Rugby Betting in Australia

I think we can all agree that Rugby is one of the most violent, exciting and yet beautiful games that is played in Australia. While there are both Rugby Union and Rugby League organizations, the National Rugby League (NRL) is the more popular football code of the two in Australia, so that will be our focus at BettingTop10. Most online sports betting sites offer great odds and markets as well as tips that will help you make the smart bets.


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Understanding the Odds

For rookie punters understanding the odds can be a challenge to understand. The odds allow you to calculate how much your payout will be if you make the right bet. In Australia, the bookmakers favor using the decimal system when coming up with the odds. It can look intimidating, but in reality, it’s really very simple.

Let’s take an example of an NRL match featuring South Sydney against St George. The online betting site set the odds for South Sydney at 1.52 and St George is at 2.55. The team with the lower number is favored, so the bet won’t pay out as much. All you have to do is multiply your bet by the odds number. So a $10 bet on South Sydney will pay out 15.20 while the same $10 bet on St George will pay out $22.50 if you’re a winner.

The bookmaker will give several different odds – Straight, line and the Margin.

The straight bet is simply picking the winner of the game.

The line, also known as the point spread, gives or takes away a predetermined numbers of points. Using the above example, if the oddmakers think that St George is a weaker team, they will “give” them extra points. So, in our example, if St George is given 3.5 points, and the lose the game by a try, if you bet on St George, you’re still a winner.

With a margin bet, your bet is on how many trys or goals the winning team will win with. So the final score isn’t as important as the margin of victory.

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Rugby Betting Tips

The biggest tip that we at BettingTop10 can give our punters is the importance of doing your homework. Don’t just blindly bet on your favorite team, check out what is happening around the league, read the team reports and make sure there are no injuries that can impact the game.

Take a look at the previous head to head matches and see what the trends of those squads are. Are their records important, or is the rivalry so intense, that both teams step up their game? Most online sports betting sites will offer game day tips, and we recommend that you take a few minutes and read them and see if there is any news of importance.


Online Rugby Betting

Because of the popularity of the Rugby League, every online betting site that you choose will have available matches to bet on. That isn’t to say that all the sites are the same, and we at BettingTop10 have reviewed the best sites for you. Whether you’re a professional punter or a novice, the features that you’ll want to look include the welcome bonus, what promotions are being offered, the available markets and of course, who has the best odds.


Online Rugby Betting in Australia

No two punters are the same; everyone is looking for their own edge, and trying to use their rugby knowledge to beat the bookmakers odds. However, there are some things that all punters, whether they are novices or professional punters, should look for when betting on rugby in Australia.

The first thing we recommend is to check out several different online betting sites, so you can get a feel for the odds that the bookies are giving, and seeing the which markets are available on which sites. Betting sites are constantly running promotions that can either increase your odds or put together a multi bet that will make your betting experience that much more exciting. From time to time the website will provide tips that can help you make a smarter bet.

Popular Australian Rugby League Bets

For any punter who is looking to make the most of their gambling experience, it’s important to browse the different online betting sites and see who is offering the most interesting markets. Only placing a bet on which team will win the match can become repetitive and little dull. Instead, check out which markets, or prop bets, are available. Here are some of the more popular markets offered by Australian bookmakers.

  • First Try Scorer – This market is usually available either on which team will get a try first or on a specific player.
  • Head to head most tries – This market pits two opposing players against each other, usually with odds, to see who gets the most tries in the match.
  • Extra time?– Will the game extend past the 80 minute regulation into overtime.
  • Total match points – You can bet on the over/under or the exact number of points that will be scoring during the match.
  • First/second half points – The game is broken up into two halves, so you can bet on each half by itself.
  • Pick your own line – If you aren’t thrilled with the official line, some bookmakers have markets that allow you to choose your own line.

These are just some of the more popular markets, every online betting site is unique and we recommend that punters create accounts with multiple sportbooks to get the most bang for their buck.


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Live Rugby Betting Markets

One of the most exciting betting markets, in our humble opinion, is the live betting the match. With live betting you are engrossed in the action, you can get a feel for what the players are doing and how they are playing, and bet accordingly. Of course, keep in mind that the bookmakers are watching the same game and the odds will be adjusted on the fly, to match the game.

Australian regulation prohibits online live betting, so if this is a market that interests you, make sure to sign up with an online site that has the options to call in your bet.

Rugby League Events

There are several exciting rugby league tournaments, challenges and of course the Telstra Premiership.

The Queensland Cup – The name of the Queensland Cup tournament changes based on the corporate sponsor. It’s a 14 team tournament consisting of 12 teams from Queensland and a team from Papua New Guinea and New South Wales.

Ron Massey Cup – This playoff tournament is a semi-professional league in NSW and features 13 teams, mainly from the Greater Sydney area.

Telstra Premiership – 16 teams battle for the right to win this coveted championship trophy at the highest level of Rugby in Australia. It is by far, the most popular rugby tournament, and therefore it always brings in great betting action with great odds and specialized markets.

There are many other smaller tournaments throughout Australia, but you’ll have to check with your online betting site to see if they are giving odds on them.

A Winning Strategy

At BettingTop10 we believe that a good strategy can be the difference between going home a winner or a loser. Most punters come up with their own strategy, whether it’s following a specific trend, or just going with the hot team. Take some time and try out your strategy, and once you find what works for you, then put it to test.

Choosing the Best Australian Online Betting Site for you

As we’ve pointed out, no two bookmakers are alike, they have their own odds, markets, payment methods, promotions and sign up bonuses. So it’s up to the punter to find out which site, or sites, fit in with their betting strategy. We’ve highlighted some factors that we feel are important.

Reputable Site – We can’t stress this enough, only bet with reputable sites that are licensed to do business in Australia

Payment methods – There are a variety of payment methods that can be used for making a deposit into your account. Make sure that the bookmaker you choose has a method that is available to you. Most sites accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bank Transfers. It’s with the online money transfer sites like POLi and Moneybookers that they start to vary.

Customer Support- It happens from time to time that a punter will need to check in with customer support to help settle an issue. Things to look for are a good FAQ section, 24 hour live chat and a local phone number for those times when you really need to speak with a real person to solve a problem

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