Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors: Game 2 Preview


Game 1 of the NBA Finals is in the books, with the Golden State Warriors winning 124-114 in overtime. LeBron James tallied a mighty 51 points, but the referees reversed a controversial blocking call in the final minutes in favour of the Warriors. Then again, that’s not what lost the Cavs the game.

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In the dying moments, George Hill missed a free throw that would have put Cleveland up by one. Then, JR Smith also failed in his chance to win the game because he thought his team were already winning when the score was tied.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State

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The Warriors walked away with the win in overtime. Can the Cavs rally and seal a win in Game 2 on June 3rd?

Cavaliers vs. Warriors: Predictions and Tips

For the majority of Game 1, the Cleveland Cavaliers put in a performance worthy of winning the game. A little bit of composure at the end would have sealed a close game. But, coming back from such a tragic finish will be very tough, but they have the all-star to lead the way.

LeBron James will come out swinging once again, and he clearly can’t be stopped by the elite-level corps of the Golden State Warriors. With James on a mission, the Cavs have a chance, making their +575 outsider odds to win Game 2 with the top NBA bookies in Canada somewhat appealing.

The Golden State Warriors are expected to blow the Cavs out of the water. The handicap including overtime markets sees them winning -11.5 at odds of -133.33.

The repercussions of Game 1

At the end of Game 1, Cavaliers centre Tristan Thompson got into a bit of a kerfuffle with Draymond Green of the Warriors. First, Thompson was ejected for a foul on Shaun Livingston, then hit Green in the face with the ball and his fists.

The NBA will most likely suspend Thompson for one game, possibly two, and also Kevin Love for stepping onto the court during the altercation.