betting on Esports in Canada?

Most Canadian bookmakers now offer online betting on Esports with Betway, William Hill and Ladbrokes amongst the most prominent. There are Esports betting tips available online for new players who wish to place their first wager on an event or competition.

Esports betting sites usually have their own dedicated section featuring upcoming Esports betting events in Canada and often displaying helpful statistics such as LOL Esports standings.

Esports bets are available in Canadian dollars and great odds on each game.

William Hill sports betting offer match bet markets for a variety of leagues including League of Legends: Japan League and the Continental League.

Punters from Canada love placing bets on League of Legends, Star Craft II and Dota 2, all of which are offered in Pinnacle’s sports betting on a regular basis.

How popular are Fantasy Esports?

Players actively compete in Fantasy Esports games including Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Fantasy Esports are extremely popular and have been known to fill stadiums in both Japan and Korea. There are two main bodies who are in charge of organising them – Fan Duel and Draft Kings and new Esports games are added throughout the year.

LOL Esports is also part of the Fantasy genre and remains popular with gaming fans throughout Canada.

There are huge prizes on offer for winners of Fantasy Esports and Twitch TV regularly broadcasts contests to viewers around the world.

 A guide to betting on Esports

Esports betting in Canada continues to go from strength to strength and most online betting sites will offer markets on numerous contests throughout the year. Tournaments have been split into national, international and even localised variants to help narrow down the field.

Many online bookmakers such as William Hill and Betway will offer a welcome bonus to all new customers which can be used on Esports gambling.

It’s always to study Esports events and get a feel for the style. LOL experts are available online Esports betting tips can be found on numerous sites but it’s always best to make your own opinions before jumping in.

If you are betting on League of Legends, you can bet on which team will be victorious (these are known as ‘match bets’) or the first team to slay a dragon for example.

Always be careful to confirm whether you are betting on a single event or an entire tournament. It can be best to follow an individual team throughout a competition and watch their tactics and game-play before deciding whether to back them for the tournament outright.

The odds will be displayed in the same format as sports betting markets such as -110 or +150 so if you’re familiar with betting on online sports there is unlikely to be any confusion.

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