Cricket Betting Guide

Looking to bet on cricket? Cricket has become increasingly popular as a spectacle in Canada. There are many different events around the world which are consumed by sports fans across Canada.

Cricket Odds & Markets

Every online sportsbook is likely to prominently display their cricket markets particularly around the time of a major event. There will also the opportunity to bet in-play with some bettors believing this is the best way to make money.

Outright Win

This is still the most popular market available and the easiest to understand. Each teams odds to win will be priced up as well as the draw option.

For example if India were playing Australia in a One Day International, India could be priced up at -150 with Australia +333. The Draw could be +300. These lines are just an example.

India are heavily fancied by the sportsbook as they are playing on home territory. Cricket is a sport where heavy favouritism can occur and there can often be little value in one-sided matches. Shrewd bettors use different markets to find some betting opportunities.

Draws can occur if the play is stopped due to bad weather or poor light. Many matches have a set number of overs (an over consisting of 6 bowls) and if these have been completed and the teams cannot be separated, this is declared a draw. This rarely happens in Test Cricket.

Coin Toss

This market has become increasingly popular in Canada, but is very much a game of chance. In order to decide which team will bat or bowl first, a coin is tossed by the umpire at the beginning of the game.

The odds on this market are generally priced up 50/50 – generally at -110 for each team.

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Man of the Match

Another popular market is the ‘Man of the match’ award which Canadian sports bettors enjoy wagering on. At the end of each contest one player will be declared Man of the Match. This is often a competitor who has had a major impact on the contest. For example – A batsman who hits a century or a bowler who takes 5 wickets.

There’s also a ‘Man of the series’ award which is awarded in the same way to the outstanding player over the course of a test series between two nations.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler

Similar to the Man of the Match market, the top batsman and bowler markets are not judged on impact but on number of runs or wickets.

Always check the terms and conditions of the specific online sportbook, but these markets usually apply to the 1st innings of any match.

If two batsman score the same amount of runs (which is a rare occurrence), it will be declared a ‘dead heat’ and most reputable online sportsbooks will pay out on both players. The same applies to the top bowler market.

In Twenty20 cricket, these two markets can be very unpredictable and the odds can be increasingly generous as a result.

To Score a fifty or Century

Similar to the Top Batsman and Top Bowler markets, this requires wagering on a specific player score 50 or 100 runs in a match. If a team are playing at home and they are suited by the conditions, this can often by a profitable way of betting.

Method of First Dismissal

An extremely popular bet where bettors can decide how the first dismissal will occur. Some sportsbooks will simply divide these into two categories – ‘Caught’ and ‘Any other Dismissal’. For bigger events such as the Ashes and the Cricket World Cup, they can expand and add LBW or Bowled to the list.

Cricket Betting Tips:

Studying previous patterns of play between two sides is always the best strategy. International Cricket doesn’t generally throw up as many peculiar results as Twenty20 or Indian Premier League (IPL) as nations have a long duration in which to plan for these match-ups.

India playing at home are traditionally very strong and have a number of pitches which cause problems for the opposition. Some visiting teams struggle to compete and the hosts can often win by a big margin.

Specific markets can often offer better value than wagering on the outright selections and should be considered.

Although many bettors in Canada will happily bet on the Coin Toss market, this is a 50/50 game of chance and isn’t generally profitable long term.

Other Ways to Bet:


Many bettors in Canada like to wager in multiples. This requires a number of teams all winning in order to secure a return.

These are popular during the Cricket World Cup, IPL, Caribbean Premier League and County Championship games.

Many sportsbooks can offer Accumulator Insurance which offers money back if the accumulator is unsuccessful by a single selection.


In-Play betting on cricket has become increasingly popular. Once the match begins a number of markets are priced up and the lines will fluctuate as play continues.

This not only allows bettors to change their mind throughout the contest but often cover all eventualities.

Cricket Competitions/Matches

There are a number of International cricket matches and tournaments throughout the calendar organised by the ICC. These include the Ashes, competed between England and Australia once every four years. The format is played over a 5 match series which are often spread over a couple of months. Canadian bettors can enjoy betting on the overall series or the individual matches within.

The Cricket World Cup also takes place every four years and is played in the One Day format. This is a hugely popular betting event and tournament outright betting is one of the marquee cricket betting events for bookmakers.

Each nation will play test matches at various points throughout the year which are contested over the course of a 5 match series. ODI’s are another regular occurrence.

Twenty20 is a shorter format which is often contested over the course of three hours. Batting averages are much higher as a result with just 180 balls each (6 x 20). This has recently expanded worldwide and the ICC World Twenty20 was recently conceived. This form of cricket is a tremendous spectacle, very entertaining and as a result has gradually increased in popularity throughout Canada.

Similarly, Twenty20 Blast has become an increasingly popular betting event whilst the Indian Premier League has seen an astronomical rise in popularity and as a result player’s wages have drastically increased. Many International players are recruited for the event which takes place in April and May every year.

Created in 2013, the Caribbean Premier League is another relatively recent addition but is growing in popularity year on year. The Pakistan Super League is another popular event and both of these can often be popular betting events amongst cricket fans and punters.

Finally, the County Championship runs throughout the summer months. There are two divisions which feature a number of different counties (Lancashire, Yorkshire & Kent) and is still a popular event. Many International players will compete in these leagues and there are many subsequent events involving these sides including the Royal London One Day Cup & the T20 Blast.


PinnacleCricket  Betting Strategy

Betting on cricket requires many hours of research. Cricket is becoming increasingly popular and betting on the sport has gained popularity throughout Canada. Because of the growing nature of it, finding winning bets is possible.

When betting on International Cricket, always check the venue as many teams will have a significant home advantage. ‘A lively pitch’ is a term often used by cricket pundits and the bounce of the ball can often confuse travelling sides.

Teams visiting India and Bangladesh traditionally struggle in the first test and take time to acclimatise to their surroundings. The odds and lines on the hosts are usually fairly limited and it’s often better to take a look at the less popular market further down the sportsbook.

In Twenty20 or other short forms of cricket, it’s often more rewarding to wager on a high number of runs or select specific batsman to accumulate 50 runs or more. This offers far more value than an outright selection.

Betting on cricket is increasing in popularity and many sportsbooks price up a greater number of markets than ever before. Sports fans throughout Canada can enjoy tournaments from all around the world whether it’s watching the action unfold live or catching the highlights. Betting opportunities have increased in the last couple of years. There are still more ways than ever to find value and winning opportunities.

Cricket has become increasingly popular as a spectacle in Canada and many sports fans enjoy placing wagers on a number of different events around the world. It’s ever growing appeal in North America has led many online sportsbooks to increase their cricket betting markets with a vast number of markets now available to bettors.  Currently governed by the ICC, the game has tremendous history but has retained its appeal throughout generations. There are many different events around the world which are consumed by sports fans across Canada including the Cricket World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup & many One Day Internationals. The majority of online sportsbooks offer odds and lines on cricket betting. Bet365 for example has a dedicated cricket betting page which features match coupons & individual markets for all major leagues and competitions.

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