In this 2018 Soccer World Cup Quarter Final Odds betting guide you will find the latest odds and tips for finding a winning bet. We will provide the latest odds per betting site, explain how it works and provide tips for betting on the Quarter final markets.

2018 World Cup Quarter Final Odds:

The table below provides the latest odds for the favorites to reach the Quarter-final stages of the World Cup. As with most other future betting markets, Germany and Brazil are the top favourites. They both look to have an easy group stage and should comfortably advance to the Quarter Final. France and Spain are the other two contenders.

How it works

Firstly, your team must win through the group stages. Each group includes four teams and only two will advance based on the results. Once the group stage has finished on June 28, the Round of 16 will begin on June 30 in Sochi. This a knockout stage and your team must win this match for a winning bet. The Quarter Finals begin on July 6 and conclude on July 7.

Quick guide to betting

Form– Viewing the International friendly matches before the World Cup can be a winning strategy. You can find a few teams that may surprise at the World Cup based on their results coming into the tournament. It’s also handy to see how the favourites are travelling in their lead up matches.
Group Allocation – The countries with an easier group stage on paper will be highly recommended for betting on the Quarter-final future market. It’s also better to find teams that can finish first in their Group as they will play an easier opposition in the Quarter Finals. So teams like Brazil and Germany are recommended.
History – In the history of the World Cup, the Quarter finals can throw up some unusual results mainly based on the Group stages. Some examples are Costa Rica in 2014, Ghana and Paraguay in 2010 and Ukraine in 2006. In 2018, some of the teams to watch are Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Uruguay. It’s also a good idea to back the favourites as Germany hasn’t failed to reach the Quarter Final in the last few World Cups. The same can be said for Brazil.

Other possible bets

There is also other future betting markets available for the World Cup. You can bet on a team to reach the final or win the Cup overall. There’s also betting markets for the Semi-finals and each Group winner. As well as top goalscorer for the tournament.